ivy and bean books in order

Ivy and Bean series in order

Here you will find all the Ivy and Bean books in order so you can start reading this amazing series by Annie Barrows. A tale about friendship, and empathy that your kids will love for sure.

We collected all the books in this series at the best price we found, also you can take a look at the book sets shown in the next section of the post. This is our recommended order for the Ivy and Bean series:

1. Ivy and Bean

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2. The Ghost That Had to Go

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3. The Fossil Record

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5. Bound to Be Bad

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6. Doomed to Dance

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7. What’s the Big Idea

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8. No News Is Good News 

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9. Make the Rules

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10. Take the Case

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11. One Big Happy Family

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Now that you know the order for the Ivy and Bean series, don’t miss these book sets!

The Ivy and Bean books are collected in three box sets, each of these contains three books in the series. This means that by getting these sets you will only have to buy books 10, and 11 individually.

The Ivy and Bean box sets are a way to get these books in a cheaper way, also the box is pretty cool as well. It works great as a birthday gift, gifting books to kids is always a great idea, so they can enjoy the pleasure of reading! Also, if you like stories about friendship you should take a look at the Rescue Princesses books.

What is the best order for the Ivy and Bean series?

We recommend that you read the Ivy and Bean series by Annie Barrows in order of publication. The books narrate the story in a chronological way, by reading them this way you will see how the friendship between Ivy and Bean keeps progressing.

However, any of the Ivy and Bean books can be read as a standalone as well, since each of them narrates a self conclusive story.

An updated list with all the Ivy and Bean books in order

This list is just for you to make sure that you have all the books in the Ivy and Bean series. These books are illustrated by Sophie Blackhall, and are published by Chronicle Books.

The paperback version is around 120 pages long, you can also listen to these books instead of reading them, and you can actually do this for free because they happen to be on Audible. So here you have a free trial for Audible in case you want to give it a try:

Here goes the list with all the Ivy and Bean books in order :

Ivy and Bean books in order

Ivy and Bean series order by Annie Barrows


  • Chronicle Books

Reading order:

  • Ivy and Bean (Ivy and Bean book 1)
  • Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go (Ivy and Bean book 2)
  • Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record (Ivy and Bean book 3)
  • Ivy & Bean Take Care of the Babysitter (Ivy and Bean book 4)
  • Ivy and Bean Bound to Be Bad (Ivy and Bean book 5)
  • Ivy and Bean Doomed to Dance (Ivy and Bean book 6)
  • Ivy and Bean What’s the Big Idea (Ivy and Bean book 7)
  • Ivy and Bean No News Is Good News  (Ivy and Bean book 8)
  • Ivy and Bean Make the Rules (Ivy and Bean book 9)
  • Ivy and Bean Take the Case (Ivy and Bean book 10)
  • Ivy and Bean One Big Happy Family (Ivy and Bean book 11)

Blurb and Reading level

The Reading level of the Ivy and Bean books is from six to ten years. The Lexile score is 580L.

This is the story of two girls, Ivy and Bean, the first time they meet they thought they would never get to be friends. And they couldn’t be more wrong! because they will end up being besties, having lots of adventures together.

A great series with lots of fun, and colorful characters. Did you get your first Ivy and Bean book already? once you finish this series you can take a look at the Dork Diaries, a bestselling series that you will also enjoy for sure.

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