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You loved a particular novel. You wished it didn’t come to an end. Maybe even you would like to erase your memory so you could read it again as if it was the first time. Look-alikes is what you are looking for, a category where I write about books that are similar in terms of plot or genre to those that you loved.

Searching for a book similar to the one you loved?

Just jump into look-alikes and you will discover amazing new stories. It’s time fo feel as you felt to those you loved but different enough to feel intrigued again.

You will get in love again, do not worry about that anymore.

Books similar to Divergent

Now that you finished this seres you are probably seeking more books like Divergent. Published by Harper Collins, Divergent is Veronica Roth’s popular series. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic Chicago where Beatrice Prior is learning about her identity. The novel soon became a massive hit among the readers, and has sold millions of copies around the globe. Divergent readers would also like other books like Divergent, with similar plots or storylines. If you want to know about books similar to Divergent, keep reading.

In this article, you’ll find the best books like Divergent with equally awesome and exciting stories.

Understanding the series to find the best books like Divergent

In the book, survivors of an apocalypse make up five factions. The 16-year olds are supposed to take a test that will decide the faction they are placed in. The ones who fail to pass the test have to live on the streets as they do not belong to any faction. Beatrice Prior takes the test, and her tests come out to be inconclusive, that is, she is a Divergent. Later, she leaves her faction, Abnegation, and joins Dauntless.

Beatrice’s tale is filled with mystery, adventure, and romance. If you want to read stories similar to hers, you should check out these books similar to Divergent.

List of Books like Divergent

Here is the list of books that have similar themes to Divergent.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: a must in a list of books like Divergent

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Panem controls 12 districts where a strange custom is carried out. All the districts have to choose a young teenage girl and boy to fight each other in a program that is televised nationally. The fighters, called Tributes, have to fight each other until one of them remains alive.

If you are seeking books like The Hunger Games and Divergent then keep reading, because there’s way more.

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth: another book by the same author similar to Divergent

Crave the Mark tells the story of Cyra and Akos, who are living on a deadly planet. Residents of this planet have powers, and every individual uses their power in different ways. Cyra’s tyrant brother captures Akos’s brother, so Akos sets off to save his brother. Together, the duo tries to maintain peace in their tumultuous world.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott: one of the most appealing books like Divergent

Ender’s Game tells the story of Ender Wiggin, a young boy who goes to Battle School, an academy over the Earth’s orbit where people train to fight the alien race, called Buggers.

In case this series caught your attention, here goes an useful post with the Ender’s Game series order.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Thomas finds himself surrounded by a group of other boys without any memory of what happened before this event. He finds out that a maze surrounds him and the others. From then on, he makes it his mission to escape the maze, but it is a path that could lead him to death.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

This story is set in Mars, in an dystopian future, and centers on Darrow. He is a Red, the lowest cate in his society. Being a Red implies that Darrow has to work all day, since Reds have to make the surface of Mars cohabitable.

One day Darrow will discover that his kind has been betrayed, and that the surface of Mars is already habited, with vast cities.

If you are seeking for books like The Hunger Games and Divergent you have to give this series a go.

Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Everheart’s disease has killed many children in America, and Ruby is one of the few that survived. She is sent to a rehabilitation camp but runs away to find others like her.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy

Earth is slowly getting wiped off the face of the universe, and the 5th wave is the final wave. Cassie is one of the few survivors, but not for long as she has already lost her family.

In case you like fantasy books, then you have to take a look at this list of books like Game of Thrones.

Hope that this list of books like Divergent was what you were actually looking for! Did you add any of these books to your to be read list? and also, maybe you know other book series that would fit in this list? if that is the case, then leave a comment with your suggestions so the list gets new titles!

