Dork diaries books in order

Dork Diaries books in order

If you are seeking all the Dork Diaries books in order you will find them here. This is a bestselling series written by American author Rachel Renée Russell , and they are illustrated Nikki Russell (her daughter).

This is the story of Nikki Maxwell, a girl who starts in a new school. An opportunity to make new friends, oh, but life isn’t easy for a lovely akward nerd right?

Dork Diaries books in order: what is the best way to start this series?

The best way to read the Dork Diaries in in publication order. All of the novels can be read as a standlone, however, by reading the books in publication order you will enjoy the story way more.

Here you have all the Dork Diaries books in order. If you want to take a look at any of the book s in the series just click on its cover, the link will take you to Amazon (it will open in a new tab):

Now that you have all the Dork Diaries books in order, maybe you want a cool box set?

If you know you want to read this series then you will love these Dork Diaries Box Set. Here you have 3 different choices:

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Dork Diaries books in order: a list with all the books

Maybe this list with all the Dork Diaries books might be helpful for you?

Dork Diaries books in order

Dork Diaries reading order


  • Dork Diaries
  • Party Time
  • Pop Star
  • How to Dork Your Diary
  • Skating Sensation
  • Dear Dork
  • Holiday Heartbreak
  • TV Star
  • Once Upon a Dork
  • Drama Queen
  • Puppy Love
  • Frenemies Forever
  • Crush Catastrophe
  • Birthday Drama
  • Spectacular Superstar
  • Dork Diaries Collection

What is this series about?

The Dork Diaries center on Nikki Maxwell, a 14 year old girl, her social skills are not the best, she is a dork in fact. Now, she is moving to a new school, where she expects things to be different: not being dorky anymore, making new friends…

But this series is called The Dork Diaries for a reason, Nikki’s expectations will not be met. An amazing fun series adressed to children older than eight years old since easy to read.

Now you know the Dork Diaries books in order, if you would like a similar series take a look at the diary of a Wimpky kid in order.

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