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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

High Republic reading order

Star Wars High Republic read order

Get ready to explore a galaxy far, far away in a whole new light with our High Republic reading order guide! As part of the Star Wars universe, the High Republic series takes fans on a unique journey into a previously uncharted era. With books written by star authors like Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, and Claudia Gray, this series is a must-read for any Star Wars enthusiast.

😉🔖 Curious about the list of all High Republic books? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Get ready to navigate the expansive Star Wars universe like never before as we guide you through the exhilarating saga of the High Republic. Buckle up, fellow Jedi, we are about to embark on an epic space journey!

All Star Wars High Republic books in order

These books are your ticket to experiencing the golden age of the Jedi Order and the galaxy at peace. Where to begin? Well, your journey must begin with the original series, which is composed of four volumes. Here’s the Star Wars HIgh Republic reading order:

For those of you seeking convenience, there’s a fantastic box set available that collects all four volumes. It’s a great choice for collectors or those new to the High Republic series. Now you can join the Jedi knights in their prime all in one swoop!

But we are not done, there’s way more HIgh Republic books, here you have the rest of them in publication order:

Published by Disney–Lucasfilm Press and Del Rey, the High Republic series brings to life a unique era of the Star Wars universe. The books are rich in detail, with an elevated tone that explores not only thrilling space adventures but also deeper, philosophical questions about the Force and the nature of good and evil.

The narratives weave together threads of politics, diplomacy, and conflict, showcasing the vastness of the galaxy and the complexity of its inhabitants. The tales told within the High Republic books are layered and intricate, making them a delightful addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection. 🌟🚀

Now that you know the high republic reading order don’t miss these

There’s never enough Star Wars series for a true fan, are there? Here are 3 books that you must read as well:

Ready to expand your interstellar journey beyond the High Republic reading order? You’re in luck! We’ve curated an amazing 🚀 list of the best Star Wars books 📚 that cover various eras and perspectives of the Star Wars universe. With iconic characters and gripping narratives, these books are sure to bring the epic space opera right to your fingertips. Fans of the High Republic series will appreciate the depth and variety found in these selections.

If you’ve enjoyed the complexities and struggles of the Jedi and the Republic in this series, then you might want to take a walk on the wild side of the Star Wars universe. The 🌠 War of the Bounty Hunters series in order 🎯 provides a stark contrast to the nobility and orderliness of the Republic. Get ready to experience the Star Wars galaxy from a new perspective, showcasing the grittier, untamed side of space where bounty hunters rule. Be prepared to embark on an exhilarating ride!

Oh, and let’s not forget about the younglings! There are the Jedi Academy books as well, which are a great introduction for them to this epic universe.

What are these books about?

star wars high republic book order
Star Wars High Republic book order

Venture into the cosmos with the High Republic books, a thrilling new era of Star Wars storytelling! This series is set in the golden age of the Jedi, hundreds of years before the Skywalker saga, a period of prosperity and enlightenment in the galaxy. 👽🚀 The High Republic era is a time when the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic are at their zenith, working together to maintain peace and order in the galaxy. There’s also the official site, which will provide extra insight on this series.

You must read the High Republic books in publication order so you can grasp the full spectrum of the story. 📚💫 They introduce us to an assortment of new characters – Jedi, villains, and others – and elaborate on their intertwined destinies. The series paints a vivid picture of the Star Wars universe as it was before the rise of the Empire, complete with the vastness of space and the intricate politics of the Galactic Republic. It is absolutely canon, adding depth and layers to the universe fans know and love.

