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Hogwarts quiz

Controversial Food choices: which Hogwarts House Would You Be In? -Quiz-

5.0 01 What if your food choices were the only thing the Sorting Hat considered in order to select your Hogwarts House? In this quiz your answers about these food controversies will make the Sorting Hat choose the proper House of Hogwarts for you. Remember what Dumbledore said: “It is our food choices, Harry, that […]

Spiderwick book series

The Spiderwick Chronicles book series: all you need to know

5.0 01 Are you looking for a children’s story? then maybe The Spiderwick Chronicles is what you are looking for! a fantasy story suitable for your kids. Here goes The Spiderwick Chronicles book series: all you need to know. What is The Spiderwick Chronicles about? The Spiderwick Chronicles narrate the story of the twins Simon […]

spiderwick chronicles 2

Spiderwick Chronicles 2: this is why there was never a sequel

5.0 01 Did you Watch The Spiderwick Chronicles movie? A feature film of the book series by the same name written by  Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.  How come Spiderwick Chronicles 2 never came out? This is why Spiderwick never had a sequel. If you are willing to know if you should read this series, […]

Eragon film

This is what happened to the Eragon film series

0.0 00 The Inheritance Cycle,  a young adult high fantasy series written by American author Christopher Paolini. A Bestselling series whose first book, Eragon, had a movie adaptation. However, there was never a sequel, Eragon 2 never saw the light. Why did Eragon film fail? This is what happened to the Eragon film series. The novels focus on […]

Divergent quiz trivia

Divergent trivia

0.0 00 Welcome fan of Divergent, it is time to put your abilies to the test. But this time you will not get a faction, instead, you will have to answer this 10 question Divergent trivia quiz and prove you are a real fan of this amazing series. Prepare! How much you know about Divergent […]