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  • Royal Blood interview (with author Simon Rose)

    interview simon rose

    My guest today is Calgary author Simon Rose, who has published eighteen novels for children and young adults, eight guides for writers, more than a hundred nonfiction books, and many articles on a wide variety of topics. Today, we’re looking at his latest release, Royal Blood, the second novel in the Stone of the Seer […]

  • Interview with Jenni Fagan

    interview with jenni fagan

    Here’s my shor interview with author Jenni Fagan: If you had to define yourself just using one sentence of your novels, which one would be? I’m an experiment. I always was. It’s a given, a liberty, a fact.   Do you have any rituals for writing? Any kind of habit or goal to achieve every day? […]

  • Interview with author Darren Shan

    interview with darren shan

    Hi there Wottareaders, here’s my interview with author Darren Shan, best known for his Cirque Du Freak, and the Demonata series, but he has written many other books that deserve to get your attention, also, this is a great chance for you to know him a bit better, so let’s start! 😀 The Man What […]

  • Interview with author Ronald L. Ruiz

    interview author ronald l ruiz

    Hello Wottareaders, here is my interview with author Ronald L. Ruiz, but before we get to that, did you know that he just released a new book? here it is, Lost and Found: Lost and Found

  • Interview with Kimber Fox Morgan

    interview with kimber fox morgan

    Hi there Wottareaders, here you have my interview with Kimber Fox Morgan. But before we get to know her better, let me show your her amazing book: Chipper Makes Merry

  • Interview with author Zach Adams

    interview with zach adams

    Hi there Wottareaders! here is my interview with author Zach Adams, who just released his debult novel, Dead Man Walking: What can you tell us about you? It’s possible that I’m nothing more than a figment of a deranged imagination. One book, one movie, one song, and one videogame? Book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the […]

  • Interview with author Madison Wentworth

    interview with madison wentworth

    Here goes my interview with author Madison Wentworth, hope you enjoy it: One book, one movie, one song, and one videogame? Book: “Magic Kingdom for Sale” by Terry Brooks. Writers create their own magic kingdoms and get to leave the real world and visit them, just like the main character in this book. Movie: “The […]

  • Interview with Drew Myers

    interview drew myers

    Hey there Wottareaders! this is my interview with Drew Myers, author of The Tacos and Chocolate Diet, let’s get to know him better! What can you tell us about you? I had 11 jobs in the 11 years after graduating from college. My dad told me when I was growing up, “If you’re not happy […]

  • Interview with Garon Whited

    interview author garon whited

    Hi there wottareaders! here is my interview with Garon Whited, he’s the author of the Nightlord series (a must read for LITRPG fans), author of the Luna, Dragonhunters, and over twenty short stories. Let’s get to know him better: 😀 The Man What can you tell us about you?  Nothing.  I’m an enigma.  I’m a […]

  • Interview with Anna Kashina

    interview with anna kashina

    Hi there wottareaders, it’s time for another author interview! this is my interview with Anna Kashina, let’s het to know her and her books a bit better shall we? let’s go: 😀 The woman What can you tell us about you? A writer. A scientist. A mother. A chronic worrier and self-doubter. An amateur jewelry […]

  • Interview with Richard W. Wise

    interview richard wise

    Hi there Wottareaders! today I’m interviewing author Richard W. Wise , we will get to know a bit more of him as a writer. But before, let’s talk about his mystery thriller novel: Redlined: A Novel of Boston. As the title says, this novel takes place in a neighbourhood of Boston, Jamaica Plain, in 1974. Someone […]

  • Interview with Shannon Leith McGuire

    interview shannon leith mcguire

    Hello Wottareaders! today I’m interviewing author Leith McGuire! we’ll get to know her a bit, but first let’s talk about her book: Finding My Sunshine: A Memoir. Finding My Sunshine

  • Author interview with Nabila Khashoggi

    Here’s my inteview with author Nabila Kashoggi! she’s here to tell us about herself, and of course about her amazing series: The Spartan & the Green Egg series. In case you are curious about this action and adventure story for kids here are the two volumes in the series:  A Trip to the Rainforest

