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Alternatives to printed books: Apps and other ways of reading!

Electronic books (E-books) have changed the way we read, downloading any App and start reading. More and more people choose to read on their screens using lots of different apps rather than using paper books. Online bookstores have seen their demand for ebooks grow and few authors would decide to publish their book only as a paper book. Why would they? Traditional printed book sales are dropping, we have a lot of alternatives to reading on paper and some of them are really handy.

Why this change in our habits?

The rise of eBooks is due to several factors. Firstly, they are cheaper: you don’t have to pay for paper or covers (they are also more environmentally friendly). Just think about it, you can even download free books from a lot of websites, there are free novels even on Amazon or you can read lots of stories online available for free on the Internet! (like this one written by the same Stephen King)

E-books also don’t take up space beyond a few kilobytes on a small device, which is very important for people who travel or can’t afford to have tons of bookshelves They’re also easier to transport: you can download and carry hundreds of books in a small device, such as a Kindle or an iPad, and read them anywhere. Finally, many eReaders and applications provide some useful tools: instant dictionary search, quick annotations, underlining, you can translate words into multiple languages and even add multimedia links or search on Wikipedia.

Of course, paper books will always have their place. Lots of us love the aesthetical pleasure books bring, we love to collect them on our shelves and we enjoy the feeling of the paper. Or even, we love their smell! I guess there is some weird romance here too…
It’s true that you lose all of this when you read using an alternative to paper books. But, for the vast majority of readers, the benefits far outweigh this. Downloading books is part of our future, so it’s good to know all the possible alternatives to printed books.

 What are the main alternatives to paper books?

Perhaps the best known are electronic readers (or Ereaders), which can hold hundreds of ebooks. They can be used anywhere, as they do not need to be wifi or be connected to electricity. In addition, they are specifically designed to read on them, so the screen does not damage your sight no matter how much it is used. Their main drawback is that they are somewhat expensive for “only reading” and although they are light, they occupy a space that must be taken into account.

Another alternative is the mobile phone, no matter if Android or iOs. We take it with us everywhere and they have a great capacity to accumulate books. We can read anywhere without worrying about taking extra items with us. There is also no extra cost while you can do other things like playing video games, listen to music or watch videos. The main drawback is that it is not optimized as a reading device, so it is not always comfortable to read on it. In addition, the direct light of the screen may cause eye damage and also, due to the size of most of the cellphones, they can cause many eye-related symptoms like dry eyes, fatigue or blurred vision.

Finally, there are those who choose to read on a tablet or iPad. They are more comfortable to use because they are larger, and, like a mobile phone, they can be used for more things than reading at no extra cost. The main disadvantage is, apart from the screen light, that they are not comfortable to take everywhere. They are not the best choice, for example, on a trip or on public transport. This may depend on the size of your tablet though, but if too small, they may damage your eyes as cellphones.

The best apps for reading

There are tons of free apps you can download for reading, here are some suggestions:

If you use Amazon as your primary bookstore, the Kindle app is a must. It synchronizes all your Amazon books and has a direct link to the store, which is appreciated. It’s also very convenient to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Google Play Books is also an interesting app: you can buy many titles directly from their story and upload those books that are already on your phone.

If you buy books in several online bookstores, you will need an eReader that supports several formats. An example is FBReader, which supports .epub, .pdf and azw3, among other formats. If you don’t like the interface, you can try Moon+ Reader, with similar features.

Also, have you heard about Spritz? This is actually not an alternative app, but an alternative to the traditional reading itself. When you read, your eyes move from word to word, Spritz removes that. Instead, Spritz shows one word at a time, weird? At first maybe, but you get used in a few minutes, and then you discover it’s really cool.

You also have Wattpad as an alternative, a platform with an audience of more than 65 million users. This website has more than 10 million free books at your disposal, a fantastic way to read online. You can also download the app for free, available for Android cell phones and tablets, which allows you to read books with no internet connection.

What about you? have you gone digital yet? no matter what you choose, as long as you read, I’m happy 😍 If you need some book suggestions what about taking a look at the Freedays book category?  free downloading books every Friday.

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Ready player one Movie poster

Ready player one despite the movie

Hello Wottareaders! I wanted to make this post long ago and it is finally here! As the title says, why should you read Ready player one despite having watched the movie already? Well… I have some major reasons for you 👾

Ready Player One is a science fiction novel written by the American novelist Ernest Cline which was published in 2011. The novel had a nice reception, it was a New York Times bestseller and received general appraisal by critics.

