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Certain books have the potential to take the leap to To the Big Screen. Maybe it was the plot. Maybe the appealing personality of the main character.

In this category, I will write about those stories that are going to be adapted into movies. Or have already been.

I will consider what made them successful. Why there considered being a movie, and what made them at made them so special in. I will also tell you the differences between the book and the movie in case they are.

This is a way to know if you should watch a movie. Or also, to know about the novel that inspired such movie. Who knows?

This is why there’s not a Miss Peregrine 2 movie

Are you still waiting for the release of the Miss Peregrine 2 film? but here’s the bad news, it was never filmed. But why? here you’ll be able to find out why there never was a sequel to the movie. Spoiler: it wasn’t because of a low grossing.

Nope, the movie did not flop at all, and yet the producers decided one movie was enough. Before we tell you why, aren’t you a bit bothered that you won’t be able to know how the story of Jake Goldman ends? well, we’ll tell you an incredibly entertaining way to find it out.

Here’s the perfect alternative to a Miss Peregrine 2 film

The film is actually an adaptation of the first novel in a book series written by Ransom Riggs. This is great news because you will be able to enjoy this story to its fullest now. Here you have the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children books in order:

You might be wondering how come there is no Miss Peregrine sequel with so much material available to be adapted. Kind of shocking, don’t you think? it’s time for some numbers.

Why is there no Miss Peregrine 2 film then?

This film was expected to become a huge success, and the first one of a more than a popular franchise. The project was very solid, not only they had Tim Burton directing the film, but the cast was also more than promising: Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, (who starred in the movie adaptation of Ender’s Game book series), Chris O’Dowd… and also, let’s not forget that the book series is a bestseller, lots of green flags to become a stunner.

As said before, the movie didn’t flop at all. In fact, it delivered quite well in theatres, just see it yourself:

  • Production Budget: $110 million.
  • Worldwide Grossing: $296.5 million.

Looks like the film did great! and yet, the producers decided that making a Miss Peregrine 2 film was not a good idea, how is that so?

Sometimes being profitable is just not enough. And this is one of those cases. It might be worth mentioning that the movie was not as successful as it may seem, and to explain this we’ll have to talk a bit about the film industry:

First of all, distributors (20th Century Fox in this case) do not collect the full gross. And second, distribution and marketing costs are not included in the production budget, and sometimes those are way more costly. All costs considered, the Miss Peregrine movie might not be as profitable as it seemed at first glance, don’t you think?

The reviews

While there’s no confirmation, it seems quite likely that the reviews had a lot to say in the decision not to film a Miss Peregrine 2 movie. While not bad, they are not good either.

With a score of 64 on Rotten Tomatoes (and a similar score on the most popular film review aggregator websites), most reviews agree on the fact that the movie had great visuals, but the script lacked emotion, causing disappointment to the fans of the book series.

In a similar way, the film was nominated for some awards, but didn’t win any. Now you understand why there is no Hollow City movie.

Also, if you enjoyed this film, then you should take a look at the Fairy Tale Reform School series, this story has a great plot, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Is there any chance they will decide to film a Miss Peregrine 2 movie?

The movie was filmed in 2016, and several years have passed since then (the very same reason why there won’t be an Aquamarine 2 movie by the way). Therefore, it is unlikely that there will be a sequel.

However, they might decide to reboot the franchise, would you like that? leave a comment telling us if you liked the movie.

Is there a sequel to Aquamarine?

A long time has passed since this film, directed by Elizabeth Allen, was released, but is there going to be an Aquamarine 2 movie? well, let’s find out if we will be able to see Claire, Hailey, and Aquamarine together again, it would be great, wouldn’t it?

This movie is based on a novel by the same name, written by American author Alice Hoffman. In short, the main reason why there’s no sequel to the Aquamarine movie is that this wasn’t based on a book series, but just a standalone novel. But it´s not that simple, and here’s why:

Can the Aquamarine 2 movie happen despite the fact that the book is a standalone?

You may believe that given that this film is based on a novel by Alice Hoffman, and since she didn’t write a sequel for it, the case may be closed.

But that’s not true, and this is why: the movie is significantly different from the book, and while this may have annoyed all those who went to the theatre because they were anxious to watch a movie adaptation of this novel, it also means that there’s no reason why screenwriters couldn’t just make up a new story that serves as a sequel. Then, why didn’t they do that?

Before we discuss this, here you have the film and the book on which it’s based. As said before, the novel is way different, so fans of the movie will really enjoy this different take of this story:

The reason why the Aquamarine 2 movie was never filmed

You might find it shocking that there might be a chance of having a sequel despite the fact that there is no book on which to be based. But this happens more often than you would think, take The Hobbit movies, for example, most of the plot was made up, these are based on a short book with the same name written by J.R.R. Tolkien, and all the events in the book were already was already told in the first movie (and the first 30 mins of the second one), therefore, they made up an entire movie and a half.

In a similar way, Amazon Video made an adaptation of Good Omens, a standalone novel written by Neil Gailman and Terry Pratchett, which fully covered the events in the book in one season.

