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Are you willing to read a new series but you don’t know how to start? maybe you need some kind of introduction so you can start discovering a new saga? Book series is what you are looking for.

This category is about introducing new book sagas, I will provide all the useful information you need. Starting with an introduction so you know the basics about the saga and every useful information.

A brief plot summary, so you can know what the story is about and see if it fits your interests.

Books in the series (and a reading order if needed) providing you the length of the series so you can know how many books you will have to read.

About the author feedback, which will introduce you other works written by the same author.

And also a “you might like this book if you liked” section which will give you other book titles which are similar to the series introduced. This way if you loved a certain saga you will know easily if this new series fits what you are looking for.

With all this information you will be able to dive into a new saga knowing everything you need.  You will know you will like a new saga before turning the first page and without spoiling anything.

For the longest sagas, there will be a related post with the proper reading order, so you can know exactly which is the proper way to start reading each of this recommended sagas.


Song of the Forever Rains

Song of the Forever Rains

Hi there Wottareaders! have you heard of Song of the Forever Rains by E.J Mellow? this is the first volume in The Mousai series, a young adult romance series which is among Amazon’s romance picks! how amazing is that?

What is the story about? here goes an excerpt of the story:

The Thief Kingdom is a place hidden within the world of Aadilor. Many whisper of its existence, but few have found this place, where magic and pleasure abound. There, the mysterious Thief King reigns supreme with the help of the Mousai, a trio of revered and feared sorceresses.

Larkyra Bassette may be the youngest of the Mousai, but when she sings her voice has the power to slay monsters. When it’s discovered the Duke of Lachlan is siphoning a poisonous drug from the Thief Kingdom and using it to abuse his tenants, Larkyra is offered her first solo mission to stop the duke. Eager to prove herself, Larkyra accepts by posing as the duke’s potential bride. But her plans grow complicated when she finds herself drawn to Lord Darius Mekenna, Lachlan’s rightful heir. Soon she suspects Darius has his own motivations for ridding Lachlan of the corrupt duke. Larkyra and Darius must learn to trust each other if there is to be any hope of saving the people of Lachlan—and themselves.

Credit Line: Excerpted from Song of the Forever Rains by E.J. Mellow with permission from the publisher, Montlake. Copyright © 2021 by E.J. Mellow.

The Sword’s Choice book trailer

Discover this thrilling adventure with magical swords, kingdoms in a similar setting to The Last Airbender, politics… and a giant.

This YA Fantasy story was released in January 2020 and has more than 130 reviews already, with a 4.6 ⭐ rating. You can get this book in paperback, Kindle, and it’s also available on Kindle Unlimited.

book trailer


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book trailer


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Book Blurb:

But once a year, the skies burn red. Upon this day, the Fire Kingdom’s priests perform their ritual: each newborn’s palm is lacerated, opened with a sacred sword, for Firia’s next ruler will be seen to shed no blood.

Long ago, Noakhail had been driven from the Fire Kingdom as an infant—forced to escape with his noble father. They’d wanted to kill him simply because he was next in line for the crown . . .

Now, Noakhail has grown, and the swordsman won’t give up until he claims the throne and his birthright. But pure resolve may not be enough. He first must face grave danger as he cuts across the four kingdoms with his fire sword.

Meanwhile, Princess Vienne is mistreated by her elder sisters.
Shy and soft-spoken, she couldn’t be more unsuitable to rule the Queendom of Water. Alas, the Aqua Deus can be capricious, and the fates aren’t clear. Vienne will have to prove that she is capable of mastering the sacred water sword if she should hope to reign with pride.

Unbeknownst to Noakhail and Vienne, their tales run parallel . . . and only one result can lie ahead: a ruthless battle.

The Spiderwick Chronicles books in order

How many Spiderwick books are there?

Here you will find The Spiderwick books in order so you can start this amazing series. Are you looking for a children’s fantasy story? then maybe The Spiderwick Chronicles is what you need! And yes, in case you are wondering, we include the books of Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles here as well.

This series had a movie adaptation, which you should definitely watch after reading the books. Oh, we have a great Spiderwick Chronicles book set recommendation for you as well!

All Spiderwick Chronicles books in order

The best order to read The Spiderwick Chronicles is in order of publication, reading it this way you will not miss anything. So this means you should red the original series first and then begind the books of Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles.

Here you have the all the books in The Spiderwick series. Want to get any of them? you only have to click on their cover, the link takes you to Amazon (opens in a new tab):

And this is the order for the Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles books:

Now that you have The Spiderwick Chronicles order, take a look at this set!