After the novel came the movie adaptation, directed by no other than Steven Spielberg and having Ernest Cline as a co-writer for the screenplay, being released in March 2018. The movie became a success, grossing 582 million dollars worldwide while its budget was 175 million. IMDb has it rated as a 7,5/10 with a 64 Metascore, pretty decent marks. But of course, they had Steven Spielberg as the director for a reason isn’t it?

Oh, before we start, for those wondering if Ready Player One will have a sequel: yes, it will. The same Ernest Cline confirmed in 2017 that there would be a “Ready Player One 2” and that he was already writing it, nothing else is known, not even the book title. May I suggest Ready Player Two? Speaking of release dates, it is yet unknown when this sequel will be published. Meanwhile, you can read his book Armada, which I also having a movie Adaptation.

What is Ready Player One?

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, Ready Player One is a dystopian novel set in 2040, the world has subdued to global warming, overpopulation, and an energetic crisis. Luckily, people have a way to evade of such a sad reality, they have Oasis, an online virtual reality simulator created by the fictional character James Halliday.

When the Oasis creator dies, he challenges all Oasis players: Halliday reveals he has hidden three keys in his videogame, whoever finds the three of them first will inherit all his fortune, including his shares of his co-owned company Gregarious Simulation Systems, implying the winner would take control of Oasis itself.

In order to win this contest, players will have to learn about the life of its creator and what he loved and inspired the most, 1980s pop culture. As a result, people become authentic experts in both his life and the 80s in order to win the competition. The book tells the story of Wade Watts (also known as his Oasis nickname Parzival), a teenager obsessed by the 80s who becomes the first one finding the Cooper Key, the first of the three keys to achieving victory.

Is the movie a good adaptation of the novel?

Hmm, how do I put this? Let’s say it is just an adaptation. The movie uses the novel as the basis, but there are massive changes.  You might think that having Ernest Cline co-writing the screenplay might have ensured the movie would not be excessively inventive since he could be consulted, and therefore, we would have a decent transcription of his novel. I’m afraid that was not the case. This is a case of massive inventive adaptation, full of stories that were not present in the source material at all. you don’t believe me? Let’s do this then.

Warning: the following section contains spoilers for Ready Player One both movie and novel.

Ready Player One Book vs movie: differences


In the novel, Wade Watts (featured by Tye Sheridan in the movie) goes to high school in Oasis. There is a planet in the videogame called Ludus, a place full of public schools where children can study for free. In order to aid the players in their quest to find the three keys, there is a poem which says the following:

“The Copper Key awaits explorers in a tomb filled with horrors, But you have much to learn If you hope to earn a place among the high scorers.”

This “you have much to learn” is, ironically, the key for the first challenge since the Copper Key is hidden in a cave on Ludus, the planet previously mentioned where a lot of teenagers, including Wade, go to school. As you might have realized, nothing of this happens in the movie.

The keys:

Keys Ready Player One

The 3 Keys in Ready Player One

The movie simplifies Halliday’s challenge pretty significantly: you solve the riddle then you get the key. In the novel it’s a bit harder than that, the key is just the beginning of a new challenge, the player has to use the key in order to unlock its gate and therefore face a new puzzle.  Basically, the contest is so altered that is not even similar to what happens in the novel.

For example, while in the movie adaptation players have to win a race in order to get the copper key, turning out to be tricky since you have to race it backwards. The novel has not even a race at all, but it is instead hidden in a tomb of horrors (recreating so Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game) on Ludus where players have to defeat Acererak (a DnD character) at the videogame Joust in order to get the copper key.

After this, the player has to teleport to another planet, Middletown, to play another videogame (Dungeons of Daggorath) and then quote all the dialogues of the character David Lightman in the film WarGames.

As you see, pretty much harder than in the movie and way more 80s related.

Also, the other keys have different challenges than in the books, Parzival and Art3mis never dance for a challenge (they dance, but in a party). Also, they never visit a virtual version of The Shining. Instead, they have to face other puzzles, such as playing the game Zork. But I don’t want to ruin you the whole book, so I’ll let you discover the rest on your own.

The extra life:

In the movie, Parzival gets a quarter as a prize after winning a bet from the museum curator. In the novel it’s pretty different, he gets that prize after playing the perfect game of Pac-Man, that is, eating everything (dots, enemies and fruits)  on the first 255 levels while not losing a single life and getting as many points on the level 256 (at which game ends due to a bug).

