jack reacher books in order

Jack Reacher books in order: Lee Child novel series

You know it is time for some action and that is why you are seeking the Jack Reacher books in order, isn’t it? Jack Reacher is a former major in the USA who now works as an investigator, if there is danger he will be close. Let’s see all the books with Jack Reacher:

Jack Reacher books take place in the USA, but along his adventures, he also travels outside the United States taking him to Europe to places like the United Kingdom or France.

Jack Reacher books in order: in what order should you read Lee Child’s series

Jack Reacher series is composed of 22 books, each of the novels narrates a different story, that is, they are self-contained. As a result, I suggest you read Jack Reacher books in publication order.

Here you have all Jack Reacher books in order. You can click on the book you would like to take a look, the link will take you to Amazon and it will open in a different tab so you can keep checking this list.

So, here you have all the books with Jack Reacher:

Killing Floor


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Die Trying


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Running Blind (The Visitor in the UK)


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Echo Burning


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Without Fail


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The Enemy


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One Shot


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The Hard Way


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Bad Luck and Trouble


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Nothing to Lose


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Gone Tomorrow


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61 Hours


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Worth Dying For


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The Affair


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A Wanted Man


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Never Go Back


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Make Me


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Night School


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The Midnight Line


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Past Tense


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Blue Moon


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Jack Reacher books in order list

Maybe you wouldd find it easier to have all the books with Jack Reacher in a list?

Here you have the Jack Reacher books in order list:

Jack Reacher books in order

Jack Reacher series in order


  • Berkley

Reading order:

  • Killing Floor
  • Die Trying
  • Tripwire
  • Running Blind (The Visitor in the UK)
  • Echo Burning
  • Without Fail
  • Persuader
  • The Enemy
  • One Shot
  • The Hard Way
  • Bad Luck and Trouble
  • Gone Tomorrow
  • 61 hours
  • Worth Dying For
  • The Affair
  • A Wanted Man
  • Never Go Back
  • Personal
  • Make Me
  • The Midnight Line
  • Past Tense
  • Blue Moon

If you want to read Jack Reacher books in chronological order just leave a comment and I will provide you such reading order for you.

Now that you all all Jack Reacher books in order maybe you’d like to get a Jack Reacher box set?

Now that you have Lee Child books in order maybe you want to buy all Jack Reacher books? then you can purchase get all with this coll Jack Reacher box set, it includes 18 books (almost all in the series).

Will you start reading the Jack Reacher series? don’t forget to comment!

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  • I was actually going to ask where to buy these novels but I got my answer just in the very same post lol

  • I think reading the Jack Reacher novels by publication date is the best choice as well, thanks!

  • I watched Tom Cruise’s movie and decided it was time to start reading the books

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  • If you haven’t read any Jack Reacher books you are in for a treat.The only problem is once you start you’ll have to read them all.What makes them such a great read Lee Child’s makes Jack someone you’ll root for enjoy Dickey Broomer

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