This Spiderwick Chronicles book set collects all the five books in this series. So if you are sure you are gonna love them then it’s the perfect purchase for you:

This is a 4.8 out of 5 stars set, having more than 650 reviews. Which means customers were more than satisfied with this product. The second set collects the three volumes in the Beyond The Spiderwick book series.

A list with all The Spiderwick chronicles books in order

If you don’t know in what order you should read the Spiderwick books, the best way is in publication order, which is as follows:

Spiderwick books order
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The Spiderwick Chronicles books in order

The Spiderwick Chronicles series


  • The Spiderwick Chronicles


  • The Field Guide (Spiderwick book 1)
  • The Seeing Stone (Spiderwick book 2)
  • Lucinda’s Secret (Spiderwick book 3)
  • The Ironwood Tree (Spiderwick book 4)
  • The Wrath of Mulgarath (Spiderwick book 5)
  • The Nixie’s Song  (Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles 1)
  • A Giant Problem (Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles 2)
  • The Wyrm King (Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles 3)

What is The Spiderwick Chronicles about?

The Spiderwick Chronicles narrates the story of the twins Simon and Jared and their older sister Mallory. The story takes place in the Spiderwick Estate, a mansion located originally owned by Arthur Spiderwick and located at the southwest of a town in Maine. What looked like a ruined and boring place for the Grace children will change after Jared discovers the field guide, a book where Arthur Spiderwick documented all the research he made on magical creatures. After discovery, they will find a magical parallel world.

What genre is The Spiderwick Chronicles?

The Spiderwick Chronicles book series is a fantasy story addressed to children and it’s suitable for middle-grade readers.

What age is it appropriate for?

Spiderwick books are appropriate for children between eight and twelve years. However, it is a lovely story that you will enjoy even if older.

Who wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles book series is written by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.

Tony Diterlizzi is an American writer and book illustrator. Additionally, he is known for his work in the gaming industry, especially for his collaboration in the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.

Holly Black is an American writer who is also known for the Doll Bones series and Modern Faerie Tales.

Are The Spiderwick Chronicles based on a true story?

Tony DiTerlizzi said in his official website that Arthur Spiderwick was inspired by Arthur Rackham, a Golden Age Illustrator. Aside from that, The spider Chronicles is not based on a true story but it is purely fictional. Sorry to disappoint to all those who though The Spiderwick Chronicles was real.

The Spiderwick Chronicles was inspired by three kids the authors met.  These kids told them they had seen real faeries, since Tony and Holly were already looking for a project to do together, it was the perfect excuse to start to do so.

After the original series, there is a second one, entitled Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles. These shall be read after the ones previously mentioned, here you have the books in order: The Nixie’s Song, A Giant Problem, The The Wyrm King.

Hope this post served as an introduction for you to enjoy The Spiderwick Chronicles book world and all its creatures. Keep reading!

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throne of glass series order

Throne of Glass book order

Hello Wottareaders! today you will learn the Throne of Glass series order. A young adult high fantasy series written by American author Sara J. Mass. Have you ever heard of Sarah J. Mass books? If not, it’s time you know more about the Throne of Glass books, a high fantasy series you will love. You will find a super cool Throne of Glass book boox set at the end of this post, so don’t miss it!

In case you like YA fantasy stories with a strong female main character, then this series is what you are looking for. Here you will find all the Throne of Glass books in order.

Throne of Glass series order: what is the best reading order for this series by Sara J. Mass?

If  you want to read the Throne of glass series in order, I suggest you read this fantasy series in publication order.  

Here you have all the books in the Throne of Glass series. If you want to check out any of Throne of Glass books just click on the cover of the book that caught your attention, you’ll be able to read the amazing reviews from readers who already enjoyed this amazing series by Sara J. Mas.

throne of glass series order

1. Throne of Glass 

Click cover to get it!

throne of glass series order

2. Crown of Midnight 

Click cover to get it!

throne of glass series order

3. Heir of Fire

Click cover to get it!

throne of glass book order

4. Queen of Shadows

Click cover to get it!

throne of glass book order

5. Empire of Storms

Click cover to get it!

throne of glass book order

6. Tower of Dawn

Click cover to get it!

throne of glass book order

7. Kingdom of Ash

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throne of glass reading order

Throne of Glass book set

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There you have it, the Throne of Glass book order you needed. Maybe you have decided you want all the Throne of Glass books? do not feel guilty, the books covers of thi series are shockingly good. You will love the following Throne of Glass box set:

Now that you have the Throne of Glass series order maybe you’d like to get the perfect Throne of Glass box set?

