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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

michael vey series in order

Michael Vey books in order

Do you like stories about teenage boys with superpowers? great! because here you will find a list with the Michael Vey series in order, this 14-year-old boy goes unnoticed at his High School, but he has electric powers. And, while he thought at first that he was unique, he will find out that he’s not even the only one at his school that happens to have abilities…

We have collected all the Michel Vey books here so you can get them all, and we even have a great book set recommendation for you that collects the 7 novels in this action-adventure series.

Michael Vey series in order by Richard Paul Evans

We suggest you read the Michael Vey books in order of publication, and here you have all these novels by Richard Paul Evans following such a recommendation.

Do you want to get the complete collection? then take a look at this amazing Michael Vey boxset, because it collects all the books in the series (in paperback):

Wouldn’t you like to have superpowers? if that’s the case leave a comment telling us which kind of ability you would love to have!

Now that we told you the order of the Michael Vey series don’t miss these books

The Michael Vey books are great for readers who enjoy stories about main characters with superpowers, and that’s why our 3 recommendations are about teens with special abilities:

The Unwanted series tells the story of a boy who happens not to be good enough to be part of an elite group and therefore is discarded, which apparently leads to being killed. However, reality will turn out to be quite different.

Fans of the Michael Vey book series also find the I Am Number Four series really amusing.

And last but not least, There’s also the series about two siblings with magical powers, one of the most popular ya novels by James Patterson. You can check out our list with the Maximum Ride books in order so you can discover this great fantasy story.

What are these books about?

This series tells the story of Michael Vey, a teenager with Tourette’s syndrome who attends Meridian High School. He might seem to be a regular student, however, he hides a secret: he happens to have electric powers. He has always thought that he was the only one with abilities, however, soon he will find out that not only he’s not, but that there happens to be another student who not only has superpowers, but she has exactly the same ones a Michael. A mere coincidence?

Once they find out that they have the same abilities they will start an investigation. But when a certain organization discovers that these kids have this kind of power they will start their evil plan: to get them so they can control the world using their powers.

A list with the Michael Vey book series in order

This story Richard Paul Evans is full of action and adventure. And here¡s a list with all the Michael Vey books in order:

Michael Vey series in order

Michael Vey – Richard Paul Evans


  • Mercury Ink


  • The Prisoner of Cell 25 (Michael Vey book 1)
  • Rise of the Elgen (Michael Vey book 2)
  • Battle of the Ampere (Michael Vey book 3)
  • Hunt for Jade Dragon (Michael Vey book 4)
  • Storm of Lightning (Michael Vey book 5)
  • Fall of Hades (Michael Vey book 6)
  • The Final Spark (Michael Vey book 7)

This series is concluded, and its recommended reading age is over 12 years old.

Before you leave, if you happen to be a gamer then don’t miss this post with all the Diablo blooks in order, yes, the popular video game franchise developed by Blizzard can also be enjoyed as novels!

Have you started reading the Michael Vey series? then tell us if you are enjoying this action-adventure story! and don’t forget to tell us which powers you’d like to have!

caraval series order

Caraval book series in order

It was time we talked about this New York Times bestseller, we have a list with the Caraval series in order, an epic tale by author Stephanie Garber that tells us about the unbreakable bond between two sisters. One of them has been kidnapped, and the other, Scarlett, will make every effort to get her back..

Some compare this series to The Hunger Games, others to Night Circus… while the plot may be certainly sort of similar, we believe that the Caraval books shine out with their own light.

Caraval series in order by Stephanie Garber

There’s not much secret to it, you have to read the Caraval book series in order of publication. This is the best way to enjoy this magical story, here you have the 3 novels that compose this series, you can get them by clicking on their cover:

Don’t you think that the book covers are just gorgeous? they are so magical! great anticipation of what you’ll find out once you start reading this series. Speaking of which, this Caraval book set is perfect for you if you want to get the 3 books that make this series:

This set is available both in paperback and hardcover (the one shown in the picture is the latest).

Now that we told you the order for the Caraval series don’t miss these books

The Caraval trilogy is so addictive that you will devour it in a few weeks, maybe even sooner. But do not panic, because we have 3 book suggestions that you can read once you have finished this series:

Our first recommendation is another book by Stephanie Garber, if you enjoyed her writing then her new series, Once Upon a Broken Heart, is a must-read for you.