Despite being set in a galaxy far, far away, these books have received a warm reception right here on Earth. 🌍💖 Critics and fans alike have praised the series for its character development, engaging plot, and its fresh perspective on the Star Wars universe. As for the reading age, the High Republic books cater to a wide range of audiences, with some titles suitable for younger readers, while others are aimed at older teens and adults. So, whether you’re a young Padawan or a seasoned Jedi, there’s a High Republic book for you! 📖✨

A list of the Star Wars HIgh Republics book reading order

Star Wars High Republic read order
Star Wars High Republic read order

How else to perfect our journey across the galaxy and through the intricate stories of the High Republic era than by providing a comprehensive, chronological list of all the High Republic books (including the upcoming titles)? So, ready your starship and prep your hyperdrive, because we’re about to take off into an odyssey of knowledge. After this, you’ll find a neatly assembled list of all the High Republic books, sequenced meticulously according to their order of publication. It’s the ultimate guide to aid you in navigating the celestial seas of the High Republic. Strap in, grab your favorite interstellar snack, and get ready to journey from the towering spires of Coruscant to the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim in the Star Wars universe. Adventure awaits! 🚀🌌💫

High Republic books reading order

High Republic books – Star Wars


  • Lucasfilms/Disney – Del Rey


  • Light of the Jedi
  • A Test of Courage
  • The Great Jedi Rescue
  • Into the Dark
  • The Rising Storm
  • Race to Crashpoint Tower
  • Out of the Shadows
  • Showdown at the Fair
  • The Fallen Star
  • The Battle for Starlight
  • Midnight Horizon
  • Mission to Disaster
  • Tempest Runner
  • Path of Deceit
  • Quest for the Hidden City
  • Convergence
  • The Battle of Jedha
  • Cataclysm
  • Quest for Planet X
  • Path of Vengeance
  • Tales of Light and Life Anthology
  • The Eye of Darkness (2024)
  • Escape from Valo  (2024)
  • Defy the Storm  (2024)
  • Temptation of the Force  (2024)
  • Beware the Nameless  (2024)
  • Tears of the Nameless  (2024)
  • Trials of the Jedi (2025)
  • Into the Light (2025)
  • A Valiant Vow (2025)

Certainly, the High Republic books are primarily targeted towards readers between the ages of 12-18. However, that’s not to say it’s exclusive to this age group. In fact, older Star Wars fans will also find themselves engrossed in the intricate plotting, complex characters, and expansive world-building these books have to offer. Age, in the world of Star Wars, is just a number. After all, the Force moves within us all, no matter how many revolutions around the sun we’ve seen. So, whether you’re a young Padawan or a seasoned Jedi Master, these books hold a galaxy of adventures that transcend age boundaries. You will also love the Halo book series, by the way, they are amazing.

Indeed, it’s our sincere hope that this Star Wars High Republic reading order guide proves invaluable as you embark on your interstellar reading adventure. As you dive into the depths of the High Republic era, may the Force be with you, guiding you every step of the way! 🚀📚✨ Happy reading, and remember – the galaxy is not that far, far away when you have a great book in hand!

tokyo revengers manga volumes

How many volumes of Tokyo Revengers are there?

Jump right into the world of Tokyo Revengers manga volumes with us! This adrenaline-pumping series has captured the hearts of manga enthusiasts worldwide with its compelling storyline and unique character designs. A captivating blend of suspense, action, and time travel, this manga has a bit of everything for everyone.

You must be thinking, how many Tokyo Revengers volumes are there To your delight, we’re about to reveal this and much more about this mind-bending series.

All Tokyo Revengers manga volumes in order:

This Tokyo Revengers omnibus set is a great choice for anyone looking to dive into this exciting series:

A standout feature of our collection is the omnibus version, which combines two volumes in each book. This compact format not only saves space on your bookshelf but also offers improved page quality and a slew of exciting extras.

Diving into the English version of the Tokyo Revengers manga, published by Kodansha USA, you’ll be struck by the crisp translation and high-definition artwork. The translation does an admirable job of maintaining the spirit and tone of the original, ensuring an authentic reading experience. Something interesting about Tokyo Revengers is that it started as a digital-only series before gaining enough popularity to warrant a physical release!

Now that you know how many volumes of Tokyo Revengers are there don’t miss this:

Your bedroom can be a dangerous place, so it would be better that some brave gang members to protect your Tokyo Revengers volumes, here’s three great candidates:

Fans of Chainsaw Man will find a lot to love about Tokyo Revengers. If you’re curious about how many volumes of Chainsaw Man are there, we’ve got you covered. What do they resemble on? The violence is a primary element of those series, the approach is different though.