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Books similar to Dresden Files

If you loved the magic and mystery in this series, you must be wanting to read more books like The Dresden Files. Th The Dresden Files is a fantasy series of novels written by Jim Butcher. Published by Roc Books, the first book of the series was available for purchase in 2000, and since then, its popularity has soared. The Dresden Files tells the story through the eyes of Harry Dresden, who is the only wizard in Chicago. Want more like this? this is why we have curated a list of books similar to The Dresden Files that you will enjoy.

In this article, we’ll mention the best books like The Dresden Files for people who love mystery novels.

Understanding the series to find books like The Dresden Files

In The Dresden Files, all the magical entities like faeries, demons, and vampires are real. In this world, Harry Dresden is the first wizard who works as a consulting wizard, taking cases from humans and supernatural clients both. He also works for the Special Investigation Unit of the Chicago Police Department. Throughout the series, the readers learn about his role in protecting the human population while tackling his work.

If you want to find books similar to The Dresden Files, keep reading. We have a list of seven books that have a similar plot and will genuinely interest you if you loved The Dresden Files.

List of Books like The Dresden Files

We hope you enjoy this list as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne: a must in a list of books like Dresden Files

Atticus O’Sullivan runs a bookshop in which he sells occult content while hunting as a shapeshifter. According to people who know him, he’s another handsome 21-year old, but in reality, he is a 2100-year-old shapeshifter, whose power lies in his sword, called the Answerer. Atticus is followed by a Celtic God who wants to get his hands on that sword.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs: books similar to Dresden Files

Moon Called tells the story of Mercy, who lives in Washington and is Walker. A walker in the book is someone who can turn into a coyote whenever they want. Although Mercy lives in an ordinary neighborhood, she is in touch with other beings, like vampires and werewolves, and her acquaintances are about to land her in trouble.

Eric Carter by Stephen Blackmoore

Eric Carter is a Necromancer who can talk to ghosts and makes a career out of putting spirits at eternal rest for money.

The Vampire Flynn by Peter Dawes

Flynn kills the killers in his kind: vampires while battling with the good and bad sides inside him.

The Last Sun by K.D. Edwards

Rune Saint John is on a search for Addam, the missing son of Lady Judgement, on New Atlantis, the new home of Atlanteans after humans destroyed the real Atlantis.

Junkyard Druid by M.D. Massey

A druid, whose girlfriend is a ghost, goes looking for a magic rock on the command of a faery queen who is blackmailing him.

Fade by Daniel Humphreys

Paxton is a paranormal investigator who gets news of a newly-freed dangerous entity, and it seems like this time, a simple exorcism won’t do the job.

Hope this list with books similar to Dresden Files was helpful for you! if you liked the Inheritance Cycle you can take a look at this list of books like Eragon, the popular series by Christopher Paolini.

Did you decide to start reading any of these books like Dresden Files? if so, leave a comment telling us which of our suggestions made it to your book collection! also, if you know any books that are similar to Harry Dresden’s story leave a comment telling us your suggestions!

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Books similar to Percy Jackson

Once you have read this series by Rick Riordan you will be probably searching for new books like Percy Jackson. As you know already, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a series of fantasy novels written by Rick Riordan. Since fantasy novels have a huge fandom, the series has sold over 60 million copies in 35 countries. If you loved the Percy Jackson books, you’d also like to pick up any of these books similar to Percy Jackson for a similar experience.

Let’s talk about the best books like Percy Jackson that people of all ages with an imaginative mind will enjoy.

Understanding the series to find books like Percy Jackson

The Percy Jackson series is composed of five volumes, having many supplementary works. As the name suggests, the book is about Percy Jackson, who comes home during the summer vacation and loses his mother at the hands of Minotaur. Percy isn’t a full human but a demigod, the son of Poseidon, who has to save the world and stop war among Olympian Gods.

We have curated a list of books similar to Percy Jackson that you might enjoy. All of these books have an element of fantasy and force you to dive deep into your imagination.

List of Books like Percy Jackson

Enjoy this list of fantasy novels, curl up in bed, and stay up reading your favorite one all night.