It was such a success that there is going to be a second season, based on what you ask? in this case, they will take unused story ideas from the original book, but still, most of it will be made up by the screenwriters.

Haven’t watched Good Omens yet? oh my! you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime video, you’ll be able to watch again Aquamarine there too!, with this 30-day trial (and you can unsubscribe whenever you want):

Where is the Aquamarine sequel then?

When a movie adaptation, or a tv series, is successful producers are more than willing to invest their money in filming a sequel. So you might have noticed where this is going, these are the numbers of the Aquamarine movie:

  • Budget: $12 million
  • Worldwide grossing: $23 million

While it’s true that the grossing almost doubles the budget of the movie, it was still not enough for the producers to make a sequel.

It may be frustrating for us, as content consumers, but it makes sense that investors don’t want to risk their money on projects that they don’t think are solid enough. And this happens even with bestselling book series, in fact, that’s why there’s is no sequel of the Darkest Minds movie.

Similarly, the reviews of this movie are far from good, take a look:

As you can see, the ratings are not very good, so this is why the sequel was not filmed. In addition, the movie was filmed in 2006, given that 15 years have passed since then, so the actresses that starred in this film are around 30 years old, so maybe they are not willing to be part of a sequel anymore.

Would you like the movie to be rebooted or you’d prefer the same actresses to star in a sequel? leave a comment telling us your preferences!

Here you have some movie alternatives!

Also, we don’t want you to be sad just because the Aquamarine 2 movie was never filmed, so here you have some movies that are quite similar:

There are many series that don’t perform well in theatres, the Guardians of Ga’hoole series is another case, there were lots of expectations with these movies, but they didn’t perform as well as expected.

Have you read the book or maybe you will after knowing the movie was based on it? leave a comment telling us!

Will there be a Black Dagger Brotherhood tv show or a film?

You probably heard the rumors, but is there actually going to be a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie? we’ll discuss the possibilities of an adaptation to J.R.Ward’s most prominent work. This bestselling series definitely deserves to be on theatres or on the most popular streaming platforms, don’t you agree?

Let’s talk about this series and about what would be the best way to adapt J.R. Ward’s novels. Maybe a movie is not a great idea? yeah, we have some buts…

Is there going to be a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie?

So far there is no news about a movie adaptation of this series, author J.R. Ward has not mentioned any projects related to a film franchise yet.

However, is a film project the best way to adapt the Black Dagger Brotherhood books? think about it, this is an ongoing series that consists of more than 20 volumes (and that without considering the Legacy ones).

If the producers decided to make a movie adaptation of this series it would be quite likely that not all the volumes would be adapted. 20 movies? unlikely to happen.

A movie adaptation would also mean that there would be a lot of changes, the script would look way different from the original content, and we know that when this happens neither the fans of the books or the newcomers are pleased with the results, this is why there was never Maximum Ride movie sequel for example.

Is a tv show a good alternative to a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie?

Definitely. Long book series are easier to adapt in a tv series format, notice that movies are usually about 2 or 3 hours long, while a tv show season composed of 10 chapters of one hour each would equal 60 hours of content.

This is why Game of Thrones was not made into a movie, and the same happens with the adaptation of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (which consists of 14 volumes) that is being produced by Amazon.

A Black Dagger Brotherhood tv show sounds like the perfect way to adapt this paranormal romance story written by author J.R. Ward. Having more hours of content would allow the screenwriters to make a faithful adaptation to the original source.

We need more vampire stories

Let’s not forget that fans of vampire stories are in need of a new tv series starred by some powerful creatures thirsty for blood. Now that both The Vampire Diaries and the Sookie Stackhouse adaptations came to an end it’s time for a good replacement. And The Black Dagger Brotherhood, while a bit more steamy than the aforementioned, might be a good replacement for those.

It is kinda shocking that the Black Dagger Brotherhood does not have an adaptation yet. Streaming service platforms such as HBO, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix are seemingly looking for book series to be adapted by their studios so they become fresh content in their platforms; so the fact that they have not reached an agreement with J.R. Ward is kinda unexpected, don’t you think?

Which actors do you think would be great for a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie (or a tv show)? leave a comment telling us your suggestions!

Maximum Ride sequel movie

Are you still waiting for the Maximum Ride 2 movie to be released? then we have bad news for you, the sequel was canceled and so far there are no plans to make a reboot of this series. The film was released in 2016, what happened so they decided not to film a sequel? keep reading to find it out.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will never know how the story continues, because this film is actually based on a book series by the same name.

Since you can’t watch the Maximum Ride 2 movie here’s an alternative

The Maximum Ride movie is based on the first volume of the book series by the same name written by author James Patterson. Therefore, you can know how the story continues by reading the books. Here you have the novels, so you can know how Max’s story ends:

We’ll stop talking about the books here, in case you want to know more about them here you can find the Maximum Ride books in order and lots of interesting info about this series.

Why there won’t be a sequel?

