Which animal is your Patronus? 🐱

Ey Wottareaders, I am aware lots of you are Harry Potter fans. While we wait for the RPG videogame  what about discovering which animal is your Patronus? Before you start, remember: concentrate on an extremely happy memory!

Hope you are glad with your new Patronus! or, if not, just try again!

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Introducing Dune

Hello Wottareaders, I spoke about Dune previously since a new Dune movie is on the way!

In 1965, a book was quietly published which later became an incredible success. Reportedly, it is Frank Herbert’s Dune Saga. The Dune series is somewhat complicated, and a bit slow-witted. This novel was previously rejected by over 20 publishers before an automobile manuals publisher took on the book.

What is this saga about?

Dune is a series that encompasses six books that are not individually dependent upon one storyline. Though Dune Messiah, the second book in the series firmly establishes the 5,000-year time frame of the remaining novels as “the Golden Path” and ties them all loosely together. Each story itself accounts for a brief, and possibly most significant of periods with that path.

Most importantly, the series as a whole is excellent. What sets this series above most others is its sheer scope. Encompassing a timeline of some 7,500 years, Herbert was able to justifiably link the first book, Dune, with the last, Chapterhouse: Dune. Let take a look at books individually.


About forty years after its initial publication, Dune persists as a significant book in the fiction genre and is easily the most notable of the series. It is here that the author sets the foundation for the remaining series. Of them all, Dune comprises the most comprehensive and, most complete story. On the periphery, the predominant saga is political intrigue and maneuvering.  But through Herbert’s expert characterizations and strong world-building, the issues he addresses parallel issues we are still suffering in recent times.

Originally published in 1965, and set outwards of 20,000 years in the future; the original saga revolves around the political strife between three noble houses, House Corrino, House Harkonnen, and House Atreides. The story revolves around the battle for sovereignty over the planet, Dune. This strife fuses political, economic, religious, and even mystical intrigue and manipulation.

The narrative itself is one of domination, vengeance, fate, and love. Yet having access to inner thoughts, motivations and intentions for each character make this an unexpected and immensely personal experience. 

Dune Messiah

This book publishing date was in 1969, twelve years after Dune. Though the central narrative is wholly reliant upon the first book, Herbert successfully crafted a sequel able to stand on its own without having intimate knowledge of its forerunner; Dune.

Dune Messiah, while a highly enjoyable read, seems secondary and in place only to serve as a launching point for the four subsequent books. 

Children of Dune

In 1976, nine years after the Dune Messiah, the new Emperor’s children are getting of age in a time of the massive social and economic revolution. Children of Dune is one of the weaker books of the series.

As with Dune Messiah, Herbert focuses on a singular theme picked from Dune and thrashes better, and with a likely better result. His explorations are fascinating, and a must read for all lovers of books.

God Emperor of Dune

A reader needs the knowledge of the earlier series to understand the premise for God Emperor of Dune published in 1981. Since this novel is, for some, weak. Herbert was well aware of this, as the early chapters are filled with a rehashing of information from the previous three novels. Without this, there is just no way God Emperor of Dune would have stood on its own. Beyond initial pages, which may be a bit repetitive from his previous novels; lies Frank Herbert’s thorough exploration of religious fanaticism through the 4,000-year-old Leto II, the immortal Emperor of Dune.

In addition, the author breaks from the style of the previous series in that significant segments of narration are teaching dialogue from Leto II.

The duo; Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse Dune

There is no way to isolate these two novels published in 1984 and 1985 respectively. There isn’t a complete story contained within either one individually, and neither one can stand individually on an average read. Collectively, though, they make for a rich, complex; and potent ending that stands out among previous books as the best writing and most enjoyable read since the original Dune 20 years earlier.

The storylines weave and evolve throughout the two novels. At times they seem to drag slightly, but the culmination in Chapterhouse Dune makes it all worthwhile.

However, taken individually, Heretics of Dune is placed slightly below Chapterhouse Dune only because there is no adequate resolution to the ongoing storylines.

Who wrote this series?

