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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

Bloodborne book series in order

Looking for the Bloodborne books in order? You’ve stumbled upon the perfect spot, fellow hunter. Dive deep into the twisted world crafted by the incredible author  Ales Kot, and unravel the mysteries of Yharnam one page at a time!

Bloodborne isn’t just a game—it’s a hauntingly beautiful universe, rife with lore, terror, and challenges. A gothic masterpiece, it has captivated millions with its intricate story and iconic characters. 🎮🖤 Ready to get reading? 🤓👇

All Bloodborne books in order:

The ultimate collection has arrived. Dive into the beautifully macabre world of Bloodborne with this box set, bundling together the first three graphic novels. Illustrated to perfection and encapsulating the eerie essence of the game:

We’ve gathered every title from the Bloodborne book series, and they’re showcased below in their official publication order. Time to get lost in the lore:

Published by the esteemed Titan Comics, the graphic novels of Bloodborne boast an art and style that are nothing short of spectacular. Every page is a visual feast, echoing the unique aesthetics of the video game itself. From the dark, foreboding alleyways of Yharnam to the monstrous creatures that lurk in its shadows, the illustrative fidelity is impeccable.

For fans of the game, these novels offer a seamless transition, capturing the same atmospheric intensity and intricate details that made the video game a legendary masterpiece.

Now that you know the order of the Bloodborne books don’t miss this:

Once you have finished with the Bloodborne book series you can also take a look at these other series also related to the superb fictional worlds created by From Software:

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Are you into manga as well? As you see, Elden Ring has a manga adaptation and, if you enjoy it, you are likely to find the Attack on Titan manga volumes truly thrilling.

What is this book series about?

Deep within the pages of these graphic novels, readers will find themselves plunged into the eerie and haunting world of Bloodborne. Just as in the video game, the narrative centers around a nameless Hunter who awakens in a nightmarish realm. This ancient city, once glorious, is now consumed by a sinister endemic. Vicious beasts lurk in every corner, and the once-cobblestone streets are now drenched in the chilling blood of its cursed inhabitants. 🌒🦇

With a sole goal in mind, our enigmatic Hunter is driven by the pursuit of Paleblood—a mysterious substance believed to be the key to escaping this relentless night. But as he ventures deeper into the city, he finds more than just beasts. Secrets, madness, and ancient rituals cloud his path, challenging his very sanity. Each turn of the page pulls readers deeper into this treacherous journey, making them question what’s real and what’s a fragment of the Hunter’s darkening mind. 🌌🗡️

Embarking on this epic quest to escape the unending Night of the Hunt, the story unfolds with suspense, horror, and a touch of melancholy, reminiscent of the iconic gaming experience.

Will there be more Bloodborne books?

At the moment, the winds of Yharnam are quiet, with no whispers of new Bloodborne books on the horizon. 🍂🌌 Yet, given the game’s profoundly intricate lore and the passionate enthusiasm of its massive fandom, one can never truly say what the future holds. The Bloodborne universe is a vast tapestry of enigmas, legends, and tales waiting to be woven. 🌍✨

The fervor and dedication of the community are unmatched. Their appetite for more tales from the haunting streets of Yharnam is insatiable. And in a world where fandoms often play a pivotal role in shaping the future of franchises, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the echoes of the Hunt beckon the creators to craft more graphic novels. 📚🦇 So, while the current silence might be unnerving for some, we remain hopeful, believing that, much like the endless Night of the Hunt, the tales of Bloodborne are far from over. 🌙🗡️

How many manga volumes of Yona of the Dawn are there?

Let’s dive into the captivating world of the Yona of the Dawn manga volumes! This fantasy shōjo series penned by Mizuho Kusanagi has won hearts globally, intertwining drama, adventure, romance, and comedy to offer a truly unforgettable tale. 😍📚

There are quite a few Yona of the Dawn volumes to lose yourself in! Adapted from the animated series, the manga offers an immersive reading experience that elaborates on the intricacies of the plot and characters. We are about to tell you how many volumes there are so hold onto your seats! 🤩

All Yona of the Dawn manga volumes in order

The Yona of the Dawn set that collects the first five volumes is an excellent choice for both seasoned manga lovers and beginners venturing into the world of shōjo. Each volume unravels Princess Yona’s journey from a carefree royal to a fierce leader, beautifully encapsulated through Mizuho Kusanagi’s captivating storytelling and vivid artwork 📚

Now that you’re all set, let’s dive into the narrative! The English translated volumes are organized in publication order for a seamless reading experience. Grab your favorite volume and immerse yourself in the captivating saga of Yona and her companions! 📖✨

The English adaptation of the Yona of the Dawn manga, published by Viz Media, is renowned for its superior translation quality, accurately conveying the nuances of the original Japanese narrative. The drawing style beautifully captures the aura of each character, blending vibrant illustrations with intense emotional depth. 🎨✨

An interesting fact about the series is Mizuho Kusanagi’s ability to weave an intricate plot with engaging character development, making Yona of the Dawn a standout amongst her other works. The manga’s narrative also bears a striking resemblance to other popular series like Akatsuki no Yona, in terms of its strong female lead and historical fantasy setting.