The bounty hunter I-R0k:

While I-R0k also is shown in the book, his role in the original story is merely anecdotal compared to the movie adaptation. While in the film he has a major role, working for Sorento in order to virtually kill the main characters, in the novel he is just another player who likes to make fun of Parzival.

Art3mis is not kidnapped but Parzival:

Art3mis is kidnapped in the movie, while in the novel it’s actually Parzival and he does it on purpose in order to infiltrate in IOIs headquarters and destroy the impenetrable forcefield they have put to protect the last puzzle.

Oasis being closed:

In the movie after Wade becomes Halliday’s heir, he makes a change in Oasis: people can’t play on Tuesday and Thursdays. This doesn’t happen in the books, and it makes sense this doesn’t happen since, as previously, said a lot of people go to school thanks to Oasis.  But also, the world has not changed after Wade wins the contest, meaning,  he might be billionaire now, but the rest of the world keeps being the same, they live in a decadent real world and they still want to use Oasis to evade from it, the same Wade did until he had a girlfriend and was not rich, it would be a bit selfish to remove their online world from the rest wouldn’t it?

As you see, major changes, a lot of inventive adaptation. You might have noticed also that while the novel was full of references to the 80s. The movie, instead, had a much modern approach (showing video game characters such as Tracer from Overwatch).

So, time to read the book before the sequel gets released isn’t it? Keep reading!

Pet Sematary book poster

Pet Sematary 2019 upcoming movie

Hello there Wottareaders!, are you ready for some horror? then get prepared because Pet Sematary is almost here!

After a successful adaptation of some of the best Stephen King books like IT and Gerald’s Game, as well as the popularity trailing Hulu’s Castle Rock series believed to have been inspired by Stephen King, the prolific author is in the news again. This time, it is about the second time adaptation of his popular novel, the Pet Sematary.

What is Pet Sematary about?

Pet Sematary has a relatively simple storyline which focuses on the Creed family, Dr. Louis Creed upon relocation from Boston to Maine with his wife Rachel and their two tender kids discovers a mysterious pet kirkyard concealed in the woods near the family’s new home.  This cemetery has the unpleasant and unnerving capability of bringing the dead back to life. When tragedy strikes, Dr. Louis turn to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall, this triggered off a dangerous chain reaction that gives free rein to loads of evil with horrendous consequences.

Now that you know what this movie is about, here you have the trailer, “Sometimes dead is better”


In 1989, six years after Stephen published Pet Sematary, the novel recorded its first movie adaptation by Mary Lambert. Little did anyone knows that the book will record yet another adaptation thirty-six years later. Gifted and delighted Stephen King is proud of his achievements as he took to his twitter handle to praise his literati skills and his recent success; the adaptation of Pet Sematary. Below are all that you need to know about one of Stephen King movie.

Just like all other Stephen King movies, the directors of Pet Sematary are among the finest in the horror genre. The duo, Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer directed Starry eyes, a feature-length horror movie, and MTV’s episodic Scream. They also have a handful of shorts episodic collections to their credit, before stirring the Sematary’s radar.


The 2019 Pet Sematary adaptation have actors from the “Milky Way”. The skin of the hero, Louis Creed will be worn by the popular Jason Clarke of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. While Amy Seimetz stars as Rachel Creed, his wife. The character, Jud Crandall is also in the person of John Lithgow of Dexter and The Crown.

Other notable casts include Hugo Lavoie, Obssa Ahmed, Jeté Laurence, Sonia Maria Chirilia and Lucas Lavoie.

The 1989 adaptation wasn’t muscular enough to pull out these calibers of casts.

Pet Sematary release date

Pet Sematary is making its debut by April 5, 2019. Similarly, Jordan Peele’s follow up to Get Out, an original horror-thriller called Us, starring Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, and Elisabeth Moss is due in March. Other movies that will hit the theaters this year include the Happy Death Day 2U (February), New Mutants (August) and Vincenzo Natali’s adaptation of In the Tall Grass.

These will make 2019 a great year for mainstream horror. 

Pet Sematary Adaptations

A more significant number of trailer viewers strongly stand with the choices of the original safe for the feel the blocking, lighting and camera placement that appear better in the remake. The 1989 adaptation has a sequel, Pet Sematary Two, which was not financially and critically favored; hence there will be little or no need for a sequel to this second adaptation. Critiques strongly believe that the plot remains “similarly the same.”

Book vs movie differences

Critiques called it “…another hacked-up, sloppy screenplay from King,” this points out that there are mild differences between the book and the adaptation. For example, Wendigo is the depiction of a powerful demon with necromantic abilities; the Wendigo cursed a cemetery in Maine during the Colonial Era known initially as the Micmac burial ground.