Frank Herbert was a world celebrated and commercially thriving American science-fiction author.  Also, Frank was also the father of another erudite author, Brian Herbert. Another great book by Frank Herbert is the Priests of Psi, a novella which was the cover story for the February 1960 issue of Fantastic.

How to read

If you are willing to read this fantastic sci-fi series and what to know the proper reading order just click here.


Dune had a movie adaptation in the 80s. But that’s not all, a new movie of Dune started filming this very same year. If you want to know more just check the following article Dune upcoming movie.

You will love this series if you liked…

If Hyperion by Dan Simmons a look appeals to you, you might want to read this saga. It has a lot of similar themes, plot, and saga to Dune, and it has excellent word building and is one of those stories that stick with you.

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Which race would you be in the Lord of The Rings world?

Ever wondered which race would you be if you were born in The Middle Earth? Will you be a powerful wizard? an Ent taking care of nature? or maybe a bad smelling troll? just complete the following quizz to know the answer:


Hope you are glad with your race, or if not, you can do the quizz again  😀

Also, before you leave, did you know Amazon is producting a new LOTR tv series? just check here to know more.

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Harry Potter League of legends

Fantasy novel characters becoming League of Legends Champions?

Hello Wottareaders! this is an article for both bookworms and gamers. What if some of our favorite fantasy novel main characters were Lol champions? which abilities would they have? would they be op?

A bit of introduction for non Moba Players

In Moba games, every player can choose a champion or a hero (the term differs depending on which game you play). These champions have diverse abilities, which can be cast (active abilities) or others that can’t be toggled (such as an attack aura, for example, providing higher damage to closer units). One of those abilities is more powerful than the others, and also costs more mana and has a higher cooldown. This last ability is called the ultimate.

Generally speaking, League of Legends champions have more than four spells.  However, in order to make this article less overwhelming let`s assume these characters only have four spells: three of them being regular abilities while the fourth one being ultimate.

Having mentioned the basics, let’s create some new champions!

Frodo Baggins – The Lord of the Rings series

Frodo League of Legends

Armored Hobbit: Frodo wear’s Bilbo’s Mithril shirt, providing him impressive additional armor allowing him to survive to lethal attacks.

Sting’s premonition: Sting glows blue when enemies are nearby, allowing Frodo to detect enemy champions who are approaching to him.

Lembas healing: Frodo always carries Elven bread with him, when he eats Lembas he recovers his full hp.

The One Ring:  The power of the One Ring grants invisibility to Frodo letting him escape from any battle untouched.

Harry Potter – Harry Potter series

Harry Potter League of Legends

Expeliarmus: this spell disarms all the enemies of Harry Potter in range preventing them to deal physical damage.

Invisibility cloak: Harry can hide himself and one of his allies under his invisibility cloak and won’t be revealed unless they move.

Felix Felicis: Harry Potter can drink this potion or give it to an ally, Felix Felicis increases the champion’s evasion to 90%  and doubles his damage for 5 seconds.

Patronus: Harry can cast his Patronus charm granting him and his allies area protection, enemy spells will not work as long as Harry Potter’s stag remains on the field.

Rincewind – Discworld series

Rincewind League of Legends

Runaway master: Rincewind’s philosophy is based on the “there is nothing worth to die for” principle. When this ability is casted Rincewind speed gets multiplied x3.

Accidental hero: he never meant to be a hero, even so, fate wanted him to be. When in combat, Rincewind’s attacks deal x2 damage.

Death evader: No matter how much Death tries, it can’t find Rincewind. When Rincewind hp is lower than 15% he gest invulnerable for 15 seconds.

The Eight spell: This wizzard’s incompetence is so that he can’t spell (hope Discworld fans get the reference). Rincewind can cast the Eight spell, a spell nobody knows what it does exactly. When casted a random ability will be cast instead: a ball of fire, time stop or dead corpses rising are some examples of abilities that have been witnessed when the wizard casts this ability on combat.