Now that you know how many Yona of the Dawn volumes there are, check this out:

Here’s a trio of manga series that Yona of the Dawn aficionados highly recommend:

Yona of the Dawn is known for its incredible character development and engaging narrative, traits shared by another beloved series, “By the Grace of the Gods.” In this series, protagonist Ryoma Takebayashi’s journey from a lonely existence to a life filled with companionship and purpose mirrors Yona’s evolution in many ways. Experience Ryoma’s life-changing adventure yourself by diving into the By the Grace of the Gods volumes.

On the other hand, if you’re drawn to the mix of fantasy, adventure, and romance in Yona of the Dawn, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy “Call of the Night.” This series blends supernatural elements with an emotive love story in a way that’s truly captivating. Delve into the mystique of the Call of the Night manga and find yourself lost in its enchanting narrative.

What is this manga about

Yona of the Dawn manga revolves around the young princess Yona, who leads a life of luxury and ease, completely oblivious to the struggles of the kingdom she is destined to rule. Her world collapses on her sixteenth birthday, sparking a dramatic turn of events and an epic quest for survival and redemption. 🏰💔

The Yona of the Dawn volumes have received international acclaim, contributing significantly to the global popularity of the shōjo genre. The manga’s sales have consistently topped charts, and it has been recognized with several awards for its captivating narrative and engaging characters.

Apart from the manga, Yona of the Dawn has also been adapted into a popular anime series and has inspired multiple video games, further expanding the franchise’s reach and fanbase.

How many Yona of the Dawn manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

As of now, the Japanese version of Yona of the Dawn is still ongoing and has reached an impressive count of 49 volumes! The series, which commenced its run in 2009, has been a staple in Hana to Yume, a renowned shōjo manga magazine in Japan. 📖

The English version of Yona of the Dawn is catching up but is currently 9 volumes behind the Japanese release. Despite this, it has managed to capture the essence and excitement of the original series, delivering a riveting reading experience.

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Do you have any more questions about the Yona of the Dawn manga volumes? Feel free to ask! We’re here to guide you through your manga reading journey. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️📘

How many Goodnight Punpun manga volumes are there?

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Goodnight Punpun manga volumes! This compelling series is the brainchild of acclaimed author Inio Asano and has enchanted manga readers worldwide. If you’ve ever wondered how many Goodnight Punpun volumes are there, then you’re in the right place. 📚

The answer to that question is actually quite intriguing. The original Japanese version consists of 13 volumes. But when translated to English, the series has been condensed into seven omnibus volumes! This means you can experience the same emotional depth and gripping storytelling, but in fewer, more consolidated editions. 🎊📘

All Goodnight Punpun manga volumes in order

Embrace the emotional rollercoaster that is Goodnight Punpun with this complete set that beautifully binds all seven omnibus volumes of the English version. Each book boasts high-quality print, meticulous translation, and the profound artistry characteristic of Inio Asano:

We’ve gone ahead and collected all Goodnight Punpun manga volumes. They are shown below in their publication order:

The English version of Goodnight Punpun manga is a true testament to manga translation done right. Published by VIZ Media, one of the most reputable manga and anime distribution companies, each volume features sharp, high-quality translations that keep the essence of the original script intact. What’s more, the drawing style in Goodnight Punpun is noteworthy, seamlessly transitioning from whimsically cute to hauntingly surreal, perfectly reflecting the fluctuating tone of the narrative.

Goodnight Punpun’s author, Inio Asano, has a knack for creating stories that leave a lasting impact. He is also known for his critically acclaimed works such as Solanin and Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction, both of which showcase his unique blend of realism and fantasy.

Now that you know how many Goodnight Punpun volumes there are, check this out:

🚀 Ready to explore more manga universes that fans of Goodnight Punpun adore? 📚💖

If you found yourself drawn to the intricate storytelling and character development in Goodnight Punpun, you’re likely to appreciate the dark and mesmerizing world of Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. Sharing a common thread of captivating narratives and complex characters, the Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku volumes make for a thrilling read. The series takes you on a gripping journey filled with action and suspense, providing a perfect counterpoint to the deeply emotional exploration in Goodnight Punpun.