The Throne of Glass books have beautiful bookcovers don’t they? they would be a great addition to your library. Here you have two super cool Throne of Glass box sets. The first one includes  the eight books with hardcover and an exclusive poster, the second is pretty similar but it is paperbacks instead:

This Throne of Glass box set is the perfect choice to gift someone for her or his birthday, or if you like to collect books yourself then it is also the perfect gift for yourself.

A list with the Throne of Glass book order

In case you would rather want a list with the Throne of Glass order here you have it:

throne of glass book order
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Throne of glass series order

Throne of glass book order


  • Bloomsbury Publishing


  • Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass book 1)
  • Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass book 2)
  • Heir of fire (Throne of Glass book 3)
  • Queen of shadows (Throne of Glass book 4)
  • Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass book 5)
  • Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass book 6)
  • Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass book 7)

After reading the entire series, you can read  The Assassin’s Blade which is a collection of stories. And of course, remember about the upcoming book The World of Throne of Glass.

Throne of Glass book order, what is this series about?

Aside from telling you the Throne of Glass reading order let’s make a brief introduction to Sara J. Mass books. This series centers on Celaena Sardothien, a teenage assassin who lives in the Kingdom of Adarlan. Celaena lives in a slave camp until the king’s son, Prince Dorian, offers her to compete with other assasins for a chance to become the new King’s Champion and after for years being totally free. Will she become victorious and survive death?

Celaena is a 18 year old girl that was trained as an assassin and who gets eventually betrayed by no other than her master, who imprisons her in the salt mines of Endovier expecting her to die. This story shows the same characters in the different books, some of them being really charismatic.

Now that you know a bit more about the books and also know the Throne of Glass book order you why not give the books a try?remember that you can purchase them using the links from above.

Throne of Glass order: What will you like about this series

You will like Celaena’s story if you like books with great worldbuilding. This is a fantasy story with slight touchs of comedy and also violence, this is the story of a murderer after all.  There is also a room for romance in this series, more specifically a love triangle.

Also, Throne of Glass characters are fascinating, you will have a strong engagement with them as the story progresses.

Where does Throne of Glass take place?

Throne of glass is set in a fictional world with no name, while the action of Throne of Glass takes place in the kingdom of Adarlan. For those who would want to know more about it’s geography, locations or history among other topics, a supplementary book in this series called The World of Throne of Glass was released on October 1st, 2019.

 The World of Throne of Glass will be a guide to this fantasy world while also it will bring some trivia and additional info from all the events occurred along the story of Celaena. This book will contain a glossary, a timeline of events and it will even include epilogues for the characters ten years after with the Valg King Erawan and Valg Queen Maeve.

But The World of Throne of Glass is not only an encyclopedia of the series, this book guide will also include black and white illustrations. So yes, for all the fans of the series this upcoming book is simply a must have. Of course, since it is more like a wikia, it is not included in the Throne of Glass reading order.

How long is this series?

Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass series first two books in the series are slightly more than 400 pages, that is 118.000 words more or less, the subsequent novels become gradually longer, the last book in the series, Kingdom of Ash, has 272,682 words which is around 984 pages.

Will Throne of Glass be a movie? Queen of Shadows tv series

No, instead Throne of glass will be a tv series.  An upcoming television based on throne of glass is supposedly on the way, the adaptation is called Queen of Shadows, taking the name from the fourth book of the series.

The author of the books, Sarah J. Maas, shared on her official Instagram account a picture of the pilot, this pilot episode is called Celaena  and is written by Kyra Snyder  (producer of other tv series such as The Handmaid’s Tale, The 100 and also movies like Pacific Rim: Uprising) and developed by Hulu.

However, the announcement of a Throne of Glass tv series was made in 2016 and years after there is not even a Queen of Shadows trailer.

There is even a petition on already signed by six thousand people who ask Queen of Shadows to become real, if you want to sign it here goes the link by the way: sign in in the petition.

When is Throne of Glass coming to Hulu?

As said before it was Hulu, a streaming video service company, that was about to develop Queen of Shadows. Said company is now in control of Disney indirectly after acquiring  21st Century Fox in march 2019. As a result, looks like Queen of Shadows will happen if Disney wants to, as it happens with a possible new Percy Jackson tv series.

Maybe Throne of Glass will be made into a movie now? We can’t know, but let’s hope Disney brings good news! Meanwhile, since you know the Throne of Glass reading you can start immersing yourself in this new world by reading the novels.

Which of all Throne of Glass characters is your favorite? don’t forget to leave as comment!