Percy Jackson- Percy Jackson & the Olympians series

Percy Jackson League of Legends

Swordsman: After his training in the Camp Half-Blood, Percy is a highly skilled swordsman. When attacked he will instantly counter attack his opponent.

Curse of Achilles: Percy Jackson can cast this ability that grants him immunity from physical damage.

Anaklusmos: Percy’s celestial bronze weapon can change of shape adapting to fight every enemy. Percy Jackson’s attack deal damage as if the target had no armor.

Son of Poseidon:  Percy Jackson has the ability to manipulate water, he can summon waves of water that deal damage and stun his enemies.

Geralt of Rivia – The Witcher series

Geralt of Rivia League of Legends

Alchemist: His collection of herbs allow Geralt to prepare a potion that makes him deal x5 damage while the attacks he the damage he receives will also deal x5 damage to him.

Monster Hunter: Geralt of Rivia is a master swordsman experienced in hunting and killing monsters. His blade is lethal, gaining a chance of dealing critical damage to enemies.

Witcher ritual: As a witcher, Geralt survived to the Trial of the grasses among other mutations and experiments increasing his physical capabilities. This is a passive that grants Geralt of Rivia bonus health regeneration, attack speed, and additional armor.

Sign master: Witchers can cast simple spells called signs, these abilities have proved to be very useful and versatile in combat. Geralt can use his signs of Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen, Axi, Heliotrop or Somne.  This champion after using one of these signs won’t be able to use the rest of the signs until 120 seconds have passed.


Hope you had as much fun reading this post as I had writing it. Of course, these characters could have other abilities, this was just an example of abilities that these fantasy figures would be able to use during a battle. Also, if you don’t know which saga read next, just make this quiz to know!

Which other fantasy main characters would you like to see as League of Legends champions? just leave a comment!

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LOTR wallpaper Lord of the rings

This is how Tolkien influenced the Fantasy genre


“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”

Probably, the first words that introduced most of us into J.R.R Tolkien’s work. That is, as you know for sure, the first sentence of The Hobbit. The Lord of The Rings has not only defined the High Fantasy genre, or literature, Tolkien’s work has influenced Popular Culture itself.

No need to wonder why LOTR movie adaptations had such an impressive grossing after all, being one of the most popular and best selling series of all time (just check the 5 best selling fantasy novels of all time). If that was not enough, a film about Tolkien’s life will be released this very same year and let’s not forget Amazon’s LOTR tv adaptation (see here).

Who is J.R.R Tolkien?

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was an English writer, best known for his fantasy novels The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Poet, academic and one of the main reasons the Fantasy is the way that it is nowadays. He became a legend being alive, he died in 1973, as it could be no other way: 1 ring for Sauron, 9 for Men 7, for Dwarves, 3 for Elves. Epic.

For those who want to know more about J.R.R Tolkien, an upcoming biographical film directed by Dome Karukowsky will be released on May 10, 2019, casting Nicholas Hoult as J. R. R. Tolkien. Also, his latest novel, The Fall of Gondolin, was posthumously published as a stand-alone novel, check it here.

If you want to know if you would be an orc, an elf or another race in Lotr, just check this: Which race would you be in the Lord of The Rings world?

How Tolkien changed fantasy

We can’t say that Tolkien created the fantasy genre, such an honor must be granted to George MacDonald. But we can assure that Tolkien is the father of modern fantasy. It was his novel, The Lord of The Rings, that changed the fantasy genre and became as we know it. Also, it had one of the most iconic items in the Fantasy genre.

Tolkien is the father of the high fantasy genre, which main characteristics are having a hero ( or a character that will eventually become a hero)  as the main character and setting the story in a fictional world. High fantasy stories usually narrate how the main character grows, leans and eventually defeats the evil forces. He was an author that was ahead of his time, and therefore he set the basic rules of the modern fantasy genre.

As you will have noticed, such characteristics are more than discernible in Tolkien’s main work. Both The Hobbit and Lord of The Ring’s tell the story of a hobbit, Bilbo and Frodo respectively, who will experience a journey until they defeat the forces of evil. The Lord of The Rings was published in 1954, and since then tons of writers have been inspired and written their own high Fantasy works.