On the other hand, if the existential themes and philosophical undertones in Goodnight Punpun captivated you, another brilliant manga to consider is Fullmetal Alchemist. Dealing with profound questions of sacrifice, brotherhood, and the cost of ambition, Fullmetal Alchemist will definitely appeal to the introspective manga fan. Wondering where to start? Here’s your anchor to navigate through: how many volumes of Fullmetal Alchemist there are there. Enjoy these riveting journeys! 🌟📚

What is this manga about?

Goodnight Punpun is a coming-of-age story like no other. The narrative revolves around Punpun Onodera, a young boy grappling with the trials and tribulations of growing up. As Punpun navigates the pitfalls of adolescence and the complexities of life, the series unfolds in a blend of dark humor, poignant drama, and existential contemplation. If you’re a fan of slice-of-life or psychological genres, the Goodnight Punpun manga is a must-read.

Goodnight Punpun has garnered critical acclaim for its raw depiction of life’s struggles and its exploration of mental health. Although exact sales figures are elusive, the series has enjoyed considerable success, bolstered by its compelling narrative and striking artwork. Whether you’re new to manga or an avid reader, the Goodnight Punpun volumes promise an unforgettable reading experience.

Unlike many manga series, Goodnight Punpun has not been adapted into an anime, movie, or videogame. The depth and maturity of its themes, combined with its uniquely abstract art style, make it a series that truly shines in its original manga format.

How many Goodnight Punpun manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

The Japanese version of Goodnight Punpun spans 13 volumes, and yes, it’s concluded. The series originally ran from March 15, 2007, to November 2, 2013, in the manga magazine Weekly Young Sunday published by Shogakukan.

The English version is slightly different. Instead of the original 13 volumes, the English edition consolidates the content into seven omnibus volumes. This version wraps up the entire story, so rest assured, you won’t be left hanging after diving into this fascinating tale.

So, there you have it! All you need to know about the Goodnight Punpun manga volumes. Whether you’re looking to start a new manga or complete your collection, this series is a worthy addition. Enjoy the journey through Punpun’s world, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 🌟

How many Solo Leveling manga volumes are there?

 Grab your adventure goggles, because we’ve got the ultimate collection of Solo Leveling manga volumes lined up for you! This thrilling series hails from South Korea and is technically a manhwa, but don’t let that confuse you – it’s every bit as epic as any manga you’ve read. ✨

Wondering just how many Solo Leveling volumes there are? Stay tuned, because we’re about to dive into the nitty-gritty of this fan-favorite series. 📚🔍

All Solo Leveling Manga Volumes in Order

For those eager to dive headfirst into the world of Solo Leveling, there’s a fantastic set available that collects the first five volumes of the series! 📚✨ This collection is an amazing way to start your journey with Sung Jin-Woo and the rest of the hunters:

We’ve gone ahead and collected all the Solo Leveling volumes available in English. They are arranged below, ready for your perusal, in their publication order:

When it comes to the English version of Solo Leveling, the translation quality is top-notch! 🌟 Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the publisher, each volume brings the captivating world of Sung Jin-Woo and his companions to life. The distinct drawing style and vivid illustrations of the series make it an absolute treat for the eyes! 🎨👀

Did you know? The author of Solo Leveling, Chu-Gong, has also penned another popular series known as Second Life Ranker. 🤓 Fans of Solo Leveling might find this series interesting due to its similar themes and equally engaging narrative.

Now that you know how many Solo Leveling volumes there are, check this out!

Here’s a treat for all you Solo Leveling fans! 📚✨ We’ve curated a list of three manga series that fellow Solo Leveling enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough of!

For starters, let’s talk about Bleach. 🥳 Fans of Solo Leveling often find a strong connection with this series. What makes Bleach an absolute hit among Solo Leveling readers is the strikingly similar drawing style. The action scenes are highly detailed and energetic, giving a visceral experience just like in Solo Leveling. Want to experience this yourself? Don’t miss out on the thrill and check the Bleach volumes right away!

Fire Force is another gem that Solo Leveling readers adore. 🔥🚒 With its captivating story, unique characters, and brilliant illustrations, Fire Force easily hooks the readers, much like Solo Leveling. The supernatural elements and engaging fights in Fire Force have a similar appeal, keeping the readers on the edge of their seats. Curious about this fiery adventure? You can check out the Fire Force manga here. Happy reading! 🎉📖

What is Solo Leveling manwha about?