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The Sword of Truth reading order

Terry Goodkind books: Sword of Truth series order

It it time for some Terry Goodkind books, you may already known this American writer because of this famous  The Sword of Truth books even though some call it The Legend of the Seeker books. A saga that was adapted into a tv series produced by ABC Studios and distributed by Disney, this is why some fans of this adaptation call this series The Legend of the Seeker books. No matter how you know this series, if you are looking  for all the Terry Goodkind books in order just keep reading.

Not only you wil find the Sword of Truth series order but you will also find lots of answers here, are The Sworth of Truth books worth reading? should you call it The Sword Truth books or is The Legend of the seeker books a more appropiate name? Along this article, I will refer to this series using both of these titles indistinctly, so don’t forget both refer to the same series.

Terry Goodkind books in order: The Sword of Truth book reading order

If you want to start this Terry Goodkind books the The Sword of Truth reading order is not either the chronological order nor the publication order. Instead, I suggest you read The Sword of Truth books (or Legend of the seeker books ) in this customized order: you have to read Terry Goodkind books in publication order except for the two prequels which you should read at the end.

That is, you should read Terry Goodkind books in publication order, except for a small twist leaving the first  prequel (Debt of Bones, which was published  in between the original book series) after the original series. As a result, here you have The legend of the seeker books in order:

terry goodkind books in order

Stone of Tears

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sword of truth books

Soul of the Fire

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terry goodkind books

Naked Empire

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terry goodkind books in order


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wizard's first rule


▷See Now!

legend of the seeker books


▷See Now!

terry goodkind books

The Omen Machine

▷See Now!

sword of truth reading order

Severed Souls

▷See Now!

sword of truth reading order


▷See Now!

terry goodkind sword of truth

Debt of Bones

▷See Now!

As you see the Legend of the Seeker books is divided into several arcs, this way it might be easier for you to start it.

Now that you know the sword of truth reading order you can get all Terry Goodkind books by getting this book set!

You already know the Sword of Truth series order, in case you are considering getting all the books by Terrry Goodkind then this book set is perfect for you, since it collects all the books in this series:

A list with the Sword of Truth reading order- Terry Goodkind books

You had the Sword of Truth series order shown before, but if you want a list showing all Terry Goodkind’s books for this series then here you have it:

legend of the seeker books
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Terry Goodkind books in order

Sword of truth books or legend of the seeker books reading order


  • Tor


  • Wizard’s First Rule ( Darken Rahl)
  • Stone of Tears ( Darken Rahl)
  • Blood of the Fold ( Imperial Order)
  • Temple of the Winds ( Imperial Order)
  • Soul of the Fire ( Imperial Order)
  • Faith of the Fallen ( Imperial Order)
  • The Pillars of Creation ( Pristinely Ungifted)
  • Naked Empire ( Pristinely Ungifted)
  • Chainfire ( Chainfire)
  • Phantom ( Chainfire)
  • Confessor ( Chainfire)
  • The Omen Machine ( The Darklands)
  • The Third Kingdom ( The Darklands)
  • Severed Souls ( The Darklands)
  • Warheart ( The Darklands)
  • Debt of Bones (Prequel)
  • The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus (pre-prequel)

How should call the Terry Goodkind books? The Legend of The Seeker books or The Sword of Truth books?

While the book saga is called The Sword of Truth the tv series producers decided to call their adaptation The Legend of the Seeker. It is similar to what happens to George R.R Martin’s work, whose adaptation of his series (A Song of Ice and Fire) was titled as the first book: Game of Thrones.

Is it correct to call this series The Legend of The Seeker books then?

The correct name is The Sword of Truth books in any case, but it’s okay to call them that way as well since lots of fans know this series thanks to the adaptation produced by ABC Studios.

What genre are Terry Goodkind books?

The Sword of Truth is a high fantasy series that started with Wizard’s First Rule, and ended in 2007 with Confessor. After the original series,  several novels have followed being mainly composed of two sequels: The Richard and Kahlan series and The Nicci Chronicles.

The number of published books for this saga account to 21, two of them, Siege of Stone and The Scribbly Man, published in 2019. The last novel, Heart of Black Ice, was  published in 2020.

What is The Sword of Truth about?

The world of the Sword of Truth is divided into two regions,  The New Wold and the Old World. The beginning of this story is set in the New world, and the story will take place weeks after the father of the main character, Richard Cypher, is murdered. In the subsequent books, action will also take place in the Old world, after a series of events which happen in the second book, Stone of Tears.