And just as Tokyo Revengers manga explores themes of regret and redemption, so too does Dorohedoro. For fans of this dark fantasy series, we have a comprehensive list of Dorohedoro volumes.

What is this series about?

How many Tokyo Revengers manga volumes are there
How many Tokyo Revengers manga volumes are there

Tokyo Revengers manga is a heart-racing tale of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man given a second chance to rewrite a tragic past. This captivating narrative falls under the genres of action, shounen, and science fiction. With Tokyo Revengers volumes, be prepared to ride along with Takemichi as he navigates the dangers of the Tokyo underworld to save the people he cares about the most.

Despite being a relatively recent series, Tokyo Revengers has made significant waves in the manga industry. It has not only gathered a loyal fanbase but has also made a considerable impact on manga sales charts. The popularity of Tokyo Revengers has led to its adaptation into a 24-episode anime series and a live-action film, further extending its reach and impact.

Tokyo Revengers has seen its share of controversy, primarily related to its depiction of violence and the prominent use of delinquent gangs in its storyline. The series revolves around the theme of youth gangs and street violence, and some readers and viewers have raised concerns about the potential glorification of such behaviors, particularly for younger audiences.

One significant controversy arose in relation to the symbol used by the Tokyo Manji Gang, one of the central groups in the series. The emblem closely resembled a Buddhist swastika, a symbol often misunderstood due to its misuse by the Nazi party. This led to the anime being censored in some countries and regions. The author and publisher responded to the controversy, explaining that the symbol was inspired by ancient cultural icons and did not intend to propagate or support any form of hate speech or racism.

How many Tokyo Revengers manga volumes are there in Japan? Is it concluded?

Tokyo revengers volumes
Tokyo revengers volumes

The Japanese version of Tokyo Revengers has already seen 37 volumes published and it’s not concluded yet, keeping fans on the edge of their seats for what’s to come.

In contrast, the English version is a bit delayed with a gap of about 5 volumes. Nonetheless, the English adaptation holds up brilliantly against the original, preserving the essence and charm that makes Tokyo Revengers so special.

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If you have any questions regarding Tokyo Revengers manga volumes or any other aspects of the series, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help you dive deeper into this exhilarating world of time-travel and gang wars!

waiting for spring manga volumes

How many Waiting For Spring manga volumes are there?

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of Waiting for Spring manga volumes! For fans of romance and slice-of-life stories, this series is a treat you won’t want to miss. Created by Anashin, this manga takes you on an emotional roller coaster with its beautifully drawn panels and poignant storylines.

For those wondering how many Waiting For Spring volumes are there we are about to tell you, and let it be known that each one is better than the last. The series is ongoing, meaning there’s still more to look forward to in the future. It’s a wonderful opportunity to dive into a series that still has plenty of surprises in store.

All Waiting for Spring volumes in order

We found an exclusive set that compiles the first 11 volumes of Waiting for Spring. This is the perfect starter pack for newcomers, giving you a significant chunk of the story in one go. It’s also an awesome gift idea for the manga enthusiasts in your life.

We collected all the Waiting for Spring volumes individually as well, here you have them all:

The English version of the manga is published by Kodansha USA, promising quality translation and adaptation that remain true to the original content. Each volume boasts crisp pages, some even adorned with colored artwork, enhancing the overall reading experience.

Waiting for Spring takes a unique spin on the traditional shōjo manga trope of a female protagonist surrounded by attractive male characters. The intriguing aspect lies in the dynamic between the main character, Mitsuki Haruno, and the four popular guys of the school basketball team.

Typically in this genre, the narrative focuses heavily on romantic rivalry and high-drama confrontations. However, in Waiting for Spring, the story takes an interesting detour from this norm. It delves more into friendship and mutual support, showing Mitsuki helping the boys with their personal struggles and vice versa, alongside the blossoming romance. This depiction of positive, platonic relationships alongside romantic ones in a shōjo manga provides a refreshing change, which has been appreciated by fans worldwide, adding to its charm and popularity.