Set in a world where mysterious portals lead to dangerous dungeons, Solo Leveling kicks off with the weakest of the hunters, Sung Jin-Woo. 💪😓 The story revolves around his journey as he struggles, grows, and ultimately transforms into a powerful “Player.” This action-packed manhwa belongs to the fantasy genre and is best suited for teens and above due to its intense and thrilling content. 🐉🏹

Solo Leveling has been quite the sensation in the manga world, selling millions of copies worldwide. 🌎🎉 The impact of Solo Leveling volumes can be seen in its passionate fanbase, eagerly waiting for every new release. Its fame has even crossed the borders of the manga/manhwa world, sparking interest in other forms of media. 🏆📈

While there aren’t any movies or videogames based on Solo Leveling as of now, the series’ immense popularity makes it a potential candidate for such adaptations in the future! 🎮🎥

How Many Solo Leveling Manga Volumes are There in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

The Japanese version of Solo Leveling, despite originating from South Korea, boasts a whopping 14 volumes! 🎌📚 The series made its debut on March 4, 2018, and concluded on December 29, 2021, leaving fans with an exciting and satisfying conclusion.

As for the English version, it’s currently trailing a bit behind with only 8 volumes available. 📚 However, rest assured, because more translations are surely on their way!

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If you’ve got any more questions or want more info about Solo Leveling manga volumes, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re here to help you navigate the exciting world of Sung Jin-Woo and his high-stakes adventures! 🌍🚀

How many Deadman Wonderland manga volumes are there?

If you’re a fan of action-packed dystopian manga with a dark twist, then the Deadman Wonderland volumes are right up your alley! 🎉 Brought to life by the creative minds of Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou, this thrilling series will keep you on the edge of your seat page after page. 📚

You might be wondering, how many Deadman Wonderland volumes are there? We’re about to tell you just that, and even more! So buckle up and prepare for a roller coaster ride through this mind-bending series! 🎢

All Deadman Wonderland Manga Volumes in Order

f you’re keen on diving deep into the chilling world of Deadman Wonderland, then we’ve got some goodies you’ll absolutely love! We have a spectacular set that includes the first 10 manga volumes of the series. We also have a DVD that features the complete anime series:

Now, let’s unveil our meticulously curated collection of Deadman Wonderland volumes, all sorted in the order of publication:

The English version of the Deadman Wonderland series does a fantastic job of preserving the high-stakes action and intense atmosphere of the original Japanese manga. Published by Viz Media, this series features meticulously detailed art and a top-notch translation that ensures none of the original series’ essence is lost.

In terms of the artwork, Kazuma Kondou’s detailed, crisp illustrations masterfully capture the series’ dark, dystopian setting and intense battle scenes, adding depth and drama to every panel. An interesting tidbit about Deadman Wonderland is that the same duo, Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou, are also known for creating the popular series “Eureka Seven.”

Now that you know how many Deadman Wonderland volumes are there don’t miss this:

Are you a Deadman Wonderland aficionado on the hunt for more gripping manga stories? Look no further! 😎📚 Here are three other manga series that fans of Deadman Wonderland rave about:

Let’s kick things off with the striking similarities between Deadman Wonderland and Tokyo Ghoul. Just like Deadman Wonderland, Tokyo Ghoul is renowned for its captivating blend of horror, dark fantasy, and psychological thriller elements. The characters in both series grapple with their identity in a world filled with horror and mystery, making Tokyo Ghoul an irresistible read for fans of Deadman Wonderland.

Next, we recommend diving into the visceral world of Gangsta. This action-packed seinen manga is celebrated for its intricate character development and compelling storyline, not unlike Deadman Wonderland. Its complex depiction of societal issues, wrapped up in an exhilarating narrative, makes Gangsta a must-read for any Deadman Wonderland aficionado.

What’s this manga about?

Deadman Wonderland manga is a chilling tale set in a post-earthquake Tokyo, where the once bustling city has been replaced by a privatized prison amusement park. The main character, Ganta Igarashi, finds his life turned upside down when he’s wrongfully convicted for a gruesome mass murder and sent to the bizarre and deadly Deadman Wonderland prison. His primary goal? Survive and prove his innocence.

As for its performance, Deadman Wonderland has received a substantial amount of recognition. With the suspenseful plot twists and gripping narratives spread across Deadman Wonderland volumes, it’s no surprise that the series has gained a considerable fanbase. It’s a standout in the shōnen genre and has made a significant impact on manga fans worldwide.

In terms of adaptations, Deadman Wonderland was adapted into a 12-episode anime series which aired in 2011. Although no video games based on the series have been released, its unique world-building and intriguing characters would surely translate well into the gaming world.

How Many Deadman Wonderland Manga Volumes Are There in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

The original Japanese version of Deadman Wonderland consists of 13 volumes. The series kicked off in May 2007 and concluded in August 2013. Published in the monthly shōnen magazine, Shōnen Ace, the series is known for its unique blend of action, horror, and science fiction elements.

As for the English adaptation, it mirrors the original with a total of 13 fully translated volumes. The English version allows international readers to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling and horrifying world that is Deadman Wonderland.

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If you’re interested in exploring more about the Deadman Wonderland manga volumes, feel free to keep reading. We’ve got plenty of other great info and insights to share about this captivating series!

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