Do you enjoy paranormal romance? then we recommend you take a look to the Lux series, a story by Jennifer L. Armentrout that tells us about the love between a human girl and a Luxen, a sort of alien.

What are these novels about?

The Caraval books take place in a small fictional island known as The Conquered Isle of Trisda, in this, there is a magical celebration, an annual festivity which sisters Scarlett and Tella are so keen on being part of.

This year seemed to be the luckiest for them, because they have been invited to the Caraval festival. However, everything will change when Tella gets kidnapped by no other than the organizer of this event. And not only that, but it turns out that this year’s event revolves around saving her. The price to the winner? Tella herself.

Stella is more than determined to save his sister, and if winning the Caraval is the only way to do so, she’ll be more than willing to participate.

A list with the Caraval book series in order

This story is concluded, and here goes a list with all the Caraval books in order. They happen to be quite long, around 450 pages each, so you will have a great time while reading Scarlet’s tale.

Caraval series in order

Caraval – Stephanie Garber


  • Flatiron Books


  • Caraval (Caraval book 1)
  • Legendary (Caraval book 2)
  • Finale (Caraval book 3)

You will really enjoy the Caraval series if you are entertained with stories that have a mysterious villain, a romance, and unbreakable bonds between sisters.

Also, if you enjoy spooky fantasy stories then you should take a look at this list with The Last Apprentice books, a story about a boy who becomes a guardian of the county fighting the evilest creatures.

We hope you enjoy these magical novels by author Stephanie Garber, will you read the Caraval series in order or you’ll read in a different way? leave a comment telling us! also say if you think that this story is similar to Night Circus.

the last apprentice series in order

The Last Apprentice books in order

We hope you are ready for some dark fantasy because we have prepared a list with The Last Apprentice series in order. These books are written by British author Joseph Delaney and they are also known as Spook’s since that is the original name of the series.

You may also know this series as The Wardstone Chronicles, because it’s the title of the first arch. Yes, it has a lot of names. Also, did you know that the movie Seventh Son was inspired by this series? yes, we’ll tell you a bit about this at the end of this post.

The Last Apprentice series in order by Joseph Delaney

This story is quite long, and not only is composed of several books but there is also more than one arc. We recommend you read The Last Apprentice series in order of publication. So, you should start with the original series, known as The Wardstone Chronicles, a total of 13 novels (yes, it is concluded):

Once you have finished them you can read its sequel, The Starblade Chronicles, a trilogy in which we see Tom Ward as a Spook, fighting every threat to the County.

If you want to start this series then you can get this The Last Apprentice book set that collects the first 3 volumes in the series:

We have been asked many times if this series is scary or not, and the truth is it is hard to tell, because while some readers consider some of the events kind of spooky, others believe that it is just scary if you are a young kid. So it may be worth mentioning that the Last Apprentice books are addressed to teenagers over 12 years old.

Now that you know the order of the Last Apprentice series don’t miss these books

As you can see, you have lots of books to deal with in this series, so it may take you a while to finish all the Last Apprentice books. However, that day will come before you ever expected, and to fill that need of new adventures here you have some similar series:

No products found.

If the spooky aspect of these books by Joseph Delaney is what captivated you to read The Last apprentice then you might enjoy the Lockwood & Co series should be your next read for sure. This series is written by Jonathan Stroud, known for the NY Times bestselling Bartimaeus books.

On the other side, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan is a great alternative if what you enjoy is high fantasy and adventure.

What are these books about?

The Last Apprentice books tell the story of Thomas the boy who happens to be the last hope for the county to become the Spook, a human that fights the dark, has a wide knowledge of the evil creatures, and also happens to be the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Their mission is to protect the county from paranormal evil creatures and so far none of the apprentices have succeeded to become a Spook. Only Thomas Ward is left, will he be able to learn how to defeat the dark side?

The seventh son of a seventh son thing was actually a concept from folklore which you may have heard before in other stories. In fact, it might be kinda familiar and maybe confusing to you if you have read the Discworld series. Because in these novels author Terry Pratchett talks about eighth sons of eighth sons usually becoming wizards (since number 8 is a powerful magical number in this fictional fantasy universe).