In this universe the magic is powerful, having some regions such as D’Hara ruled by wizards. One of the main elements of this magic world is The Confessors, magically gifted women who can force people to work for them and therefore fulfill their purposes.

This series center on Richard Cypher, a woods guide whose life will change after becoming the Seeker of Truth. As a seeker, Richard will have to search for the truth and act upon it. Along with him will travel Kahlan Amnell, a Confessor seeking the First Wizard and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, a powerful wizard.

A Seeker of Truth

“A Seeker does exactly as the name implies; he seeks. He seeks the answers to things. Things of his own choosing. If he is the right person, he will seek the answers that will help others, not just himself. The whole purpose of a Seeker is to be free to quest on his own, to go where he wants, ask what he wants, learn what he wants, find answers to what he wants to know, and if need be, do whatever it is the answers demand.” Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander

Because of being a seeker of Truth Richard will wield the Sword of Truth. This sword will provide to its wielder additional strength and agility but nevertheless, it will also instill great anger. During his journey Richard Cypher will have to fight the forces of evil, having to defeat the wizard ruler of the Midlands, Darken Rahl.

The books revolve around the eleven Wizard Rules, a series of teachings taught to wizards, each of the books of the original saga is linked to one of these Wizard rules. This is why, the first book, is named Wizard’s First Rule, being the  first one of this Wizard rules is the following:

“People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they’re afraid it might be true. Peoples’ heads are full of knowledge, facts and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.”

The Sword of Truth tv series, the reason this saga is called The Legend of the Seeker books

Did you know this saga had a tv series adaptation? It was named The Legend of the Seeker and it had 44 episodes comprised in two seasons. After this, it got canceled, therefore not having a third season.

The cast of The Legend of the Seeker

The main characters had the following cast:

Richard Cypher: Craig Horner

Kahlan Amnell: Bridget Regan.

Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander: Bruce Spence.

You can check more info at IMDB, see here.

Why was Legend of the Seeker Canceled?

Even though there was no explanation why The Legend of the Seeker got canceled, probably his score at Metacritic of 55 might serve as a good indicator of why this happened. Also, the general opinion was that the show lacked originality not having anything that made this tv series special.

The Sword of Truth books quotes

Here are some quotes of this saga:

“Sometimes, making the wrong choice is better than making no choice. You have the courage to go forward, that is rare. A person who stands at the fork, unable to pick, will never get anywhere.” Wizard’s First Rule.

“Love is a passion for life shared with another person. You fall in love with a person who you think is wonderful. It’s your deepest appreciation of the value of that individual, and that individual is a reflection of what you value most in life. Love, for sound reasons, can be one of life’s greatest rewards.” Chainfire.

If you want to read more The Sword of Truth Book quotes just check this link on Goodreads.

The Scribbly Man, the last book in The Legend of the Seeker books

The last book on the list, The Scribbly Man, depicts Richard and Khalan after having kids. As Terry Goodkind himself states:

“The Sword of Truth series was my masterwork. Yet, life for these characters goes on after the conclusion of that series. For years readers have been asking about Richard and Kahlan having kids. This is that story. The Children of D’Hara picks up within days of where Sword of Truth ended with WARHEART and continues the story of Richard and Kahlan and their children.” —Terry Goodkind

Is The Sword of Truth series finished?

Yes, and no. The original series is indeed finished. However, as you see in the previous how to read, the story keeps going through its prequels.

Is The Sword of Truth series worth reading?

Even though this series has gotten a lot of criticism, you should give The Sword of Truth a chance and read at least the first book, Wizard’s First Rule. You will be introduced in a new engagin fantasy world. The suggestion here is to start reading this series and decide if they are worth reading or not.

Who wrote The Sword of Truth books

The Sword of Truth saga is written by the American author Terry Goodkind. The Sword of Truth is by far his most notorious work, having sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. He has published other works, such as The Law of Nines, a thriller set in the real world or  The Sky People, an alternate history novel which takes place on the planet Venus.

Is The Sword of Truth related to the Holy Bible?

No, for some reason lots of people think it is but The Sword of Truth and the Bible are not related. Maybe it is because of these bible verses:

“And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,”

Ephesians 6:17 ESV

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

Hebrews 4:12 ESV

As you see, there is no connection between The Sword of Truth and The Holy Bible. It’s just these two verses are similar to the title of the saga and lead to confusion.

Hope you enjoyed this article as much as you enjoy Terry Goodkind books. Will you call it The Legend of the Seeker books or The Sword Truth books? leave a comment and let’s see which of both wins!

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