Now that you know how many Waiting for Spring manga volumes are there don’t miss this:

Here you have 3 other manga that we are confident you will also enjoy:

If you love the sweet romantic tension in the Waiting for Spring volumes, you might also find enjoyment in the My Dress-Up Darling manga. Both series focus on relationships that develop in unexpected circumstances, drawing in the reader with their relatable characters and engaging storytelling.

Similarly, Waiting for Spring shares a thematic thread with the Spy x Family volumes. While the two series diverge significantly in genre and setting, they both revolve around complex interpersonal dynamics, delivering a balance of heartwarming moments and captivating plot twists.

What is this manga about?

How many Waiting for Spring manga volumes are there
How many Waiting for Spring manga volumes are there

The Waiting for Spring manga is a romance and slice-of-life story revolving around Mitsuki Haruno. Although she has a friendly personality, she finds it hard to make friends. Her life changes dramatically when she befriends a group of four boys, including the basketball team’s rising star, Towa.

Since its release, Waiting for Spring volumes have gained significant popularity, particularly among fans of the romance genre. The series’ sales continue to grow with each volume, reflecting its widespread appeal and the anticipation it generates for future installments.

A captivating adaptation of the manga series was produced by the studio Hoods Entertainment, bringing the story and characters of Waiting for Spring to life. It closely follows the manga, ensuring fans get to see their favorite moments recreated in animation.

How many Waiting for Spring manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it concluded?

Waiting for Spring volumes
Waiting for Spring volumes

Waiting for Spring manga, or Harumatsu Bokura as it’s known in Japanese, was first serialized in Kodansha’s Dessert magazine. This publication, targeted primarily at young girls and women, is renowned for hosting a plethora of popular shōjo manga series. Waiting for Spring firmly established its place among these top contenders. The Japanese version of the manga concluded with a total of 14 captivating volumes, which beautifully weave the story together and keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The English version of Waiting for Spring mirrors the Japanese release, delivering the complete narrative experience across all 14 volumes. Thanks to the timely and accurate translations, fans outside Japan have been able to fully immerse themselves in the story without delay. The English volumes are faithful to the original content, preserving the tone, artistry, and depth that make the series so memorable.

Speaking of romance, Have you read the Devil’s Night book series? you will love it!

Have more questions about Waiting for Spring manga volumes? Feel free to explore our collection and delve deeper into the world of Mitsuki Haruno and her four basketball-playing friends. Enjoy reading and remember, every volume you purchase helps support the creators and the manga industry. Happy reading!

sasaki to miyano manga volumes

How many Sasaki and Miyano manga volumes are there?

We’ve put together an amazing collection of Sasaki to Miyano manga volumes just for you. This adorable slice-of-life series, known for its endearing characters and heartwarming narrative, has carved out a special place in the hearts of fans across the globe. As an affiliate, we have gathered all these wonderful volumes in one place, making your manga hunting more relaxed and fun!

Curious about how many Sasaki to Miyano volumes have been released so far? We’ll be diving into that shortly! With every page-turner volume, the delightful journey of Sasaki and Miyano keeps unfolding in more exciting ways. Stay with us to know more about this captivating series.

All Sasaki to Miyano manga volumes

There’s a nifty little package out there for all Sasaki to Miyano fans, a set that collects the first 4 volumes of the series. It’s like getting the most delicious slice of the sweetest pie – and trust us, this pie is worth tasting. It’s a perfect starting point if you’re new to the series, and an excellent addition to the collection if you’re already a diehard fan.

Here you have all the Sasaki and Miyano manga volumes:

Sasaki to Miyano has been published in English by a renowned publisher, ensuring high-quality prints and translation. These volumes are well crafted with the standard number of pages and occasional colored pages for that extra burst of vibrancy.

The translation maintains the essence of the story, allowing you to connect deeply with the characters. The quality of these English editions is sure to make your manga reading experience even more enjoyable.