A list with the Last Apprentice series in order

Here you have a list with all the Last Apprentice books in order. The series is concluded (yay!), and you can read the sequel once you finish it:

The Last Apprentice series in order

The Last Apprentice – Joseph Delaney


  • Greenwillow Books


  • Revenge of the Witch (The Last Apprentice book 1)
  • Curse of the Bane (The Last Apprentice book 2)
  • Night of the Soul Stealer (The Last Apprentice book 3)
  • Attack of the Fiend (The Last Apprentice book 4)
  • Wrath of the Bloodeye (The Last Apprentice book 5)
  • Clash of the Demons (The Last Apprentice book 6)
  • Rise of the Huntress (The Last Apprentice book 7)
  • Rage of the Fallen (The Last Apprentice book 8)
  • Grimalkin the Witch Assassin (The Last Apprentice book 9)
  • Lure of the Dead  (The Last Apprentice book 10)
  • Slither’s Tale (The Last Apprentice book 11)
  • Alice (The Last Apprentice book 12)
  • Fury of the Seventh Son (The Last Apprentice book 13)
  • A New Darkness (Starblade Chronicles 1)
  • The Dark Army  (Starblade Chronicles 2)
  • The Dark Assassin (Starblade Chronicles 3)

There is also a movie based on this series, The Seventh Son, it did poorly in theatres, so what was supposed to be a popular movie franchise ended up being canceled.

In addition, you might have realized that Spooks are in a way similar to witchers, so you will surely enjoy The Witcher series as well.

Have you started reading The Last Apprentice book series? Tell us if you think they are scary or not!

The Unwanteds all books in order

We’ve prepared a list with the Unwanted series in order, a story written by author Lisa McAnn in which turning 13 years old is a very special day.  Because at that age children are sorted into two categories, and no, this is not Hogwarts and we are not sorting kids into four houses, instead, strong and Smart children Will become Wanted and sent to the university where they will develop all their skills and potentials. While the rest, categorized as Unwanted, Will be sent to death instead.

This year however Will be the most peculiar, because it’s the year for twins Alex and Aaron to be sorted. And it Will turn out that only one of them Will be announced as Wanted, does this mean that one of them Will die? You’ll have to read all the Unwanted books in order to discover it.

A list with the Unwanted book series in order by Lisca McAnn

The one and the only way to read The Unwanted series is in order of publication, this middle-grade dystopian fantasy story was published narrating the events chronologically, so it’s very easy to follow. Here you have all the books in the series, you can get them by clicking on their cover, it’s time to meet Alex and Aaron, aren’t you excited?

There is a total of 7 volumes, and if you want to get all the books, then you can buy this Unwanted set that collects them all. You can choose between paperback, hardcover, and there’s even the option to download them all to your Kindle, you can choose your own adventure.

Now that you finally know in what order to read The Unwanted book series don’t miss these novels

We’ve got lots of great recommendations for you so you can add them to your tbr list and start them once you have finished these amazing books by Lisa McAnn. Here are our 3 recommendations:

If want more of this series then you can start with their sequel, The Unwanted Quest, which takes place 10 years after the original books and have Alex and Aaron’s twin younger sisters as the main characters. So, while both stories are set in the same universe and they are obviously connected you can read each of them as a standalone.

In addition, here you have a list with the Spirit Animal books in order, a series created by author Brandon Mull that tells the story of four children that have a special connection with animals.

What are these books about?

In The Unwanted series, kids are segregated into Wanteds, Necessaries, and Unwanted at the age of twelve. The member of the first group is supposed to be the most capable, thus sent to the university so they can learn the military. Necessaries are in charge of minor tasks while Unwanted are supposed to be disposed of.

However, such a supposition is a common misconception, because not only the Unwanteds are in fact alive, but they are secretly taught magical abilities (a Hogwarts of some sort).

The story focuses on twins Alex (a Wanted) and Aaron (an Unwanted), when the first one finds out his brother is alive all this magical society Will be revealed, his members being exposed and leading to some conflict (don’t want to say much so we don’t ruin the story to you).

This middle grade story has a positive message to young readers, it is fairly easy to so it’s a great ally for readers that don’t fancy reading that much.

A list with the Unwanted series in order by Lisa McAnn

You will be more than happy to know that you can read The Unwanted books from beginning to end because this series is concluded. However, this does not mean fun gets to an end because you can read The Unwanteds Quests as well.

Here’s a list with all the Unwanted books in order of publication, which is how we recommend you read this series written by author Lisa McAnn.