  • Interview to author Kim Patrick

    author kim patrick interview

    Hi there Wottareaders, today I’m interviewing author Kim Patrick! She is here to tell us about her book, Kip the Letter X, a story addressed to children (ages 3 to 7) with an important message of self-acceptance and understanding that it’s fine that each of us is different. The book has great illustrations which will […]

  • Interview to author Aliya Whiteley

    aliya whiteley author interview

    Hi there Wottareaders, today I’m interviewing author Aliya Whiteley! She writes across many different genres, and her novels have received numerous awards. It’s time to know her life, her writing, and her books! so let’s go: 😀 The woman What can you tell us about you? Hi! I’m quietly getting older and I like stories. […]

  • Interview to author Rachel Neumeier

    rachel neumeier interview books

    Hi there Wottareaders, today I’m interviewing Fantasy And Young Adult Fantasy Author Rachel Neumeier! let’s get to know her better and also her books. Let’s go! 😀 The woman What can you tell us about you? Well, I’m on the extreme-hermit side of the spectrum. I live by myself, with a zillion dogs, which is […]

  • Knowing Grady P. Brown

    Grady P Brown interview

    Hello Wottareaders! Today I’m interviewing author Grady P. Brown, author of the Magnus Dynasty Saga among other projects, and he released a new book just a few months ago so let’s get to know him better shall we? let’s do this! The man Who is Grady P. Brown, not the writer, the man. What can […]

  • Knowing Tonja Drecker

    Knowing Tonja Drecker

    Hi there Wottareaders! today we have author Tonja Drecker with us. Her book, Music Boxes, was an amazing read and I highly recommend it to you if you like Middle Grade with a bit of horror! let’s know more about her and her work shall we? let’s go! Also, Tonja Drecker has a gift for […]

  • Knowing Belinda Topan

    Living with vampires

    Hello Wottareaders! today we are interviewing Belinda Topan! Her book, Living with Vampires, is an amazing fun story, a girl sharing a flat with 3 vampires! sounds cool uh? you can chek her book here: But before you start reading her book (which if you like vampires you definitely should by the way), let’s get […]

  • Interview with Michael J. Sullivan – author of the Riyria series

    Michael J Sulilvan interview

    Hello Wottareaders! this is my interview with  Michael J. Sullivan, New York Times, USA Today, and Washington Post bestselling author. He is best known for his debut series The Riyria Revelations, which already have both a sequel and a prequel but he also has published a stand-alone SciFi novel, Hollow World. Let’s know more about him […]

  • Knowing F.J. Blair

    Bulletproof witch wallpaper

    Hello Wottareaders! today we are interviewing F.J. Blair, author of Bulletproof Witch a Fantasy Western series. Yes, you heard well! this story has the usual western traits combined with magic and demons, what else you need? Let’s know more about F..J Blair and his books: The man Who is F. James Blair, not the writer, […]

  • Knowing Raelle Logan

    Raelle Logan wallpaper

    Hello, wottareaders! this week I am interviewing Raelle Logan, author of Blackheart, a historical pirate romance which is available on Amazon. Pirates, romance and history together, sounds great, isn’t it? Let’s know more about the author and her work then! The woman Who is Raelle Logan, not the writer, the woman. What can you tell […]

  • Knowing Harmony Kent

    Harmony Kent books

    Hello there Wottareaders! today I present you another interview, after knowing Bernard Jan this week is the turn for Harmony kent. Multigenre writer, she will not rest until her books are listed on every genre ever existed. Why should she? right? No matter if you want to read a Romance, a Horror story or if […]

  • Knowing Bernard Jan

    Bernard Jan book covers

    It’s time to know more about Bernard Jan:  Author, Novelist and Poet. In this interview, the Croatian writer Bernard Jan will tell us more about him, his life as a writer and his work in English. Bernard Jan already has two works published in English:  A World Without Color and Look for Me Under the Rainbow […]