Gods of Manhattan by Scott Mebus: a must in a list of books like Percy Jackson

Manhattan is a busy place that is always a hub of activity. In Gods of Manhattan, the protagonist discovers a city just like Manhattan that runs in a parallel world.

The Sword’s Choice by I.M Redwright: an indie book similar to Percy Jackson

In this Ya fantasy story, a boy discovers that he is the heir to the throne of The Kingdom of Fire, having only a fire sword to prove this he will decide to face powerful enemies in the four kingdoms so he can finally meet his destiny.

In a parallel story, a princess will be chosen as the Lacrima, the heir to the throne of water, not only she will have to prove she is worth to wield the crown and to control her new water sword, but also her older sister seems not much happier with her not being chosen to reign…

The Heroes of Olympus a by Rick Riordan: a book like Percy Jackson since it’s from the same author

The Heroes of Olympus tells the story of a new generation of Greek demigods who will have to fulfill their own prophecy.

We will also have the chance to meet old friends, as is the case for Leo Valdez and Annabeth Chase, who you already know thanks to the Percy Jackson series. In the second volume of this series, Annabeth will embark on a mission to avenge her mother. She, along with four other demigods, will travel from land to sea while making surprising discoveries.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

The novel is set in 1806, where people have forgotten about the existence of magic in the world until Mr. Norrel shows his magical abilities. In the same era, another magician comes into the spotlight; bright and handsome Jonathan strange.

Blackwell Pages by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr

Blackwell Pages brings the mythology of Norse Gods to modern-day South Dakota, where most inhabitants are descendants of the Gods.

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

This is another series by the same author, this time centering on two siblings, Carter and Sadie Kane, who happen to be powerful magicians and descendants of Ramses the Great. The series takes place in the same universe as Percy Jackson, however, this one focuses on Egyptian mythology instead of the Greek one.

The Akhenaten Adventure by P.B. Kerr

Quite interestingly, this novel narrates the story of two djinns, John Gaunt and Philippa Gaunt, who embark on different adventures upon discovering their true identity.

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

A group, calling themselves Gentleman Bastards, vow to steal the power of the city’s crime boss and take on other thugs, beggars, and murderers in their venture.

Hope this list of books similar to Percy Jackson was what you were looking for. Also, if you like magic here you have lots of books similar to Harry Potter.

Which of these books did you choose to discover? maybe you decided to buy many of them? also, if you know any other books like Percy Jackson do not hesitate to leave a comment with your suggestions, I will add them to the list for sure.

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Books similar to Eragon

If you are seeking books like Eragon it’s because you fancy to read a new series with adventure, lots of action, and maybe dragons. Christopher Paolini’s series (known as The Inheritance Cycle) is a popular fantasy saga that had a movie adaptation of the first volume in the series, Eragon. Are there books similar to Eragon? the answer is yes, and you will find them here.

Imagine a world without fantasy. Ironically, the only reason why you could imagine that is because such a world doesn’t exist. Life would basically be colorless without our imagination. Everyone excises the power of imagination both young and old. But how does one expand his imagination? Well, Christopher Paolini has done a Justice to that. He did this by writing an epic fantasy novel, and he was only fifteen when he wrote Eragon, nice uh?

Understanding this series to find books like Eragon

Eragon is the story of a farm boy who by chance discovers a dragon egg. Thi story also contains the typical ingredients of fantasy: an epic quest, romance, a special sword, and dragons. In a short while, Eragon became a best seller captivating several readers.

According to Paolini, he got his inspiration from a variety of sources. This means that it won’t be too hard to track down other books with a similar tone.

List of Books Like Eragon

So if you wish to explore other books like Eragon, then you’re in the right place. Because in this article, we will be listing lots of books similar to Eragon with fantasy worlds and dragons. Let’s begin:

The Belgariad Series by David Eddings: a must in a list of books like Eragon

The Belgariad Series is obviously one of the best books to read after the Inheritance Cycle series. According to Paolini, he purchased all five books in the Belgariad series. He further said that the books occupied a place of honor on his shelf.

