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Mistborn quiz trivia

Mistborn quiz trivia: How much you know about this series?

5.0 01 Hello, fans of Mistborn! Did you just say that you love this series by Brandon Sanderson and that you know everything about Vin and her story? well, that’s too much saying, why don’t you prove such level of knowledge? here goes a 10 question Mistborn quiz, will you able to get a perfect […]

The wheel of time quiz

The Wheel of Time Quiz trivia: How much you really know about Robert Jordan’s series?

5.0 01 The Wheel of Time is one of the most epic fantasy series of all time, and here is a challenging quiz for all the fans of this epic saga. How well will you remember Robert Jordan’s series? will you be able to get the perfect score? there is only way to know, just […]

The golden Compass film

Why was the Golden Compass film series canceled?

5.0 01 The Golden Compass film series is a movie adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s bestselling series His Dark Materials,  one of the most popular series among children. Despite having such a huge fanbase the first movie of what was supposed to be a multimillionaire project didn’t meet the expectations. The Golden Compass flopped and the […]

Best starcraft books

The best starcraft books

0.0 00 Gamers who love this epic videogame series will surely want to know more about the lore and the stories of the characters appearing in this saga. Here you have a list of the best starcraft books. Also, you will find a list of the Starcraft books in order so keep reading. If you […]

Discworld quiz trivia

Discworld Trivia: How much you really know about Terry Pratchett’s books?

5.0 01 How well do you remember Discworld novels? if you are a Terry Pratchett fan then this Discworld quiz should be a piece of cake for you. But, will it actually? Sure, you don’t need to have all the knowledge stocked in the library (The Librarian wouldn’t get that many books anyway) but I […]