The Unwanteds series order

The Unwanteds – Lisa McMann


  • Aladdin


  • The Unwanteds (The Unwanteds book 1)
  • Island of Silence (The Unwanteds book 2)
  • Island of Fire (The Unwanteds book 3)
  • Island of Legends (The Unwanteds book 4)
  • Island of Shipwrecks (The Unwanteds book 5)
  • Island of Graves (The Unwanteds book 6)
  • Island of Dragons (The Unwanteds book 7)

The books in the series are around 500 pages long (usually a bit less), the recommended Reading age being from 8 to 12 years old. It has no obscene scenes nor excessive violence so it’s great for children of this age.

Last but not least, we believe you will also enjoy The Land of Stories series, which tells the story of two siblings that are dragged into a magical world that happens to be way darker than it would seem at a first glance.

What do you think of the Unwanted book series? Would you rather be a Wanted, an Unwanted, or a Necessary? Leave a comment telling us which one is your favorite group!

The Lux book series reading order

We hope you are ready for a ya romance paranormal story because here you will find a list with the Lux series in order. A love story between Katy, a human who enjoys blogging and reading,  and Daemon, an arrogant boy who has a big secret.

Here not only you will find out what is the best order to read these books by Jennifer L. Armentrout but we also have some great book suggestions that we hope you’ll find enticing.

What is the best reading order of the Lux series?

It’s easy to tell you, because author Jennifer L. Armentrout answers this question on her website. You should read the Lux series in chronological order, which means that you should start with the prequel novella, Shadows, here you have all the Lux books:

The last book that we mentioned is actually a spinoff, centering on Luc. This means that the story between Katy and Daemon is concluded in the sixth novel of the series.

Now that we told you the reading order of the Lux series here are some recommendations

We think there are never enough books on a tbr list, don’t you agree? Here you have 3 book suggestions that you can start once you finish the Lux novels:

Our first recommendation is the first volume of the Covenant series, which not only is also written by Jennifer L. Armentrout, but it also happens to be the first novel she has published, so if you want to delve into her work this is a great start for sure.

As an alternative, here you have the Fever reading order, a guide in which we tell you how to read this series by Karen Marie, in which you’ll also embark on a paranormal story that will take you to the shadow realm.

Serpent & Dove has also an interesting take, and fans of the Lux series will definitely enjoy this one, because it’s about a witch and a witch hunter that have to get married (a marriage of convenience).

What are these books about?

This is a romance story between Katy, a human, and Daemon, whose name might be kinda misleading because he’s not either a demon or a Daemon (the animal companions that make their appearance in the Narnia books), but he’s a different creature, one that we will not tell you so not to ruin the surprise.

Katy is in love with her neighbor Daemon, he is sexy, arrogant, and kinda mean, which makes her like him even more for a reason she can’t actually explain.

But once she gets to meet him she will find out that he has a tender side, and also, that he has a secret: a full list of enemies that are chasing him and her sister.

If you follow this author’s career you may have noticed that she is quite a prolific author, having written 69 books so far (included the ones that she has written under the pseudonym of J. Lynn, of course). More than impressive considering that author Jennifer L. Armentrout is only 41 years old, and that her first novel was published in 2011. Which equals to an average of 7 books published per year, not bad uh? As imposing as these numbers may sound, these are far from the author who holds the World Guinness record of the most published books, an honor in possession of author L. Ron Hubbard (who published a total of 1,075 books!)

A list with the reading order of the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

As we told you the series is concluded, however, since we already have a spinoff, it is likely that there may be more in the future (not that there’s any confirmation though). Here is our list with the Lux reading order:

Lux reading order

Lux – Jennifer L. Armentrout


  • Entangled


  • Shadows (Lux book 1)
  • Obsidian (Lux book 2)
  • Onyx (Lux book 3)
  • Opal (Lux book 4)
  • Origin (Lux book 5)
  • Opposition (Lux book 6)
  • Oblivion  (Lux book 7)

This series is classified as Young adult, despite that take note that there’s some mature content so it is not advisable that teens under 14 years old read the Lux novels.

Do you happen to like fantasy books? If that is the case, then don’t miss the An Ember in the Ashes series, which is considered one of the best 100 fantasy books of all time.

Have you started reading the Lux books? Then tell us if you are enjoying this paranormal romance story.