For some yet unexplained reasons, during Mary Lambert’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, she failed to show Wendigo (despite the fact that earlier drafts of her script featured this character). However, it is yet to be ascertained whether or not it Wedingo will make an appearance in the 2019 adaptation. Considering the positive response to the character Pennywise in last years’ IT had it would be a great addition to this movie. A demonic character who haunts and manipulates a small town might be a perfect fit for this version of the movie, and fans of the novel will no doubt appreciate it staying truer to the source material than Lambert’s adaptation did.

Hope you are awaiting this movie! if you like Stephen King, maybe you would like to read a free short story written by him? See here.

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Freedays books

Laurie, the free short story by Stephen King


Feel like reading a short story? What if I told you can download this tale for free? Or, even better, what if that story was written by Stephen King? Sounds good, isn’t it?

Laurie is a short story written by one of the best horror novelist ever, Stephen King. However, Laurie is not a horror story, not at all, but instead, it is a charming and relaxing tale. This book by the prolific author of Maine develops a plot that talks about the loss of those we love, it is a story about hope and life in general. True to his style, Stephen King creates a story that traps us, making us turning pages like crazy, a story that will not leave you indifferent. After reading it we will feel that we have learned something, while we have traveled through one of those fantastic worlds that only Stephen King can create.

What is Laurie about

Dog and man

This story introduces Lloyd, a man who recently lost his wife. One day, her sister visits Lloyd to Florida and gives him an unexpected gift. He receives an adorable and touching dog, a mixed breed puppy half Border Collie half Mudi, named Laurie.  While Lloyd rejects his new pet at first, since he can’t even take care of himself due to his depression, Laurie will gradually get into Lloyd’s life to change it completely.

However, as comforting as Lloyd’s life is after his sister’s gift to him, everything changes unexpectedly when a certain event takes place in both their lives. The monotonous and peaceful life of peaceful meals and long walks on the beach is cut short by this new situation they did not expect.

This short tale takes place in the real world, it is a story about motivation, hope and moving forward after living tragic events. Despite being only 32 pages long, Stephen King is able to present a beautiful and heartwarming story. This author proves, once again, that he is more than one of the all-time greatest horror writers (as if that was not enough).

Where can I download this Stephen King’s book?

This story was inspired by Vixen, the dog of  Stephen King’s wife who passed away last year.   This explains the dedication at the end of the book. He posted this info on his Twitter account, on which he constantly proves he is a dog lover uploading fun pictures and comments of his dog Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, (see here).  You can download this story on his official website, here you have the link.

About the writer

Stephen King is, no doubt, one of the most recognized authors of horror, science fiction and fantasy of all time. This writer’s influence is not only limited to the field of literature, but the world of cinema has for many years been nourished by his stories to provide viewers with impressive films based on his novels. Some of the examples are It, Pet Sematary (just check this post for this upcoming movie) or The Shawshank Redemption, a cinema masterpiece based on his novel Rita Hayworth and the Redemption of Shawshank. His more than 350 million copies sold worldwide make him one of the most read authors of all time.

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Mortal engines book cover wallpaper

How to read Mortal Engines

Either if you are here because of the Mortal Engines movie adaptation or because of my book suggestions for kids, or maybe none of those, and it’s just because you wanted to know more about the Peter jackson new movie, as they call it. No matter why you want to read Philip Reeve books. If you want to know how to read Mortal Engines series, here you will find the answer.

This story is set in a post-apocalyptic universe and it’s part of the fantastic and adventure genre. This books audience was originally for young teenagers, even so you will enjoy this story no matter your age.

In what order should I read Mortal Engines?

In case you are considering the proper order for this series,  I recommend you reading them in published order. Mortal Engines consists of two sagas, the original series is a quartet while Fever Crumb is a trilogy. Fever Crumb is actually a prequel, but despite that, I advise you to read it after the original tetralogy since the prequel has a different tone.

Here you go, this is the best order to read this series:

Mortal Engines read order


  • Mortal Engines (Mortal Engines quartet)
  • Predator's Gold (Mortal Engines quartet)
  • Infernal Devices (Mortal Engines quartet)
  • A Darkling Plain (Mortal Engines quartet)
  • Fever Crumb (Fever Crumb trilogy)
  • A Web of Air (Fever Crumb trilogy)
  • A Web of Air and Scrivener’s Moon (Fever Crumb trilogy)

If you were wondering what is the best order here you have the answer. Keep reading!