In order to know why there’s not a sequel, we have to talk about the first movie adaptation of the book series. The film, released in 2016 and directed by Jay Martin, was a small project and was not even available to be watched in cinemas (or, rather, it was available in some select theatres). Instead, it was released on Digital HD (which is an alternative format to Bluray or DVDs).

There is no info about the budget for this film. However, we know that it grossed $138 million worldwide. The average budget for a movie like this is around $80-90 million.

The film, starred by Allie Marie Evans, performed quite poorly. Nevertheless, those numbers are quite decent if we consider the fact that the movie was not released in theatres.

The reason why there’s not a Maximum Ride 2 movie

There are many reasons that explain why there won’t be a Maximum Ride sequel. Aside from its underperformance, which as we said is understandable, the movie was not well received.

The movie was way different from the book on which it’s based, a fact that did not please the fans of the book series, who expected the film to be as similar to the original content as possible.

Together with this, the acting is considered to be quite poor and unconvincing, while the dialogues sound very unnatural. And speaking of the special effects, they weren’t great either…

Also, we must mention that the Hunger Games movies were released a few years earlier. This franchise, being so successful and profitable, made some studios try to copy their formula, which meant that lots of series were completely restructured and modified in order to look more similar to The Hunger Games. An attempt that didn’t work in most of the cases, as is the case of the Ascendant movie.

So far, there is no news that this series will have a reboot. Do you think there should be a new film or do you think it’s better that Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime Video develop a tv series? leave a comment telling us what would you rather prefer.

This is the case of the books by Cassandra Clare, the first volume of her popular urban fantasy book series had movie adaptation, which flopped, and therefore The Mortal Instruments 2 movie was never filmed, instead, it was rebooted as a tv series.

Did you enjoy the film? would have loved if they filmed the Maximum Ride 2 movie? then leave a comment and tell us what you enjoyed the most about this movie adaptation, also, tell us if you have read the books or if you plan to.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 movie: why they didn’t film it?

Lots of kids and parents are willing to watch the Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 movie in theatres, a film series based on the best-selling books by Jeff Kinney. The fourth movie, The Long Haul, was released in 2017, so where’s the next one? well, it is time for you to know the truth: there won’t be more live-action movie adaptations of this series.

But why? it is time for you to discover why. But before, in case you want to keep enjoying the hilarious adventures of Greg, here goes a great alternative:

A great alternative to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 movie

In case you haven’t read the books this may be a great time for you do to so. They are way better than the films, here you have the first five. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 movie would have been based in the fifth volume of this series, in case you want to know what would have happened if they had filmed it:

There are lots of more books in this series, you can take a look at this post where you will find the Wimpy kid books in order. But before you start binge-reading them, let us tell you what happened with the live-action movies.

Why the Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 movie was never filmed?

It may have occurred to you that the reason why there won’t be more films in this series might be because they didn’t perform well in the theatres. A fair assumption, given that it’s one of the main reasons why film series are canceled, such as the case of The Dark Tower 2 movie for example. But was this the reason for The Diary of a Wimpy Kid films? let’s find out.

But before, if you want to watch these movies nonstop, you can get them here:

The first movie adaptation of these books was released in 2010 and was directed by Thor Freudenthal. It had quite a decent performance, having a budget of only $15 million dollars, the film grossed $75.7 million worldwide. Quite good, don’t you think?

But what about the sequels? the other 3 were directed by David Bowers, and here’s their performance:

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules – Budget: $21 million Box Office: $72.4 million.
  • The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – Budget: $22 million Box Office: 77.1 $72.4 million.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul – Budget: $22 million. Box Office: $40.1 million.

As you can see, Rodrick Rules and Dog Days had a similar performance to the first movie, despite having a slightly larger budget. The Long Haul, however, didn’t do that well. Funnily, the author of the book series was involved in the fourth movie as a screenwriter (of course, by no means this implies that his involvement was the reason why the movie didn’t work as well as its prequels).

What about the receptions?

This might be shocking to you if you enjoyed the movies. But truth is that none of the four movies had a great score according to critics. The first movie has a score of 56 out of 100 according to Metacritic, the second and the third one have a similar score.

The last one, The Long Haul, has the worst score of all. Getting a 39 out of 100. As you can see, had not a great reception, the general opinion is that they were just decent. Therefore, the decrease in grossing seen in the last movie compared to its predecessors together with the bad scores might have been the reason why the producers decided not to film a Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 movie.

Do you agree with these scores? leave a comment rating the movies from best to worst and tell us which scores you think each of these films deserve.

Is there any chance there will be a diary of a wimpy kid movie 5 any day?

There won’t, the last film in this series was released in 2017, therefore, the actor who played Greg Heffley in the last movie, Jason Drucker, might be a bit too old for the role since he is now 16 (he was 12 when the movie was released). However, it is true that in the first three movies the main role was played by Zachary Gordon, so they could just get a new actor.

Additionally, Disney Plus announced that they were producing a Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. However, it will be an animated film this time. Are you excited about this news or maybe you preferred the live-action ones?

Did you enjoy these movies? leave a comment telling us which one was your favorite!

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