This series is a book similar to Eragon, the Belgariad introduces fantasy at its peak. It features the coming of age of a young farm boy who would become great.

The Sword’s Choice series by I.M. Redwright an indie book like Eragon

This story has a similar setting to the Last Airbender, since it has 4 kingdoms each of them dedicated to one of the Earth Elements. The main character carries a sword of fire, and has decided to face the world and visit all the other kingdoms to meet the strongest enemies. This story has not dragons, but it has a similar tone to Christopher Paolini’s fantasy, that is why it’s in this list of books like Eragon.

On the other side, we get to meet Vienne, a girl who becomes the heir to the Queendom of Water and therefore will have to prove she is worth wearing the crown by using the powers of her water sword.

Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks one of the books similar to Eragon

This story centers on a young man named Shea Ohmsford who has to embark on a quest which is to find the legendary Sword of Shannara. This sword is the only way to defeat the evil Warlock Lord. Shea will have to believe in himself if he wants to prevail in his quest.

In case this series caught your interest, you will find this post with the Shannara reading order really useful.

The Age of Fire Series by E. E. Knight

If it is the dragons that made you love Eragon, then the Age of Fire series is worth checking out. It features a fantasy setting with elves, dwarfs, and several fictional races. However, dragons are the main protagonist of the story.

The Riftwar Saga bye Raymond E. Feist

This story has several protagonists. One of which is a boy named Pug. He was adopted by a cook and lived an ordinary life. But all that was going to change when the court magician realizes that Pug possesses magical talent, therefore taking him as an apprentice.

This will be the turning point of how Pug becomes a very powerful magician in the land of Midkemia.

In the following article, you will find the order of Raymond E Feist books.

Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider is a novel aimed at young readers. But readers of all ages can also enjoy it. This story is about a Brownie, a dragon, and a human boy. Their quest is to find somewhere safe so that the dragons can relocate there.

The Scorched Series

The Scorched series was written by Mari Mancusi. It is about a young girl whose name was Trinity Foxx. Similar to Eragon, the young girl happens to possess the egg of a dragon. Although she was doubtful, she got convinced when a dragon hunter came from the future.

Harper Hall Trilogy

This book has young adults in mind. It was written by McCaffrey. The book is about the adventure of a 15-year-old girl named Menolly with an incredible talent for music. This series is similar to Eragon, and is sure to give you the kind of fantasy adventure you are looking for.

There you have it. I’m pretty sure the books listed above will expand your imaginations and keep you captivated until the very end.

Also, you can take a look at this article with a compilation of books like Percy Jackson, in case you like the series.

Do you know any other books like Eragon? don’t be shy and leave a comment with your suggestion, I will add it for sure to the list! let’s make a great list of similar books to Eragon together!

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Books like The Kingkiller Chronicles

Looking for some books like Kingkiller Chronicles while Patrick Rothfuss writes the last volume in the series? The story of Kvothe is pretty unique, even so, there are other fantasy stories that have some similarities to Kingkiller’s. So, are there any books like Name of the Wind? let’s see.

You might be thinking that finding books similar to Name of the Wind is an impossible task, but not at all.

Finding what makes this story special: the key to find books like Kingkiller Chronicles

At this point you have probably wondered the following question: are there any books similar to The Kingkiller Chronicles?

The answer is yes, but in order to find like Name of The Wind we might want to ask ourselves the following question: what makes Kvothe’s story so special? Maybe the impressive abilities and talents of Kvothe, others may say the music, the storytelling combining first and third person, the magic system. It is difficult to choose one, probably because the answer is the conjunction of all of these traits. However, having identified these, it is easy to find similar books to The Name of the Wind.

Don’t know what to read after Kingkiller Chronicles? No problem, I have a list of books like The Kingkiller Chronicles.

