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Ender’s Game: all you need to know

Hello Wottareaders! In this article, we are talking about Ender’s Game written by the American author Orson Scott Card. This book is known, among other things, for being a suggested reading for many military organizations, why? Let’s find out here: Ender’s Game: all you need to know.

What is Ender’s Game about?

The first book in the series, Ender’s Game,  is a military science fiction novel that takes place in Earth’s future, in this our world is threatened by alien beings known as the buggers due to their insectoid form. The Earth has had already two invasion attempts by these creatures, humankind has to be prepared for the third invasion. As a result, a Battle School is created so the most gifted children can develop their abilities and eventually become commanders capable of defeating their invaders in the next conflict.

This book narrates the story of Ender, a gifted eleven-year-old boy with exceptional abilities that will grant him to join this Battle School and put his capacities to the test: he will face isolation, stress, and violence.

The next books in the series expand this story, providing new insights through the point of view of other characters and also telling events that happened before and after the third invasion.

Why is Ender’s Game so famous?

The book is written in a YA style, it tells the journey of a boy, Ender, who learns about the world and faces bullying and fighting authority In order to follow one’s beliefs somehow it makes you feel empathy for the main character. Also, Ender’s Game has a philosophical tone, with lots of intellectual references that make it more appealing.

As mentioned before, it is a suggested reading for military organizations like the United State Marine Corps because this book gives a lot of military lessons and leadership just as getting an understanding of when to delegate and use the abilities of each member of your team, and of course setting an strategy in order to defeat your enemy

Which Ender’s Game books are worth reading?

Ender’s Game series is composed of eighteen novels. The latest one, The Hive, was published on June 11, 2019, and belongs to the Formic Wars series. Ender’s Game saga is divided into different series, each of them narrating events related to war and military training. Together they are known as the Enderverse. Let’s know a bit more about the diverse sagas that compose this series:

Ender series

This series begins with the first books of the series, the title that gives the name to the entire saga. Ender series is composed of six novels which tell the story of Ender.

Shadow saga

Shadow saga series tell the same events as the Ender series, but this time told from the perspective of Bean, the best friend of Ender. This series has a more political tone, providing so a different approach and at the same time, it is more fast-paced than the original series.

This series is unfinished. The next novel, Shadows Alive, has no release date.

 Formic Wars

This series covers the events occurring in the First and Second Formic Wars. As a result, these events take place before Ender’s Game series. This series is written by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston.

This series is also unfinished. The next novel, The Queens, has no release date.

Fleet School

This is a new sequel of Ender’s Game. Only one book has been published of this series, Children of the Fleet. This series focuses on the Battle School once the third Invasion has been avoided.

Which of these books are a must read?

Aside from the first book in the series, you should at least read Speaker for the Dead which is the second book in Ender series and also its direct sequel.

The rest of the novels are also good sci-fi books, but these two are mandatory if you want to enjoy Ender’s journey.

One thing to bear in mind while reading the rest of the books is that this series has a different tone and style depending on the book.

In what order should I read Ender’s Game?

Given that there are different series in the Enderverse some of them being parallel to the original work and also having more that one sequel series and prequels it makes you wonder what is the best order to read the Enderverse. In this case, there are two popular approaches to read this series: chronological order and published order.

Here is how to read Ender’s Game series in punblished order:

what is the best order to read Ender's Game saga?


  • Ender's Game -Ender series
  • Speaker for the Dead -Ender series
  • Xenocide -Ender series -Shadow Saga
  • Children of the Mind -Ender series
  • Ender's Shadow-Shadow Saga
  • Shadow of the Hegemon-Shadow Saga
  • Shadow Puppets-Shadow Saga
  • First Meetings -Ender series
  • Shadow of the Giant -Shadow Saga
  • A War of Gifts: An Ender Story -Ender series
  • Ender in Exile -Ender series
  • Shadows in Flight -Shadow Saga
  • Earth Unaware -Formic Wars
  • Earth Afire -Formic Wars
  • Earth Awakens -Formic Wars
  • The Swarm -Formic Wars
  • Children of the Fleet -Fleet School
  • The Hive -Formic Wars
  • The Queens -Formic Wars (to be released)
  • Shadows Alive -Shadow Saga (to be released)

When was Ender’s Game banned?

Ender’s Game has been banned in some public schools in the United States due to the violence and offensive language.

The movie adaptation: Ender’s film

Ender’s Game movie adaptation was filmed on February 27, 2012, in New Orleans, Lousiana. The movie is an adaptation of the first novels in the series, Ender’s Game. Originally, it was planned that the movie included events of its parallel novel, Ender Shadow, therefore showing elements of both novels but this was not so after the script was purchased by Lionsgate.

The role of Ender was played by Asa Butterfield, while Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff. The film had a budget of $110–115 million and grossed $125.5 million. This movie adaptation has a score of 51/100 on Metacritic.

Will they make Ender’s Game 2?

No, there are no announcements about making Ender’s Game 2. In 2013 the actor who played Bean, Aramis Knight, said there was a script for Ender’s Shadow but the movie was never filmed. So, no, Ender’s Game film has not a sequel.

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