Now that you know how many Sasaki to Miyano manga volumes are there don’t miss this

Here’s 2 figures you really should get to have them together with the Sasaki and Miyano volumes, and also the anime:

Falling in love with the charming characters in Sasaki to Miyano manga volumes isn’t hard to do. It’s a similar experience to the one fans encounter with the delightful slice-of-life series known as Horimiya. If you fancy the sincerity and the heartwarming relationship dynamics featured in Sasaki and Miyano, then Horimiya volumes would surely be your next pick! In Horimiya, the central characters also break stereotypes, offering unique and engaging relationship dynamics that will keep you hooked!

Connecting the seemingly disparate worlds of Sasaki to Miyano and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga might seem like a stretch, but bear with us. While the genres might be worlds apart, both these manga excel in character development. Just as Rimuru evolves from a regular slime to a powerful leader, the characters in Sasaki and Miyano undergo a transformative journey that’s sure to resonate with readers. So, if you’re a fan of character-driven stories, these are two series you wouldn’t want to miss.

What is this series about?

How many sasaki and miyano volumes are there
How many sasaki and miyano volumes are there

The Sasaki to Miyano manga serves up a sweet slice of life story that will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. This Boys’ Love series (also known as Yaoi) tells the tale of two high school students, the titular Sasaki and Miyano. Miyano is an avid reader of Boys’ Love manga, while Sasaki becomes interested in Miyano, leading to an unlikely friendship that slowly blossoms into something more. The narrative is very much character-driven, focusing on their everyday lives, emotions, and the slow progression of their relationship. Due to its mature themes, it’s recommended for readers aged 16 and above.

When it comes to sales and impact, the Sasaki to Miyano volumes have done impressively well. Their relatable characters and subtle storytelling have won the hearts of readers worldwide, contributing to its considerable success. It’s not just the volumes that are selling well; various merchandise such as themed goods and character figurines are also popular among fans. The manga’s positive portrayal of a same-sex relationship has been lauded, leading to a wider acceptance and understanding of the genre.

The popularity of the Sasaki to Miyano manga has led to an anime adaptation, allowing even more fans to fall in love with the story and its characters. The anime beautifully captures the essence of the manga, bringing the characters and their experiences to life with moving imagery and voice acting. Whether you’re a manga enthusiast or an anime fan, Sasaki to Miyano offers a heartfelt story that resonates with many.

How many Sasaki to Miyano manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it concluded?

Sasaki and Miyano manga volumes
Sasaki and Miyano manga volumes

The Sasaki to Miyano manga has made waves in the Japanese manga scene. It’s currently published by Square Enix in their Gangan Comics Online magazine, known for producing some of the best manga across various genres. As of now, the series has 9 volumes in the Japanese version and is still ongoing, keeping fans on their toes with its heartfelt storytelling and endearing characters.

On the other hand, the English version of Sasaki to Miyano has been enthusiastically received by international audiences. Proudly, we have kept up with the Japanese releases, translating all the volumes that are currently out. Fans appreciate this level of dedication, as it allows them to stay current with the story. The English translation prides itself in maintaining the essence of the original Japanese version, ensuring that the subtle nuances, humor, and emotional depth of the characters are conveyed accurately.

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Got any questions regarding the Sasaki to Miyano manga volumes? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re more than happy to share more about this charming series. Whether you’re curious about the release dates, the story progression, or the characters, we’re here to assist you. Happy reading!

dd warren books in order

Lisa Gardner DD Warren series in order

When it comes to unraveling the mysteries of crime fiction, diving into the D. D. Warren books in order by Lisa Gardner is an experience like no other. This series offers a captivating journey through a world filled with suspense, tension, and emotion.

Reading the D. D. Warren series in order is like assembling a puzzle, piece by piece, gradually uncovering the picture of a remarkable character against the backdrop of thrilling and intricate plotlines.

Lisa Gardner D.D Warren book series in order

You should read the D. D. Warren series by Lisa Gardner in publication order. This is primarily because the series features recurring characters, and there’s an overarching development of D. D. Warren’s personal life and career throughout the series. Reading these books in order will allow you to witness the evolution of the characters and understand the full context of the stories.