Top list of books like Name of the Wind

Here goes a great list of similar books to The Kingkiller Chronicle. If you want to start reading any of these sagas and want to buy the first book in the series just click on the book cover and you will be able to buy it on Amazon (it will open in a new tab)

Let’s see some fantasy books like Name of the Wind:

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb: a must in a list of books like Name of the Wind

Farseer Trilogy

This story takes place in a kingdom called The Six Duchies, The Farseer Trilogy centers on FitzChivalry Farseer (known as Fitz), he is a trained assassin and it is him who narrates the story (which makes it a similar book to Kingkiller Chronicle). In this story, the kingdom is attacked by the Raiders to take people from the Six Duchies and turn them into Forged Ones (creatures similar to zombies)

The Farseer Trilogy is a finished series. In addition, if you want to know more about Fitz you can read its sequel The Tawny Man Trilogy which is also finished.

The Sword’s Choice by I.M Redwright: an indie book like Name of The Wind

The Sapphire Eruption

This is a story with a similar setting to Avatar the Last Airbender. In this, an exiled boy discovers that he is the heir to the Kingdom of Fire, and the only way he has to prove it is the sword of fire that his father has kept safe for so long. Now he has decided to visit the four kingdoms and meet powerful enemies and get stronger in order to meet his destiny.

Meanwhile, in the Queendom of Water, one of the princesses has been chosen to be the next one to reign. But she does not seem to be the most fitting to rule the Aquadom, will she even be able to control the sword of water?

Lightbringer by Brent Weeks: similar to Name of The wind


This series was planned to be a trilogy, but eventually was extended to a pentalogy. The author describes his series as “a story of normal brothers—who happen to be in extraordinary circumstances”.

The story follows Prism’ Gavin Guile, the most powerful person in the world. The magic system is called Chromaturgy, in this, people with magic abilities (known as drafters) can transform light into a physical substance called Luxin.

This is a finished series. The last book of Lightbringer, The Burning White, was published on October 22, 2019

The Gentlemen Bastard Series by Scott Lynch

Gentleman Bastards

This series takes place Therin Throne Empire, it tells the story of a professional thief and master of deception known as Locke Lamora. Each of the volumes that in this series have their own plot; that is they have a beginning and an ending. However, there are tons of references to events and characters from the previous books.

The Gentlemen Bastard is composed of seven books, only three of them are published. The third volume, The Republic of Thieves , was published in 2013; so if you are looking for finished series this one is not what you are looking for.

Riyria Revelations by Michael Sullivan


This series narrates the story of Royce and Hadrian who together are known as Riyria. One day they a mysterious man offers them a huge amount of gold for stealing a sword owned by Count Pickering. While in the search of the sword they will find the dead body of the King and will be accused of his murder. And that is just the beginning…

Also, if you start reading this series and you like it then you can read its prequel The Riyria Chronicles, which consists of five books. If you are interested in this series take a look at this post with the Riyria reading order.

The Riftwar Saga by  Raymond E. Feisz

The Riftwar saga

This story takes place in the worlds of  Midkemia and Kelewan. In this magicians and other creatures with magical abilities are able to create rifts and therefore travel to other planets. This is a sequence of stories that occur in the same universe and are mostly self-contained, sharing only a few characters and plot.

 Human magicians and other creatures on the two planets are able to create rifts through dimensionless space that can connect planets in different solar systems.

The Riftwar Saga is a trilogy and it is finished. This series is included in The Riftwar Cycle, the name given to the books that revolve around the fantasy worlds of Midkemia and Kelewan. As a result, if you want to read more books set in the same universe you have nine additional sagas to read.

So here you have the list. If you were itching for a book similar to The Kingkiller Chronicle I hope these fantasy books like Name of the Wind worked for you. Have you decided which of these books like Kingkiller Chronicles you will start reading? Don’t forget to comment!

Also, i you are waiting for the last volume of The Kingkiller Chronicle you definitely should read this article: Kingkiller book 3. Also, take a look at this list of books like Mistborn.

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