Other high fantasy novels

Other examples of high fantasy series are A Song of Ice and Fire, The Kingkiller Chronicle, Mistborn or Discworld. As you will have noticed, all these novels are defined by the same structure having a hero (or heroes) who defeat the evil forces. Yes, even Rincewind(Discworld) meets those standards.

Also, Tolkien set such a world full of creative fantasy creatures that somehow became like the standard world of fantasy. That is, even though Tolkien didn’t create orcs or elves, it is actually his reworked version which stands as the archetypic idea of how such creatures would look and behave. Just think about every modern fantasy story you know, orcs and elves will for sure be stereotyped the way Tolkien depicted such races. Speaking of races, here is a post about racism in literature.

How the author “Tolkienized” fantasy

In this sense, the author Brandon Sanderson (writer of Mistborn or Skyward among other novels) posted on his blog how Tolkien, being ahead of his time, set the pillars of modern fantasy. Having the rest of the writers to “copy” his universe:

But they (other writers) didn’t do what Tolkien did. They didn’t create a new world, with its own mythology, its own society, its own technology, its own races and creatures. This wasn’t their fault—they just weren’t ready to jump to that level. So instead they applied their considerable creativity toward copying Tolkien. Instead of creating true high fantasy, everyone created more low fantasy—but they used Tolkien’s world as a base instead of our own. The result was a kind of tainting of the entire genre, a ‘Tolkienizing.’ Fantasy didn’t mean ‘the genre where the author creates his or her own unique setting.’ It meant ‘the genre where the books include elves, dwarfs, wizards, and quests.’

Authors inspired by J.R.R Tolkien

Virtually any fantasy writer since the 60s has been, them being aware or not, inspired by Tolkien’s work. As stated before, The Lord of The Rings just made the fantasy genre evolve. Here are some notorious authors who have stated they have been inspired by Tolkien:

“I revere Lord of the Rings, I reread it every few years, it had an enormous effect on me as a kid. In some sense, when I started this saga I was replying to Tolkien, but even more to his modern imitators.” George R.R Martin.

“Now it might seem like I’m picking on Tolkien a little bit here. But again I say: I mock because I love. I grew up reading Tolkien, and I mean that quite literally. I read the lord of the rings at least once a year through all my teenage years.

To his credit, Tolkien gave us one of the best traditions of our genre, that of elaborate, realistic worldbuilding.” Patrick Rothfuss.

Tolkien’s influence in culture

This author’s work influenced pop culture itself, here are some examples of how Tolkien influenced culture:

Games and video games

Dungeons and Dragons

The distinguished RPG table board Dungeons and Dragons was widely influenced by Tolkien’s work. As you know in this board game every player controls a fantasy character set in a medieval world full of orcs, elves, and magical creatures. The influence of LOTR in this game was so that Tolkien enterprises made the creators change the names of some of the creatures included in this board game such as The Hobbits (changed to Halflings) or Ents (to Treants) due to copyright reasons.

Funnily, this D&D influenced other fantasy series such as The Legend of Drizzt or Dragonlance.


Warcraft is a videogame series developed by Blizzard. In the first videogame of this franchise, Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans, where these races are portrayed the way Tolkien had set them. In its following sequels, new races are added such as Elves or Dwarfs.


Warhammer is a popular medieval fantasy board game played with miniature models. Different armies exist in this universe such as Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs, Demons and of course humans.

What Tolkien book should I start with?

If you don’t know how to start reading Tolkien’s work, here is a basic reading order:

  • The Hobbit.
  • The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • The Two Towers.
  • The Return of the King.

These novels are the must-read. In case you want to read more, you can read The Silmarillion but be warned it’s a bit more of an advanced lecture.

Are J.R.R Tolkien stories public domain?

No, Tolkien’s stories have not entered public domain yet. Since his work was published in 1973, that means his work won’t enter the public domain until 2060.

Hope you enjoyed this article and learned more about how this writer defined the Fantasy Genre as it is known these days.

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