kate daniels reading order

Kate Daniels series order by Ilona Andrews

We are going to tell you what is the best reading order for Kate Daniel’s series, the books by Ilona Andres are a must read if you enjoy urban fantasy stories. Are you ready to be part of this magic apocalypse? well, you are already part of it, sorry. Oh, but if you thought that you will only find Kate Daniels series order you are deadly wrong.

Not at all, because we also have a great book recommendations that you will enjoy since they have some similarities to Kate Daniel’s series, sounds cool uh? make sure you don’t miss it!

In what order should you be reading Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews?

We suggest you read the series by Kate Daniels in publication order, given that this was the way author Ilona Andrews conceived this fantasy story. However, you will find the books in chronological order in a list below.

Here you have all Kate Daniels books in order, in case you want to get any of these then you only have to click on their cover, the link takes to you Amazon (opens in a new tab):

1. Magic Bites

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2. Magic Burns

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3. Magic Strikes

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4. Magic Bleeds

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5. Magic Slays

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6. Magic Rises

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7. Magic Breaks

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8. Magic Shifts

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9. Magic Binds

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And you can also read the short stories, here you have them all collected:

Magic Mourns

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Magic Gifts

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Small Magics

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Now that you know what is the best reading order for Kate Daniels book series, check out these recommendations

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A list with the Kate Daniels series in chronological reading order by Ilona Andrews

If you would rather read Kate Daniels books in chronological order the following list tells you how to do so:

Kate Daniels reading order

Kate Daniels series order of books


  • Ace

Reading order:

  • Magic Bites (Kate Daniels book 1)
  • Magic Burns (Kate Daniels book 2)
  • Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels book 3)
  • Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels book 4)
  • Magic Slays (Kate Daniels book 5)
  • Magic Rises (Kate Daniels book 6)
  • Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels book 7)
  • Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels book 8)
  • Magic Binds (Kate Daniels book 9)
  • Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels book 10)
  • Magic Mourns (Kate Daniels short story) )
  • Magic Gifts (Kate Daniels short story) )
  • Small Magics (Kate Daniels short story) )

This is a finished series so you can enjoy it while not having to wait to the next installment.

Let’s know a bit more about this series:

Kate Daniels book series centers on the character by the same name, she lives as a mercerary in a fictional Earth in which magic exists together with lots of magical creatures.

These urban fantasy books include some usual aspects of the genre such as magic users, shapeshifters, and magical swords among other things. Lots of fictional creatures such as golems, or frost giants.

Contrary to what some people believe, Ilona Andrews is not the real name of the author behind this series, instead, it’s a pseudonym under which Ilona and her husband Gordon Andrews write.

Hope this post was useful for you, you can also take a look at this post with books like Red Rising in case you also like science fiction books.

Have you read any of th Kate Daniels books? if that is the case please leave a comment telling us why do you like this series, some say it has one of the greatest sidekicks ever, do you agree?

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