  1. Alone
  2. Hide
  3. The Neighbor
  4. Live to Tell
  5. Love You More
  6. The 7th Month
  7. Catch Me
  8. Fear Nothing
  9. The Laughing Buddha
  10. 3 Truths and a Lie
  11. Find Her
  12. Look For Me
  13. The Guy Who Died Twice
  14. Never Tell
  15. When You See Me

This book set collects most of the novels in this series:

As you can see, you should start with “Alone,” where we first meet the formidable detective. This novel sets the stage for the thrilling journey that awaits readers, as each subsequent book delves deeper into D.D. Warren’s world. As we navigate through “Hide,” “The Neighbor,” “Live to Tell,” and the rest of the series, we witness how this detective evolves as a character, becoming more complex and compelling.

Now that you know the order of the detective DD Warren books don’t miss these series

Aside from telling you what is the best order to read the D.D. Warren series we also want you to discover many other amazing books that are similar to this detective story:

In case you want to read other books by this author, here’s a compilation of all Lisa Gardner books in order, including both her series and standalone novels.

In the world of crime fiction, the D.D. Warren series by Lisa Gardner shares a significant similarity with the Harry Hole series by Jo Nesbø. Both series center around hardened detectives – D.D. Warren in Boston and Harry Hole in Oslo – who tackle complex and often dark cases. The characters are nuanced and deeply flawed, making them relatable and human. The intricate plotlines and the depth of character development in both series offer readers a rich and immersive experience, delving into the gritty realities of investigative work while exploring the personal demons the protagonists battle.

What is this series about?

DD Warren series in order
DD Warren series in order

The D.D. Warren series by Lisa Gardner is a suspense-filled journey that takes readers through various murder investigations in Boston. This means that each of the novels in the series tells us about a different case this detective must solve.

Does this mean you should not read the D.D. Warren books by Lisa Gardner in publication order? Not at all, reading the detective D. D. series in order provides an immersive understanding of the protagonist and allows readers to appreciate Gardner’s skillful character development and the progression of her storytelling. Whether it’s your first foray into Lisa Gardner’s works or you’re a seasoned crime fiction enthusiast, the D. D. Warren series is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Lisa Gardner, a master of the genre, crafted the unforgettable character of Detective D. D. Warren, who leads readers into the depths of some of the most chilling and perplexing crimes in Boston. Each book in the series presents a standalone mystery, yet the evolution of D. D. Warren’s character throughout the series provides a continuity that enriches the reader’s experience. Her great skill to compose compelling stories is the reason her work is usually overflowing with a great critique.

Detective D.D. Warren books in order (alternative reading)

Although the D.D. Warren series is typically read in publication order to follow the character development and overarching plot, there’s some flexibility for readers who want to approach the series differently. Here are a couple of alternative reading orders:

Standalone Reading Order

Each book in the series is designed as a standalone story, so if there’s a particular premise or plot that intrigues you more than the others, you could start there. For instance, you might start with “Fear Nothing” if you’re interested in a story that revolves around a peculiar medical condition, even though it’s the seventh book in the series.

Character-Centric Reading Order

In the D.D. Warren series, there are a few books that feature other significant characters from Lisa Gardner’s other series. For example, “Love You More” introduces the character Tessa Leoni from Gardner’s other series. If you’re particularly interested in these crossover characters, you might want to read the books featuring them in sequence.

Here’s a final recommendation: While Lisa Gardner’s D.D. Warren operates in the realm of crime thrillers and Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake inhabits the world of urban fantasy, a common thread runs through these series: their strong female leads. D.D. Warren and Anita Blake are both fearless, independent, and extremely good at their jobs – Warren as a detective and Blake as a professional vampire hunter and zombie animator. They’re unafraid to step into danger, often dealing with grisly and gruesome scenes, whether it’s a horrific crime scene or a supernatural showdown. Despite the stark differences in their worlds, both characters epitomize resilience and tenacity, making their stories engrossing and empowering.

Regardless of the order you choose, Lisa Gardner’s D.D. Warren series promises a thrilling journey through suspenseful narratives and complex character development. Just remember to verify any new releases that may have been added since my last training data in September 2021.

Are you reading the detective D.D. Warren in publication order or will you pick the one with the case that captivates you the most? Leave a comment and tell us which novel of the series is your favorite!

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