Nine must have items for every Fantasy Novel fan

Hello there Wottareaders! Book worms like us also usually like to collect stuff related to those novels we love, isn’t it? Here are some must-haves for every Fantasy novel lover (don’t know which fantasy saga read next? do this quizz!. Here you have nine must-have items for a Fantasy Novel fan.

I will include a link on Amazon in case you like any of these items. The items here showed are just an example, there are lot of replicas for different prices and alternative versions of the same items. So make sure you take a look before you purchase any of these.

Before we start, ever wondered how would your favourite fantasy main characters be if they were League of legends Champions? well, here you have the answer.

Here we go:

Harry Potter’s wand – Harry PotterHarry Potter's wand

This saga has a lot of memorable items, and it was difficult to make a choice. Harry Potter’s wand is still one of the most representative items of the series. Here is a replica of his wand, eleven inches long, its core a single feather from the tail of a phoenix, the same bird that supplied the feather for Voldemort’s.

You can purchase it on the following link.

Also, if you love Harry Potter you must know that there is an RPG Videogame coming soon!

Jon Snow Longclaw – A Song of Ice and Fire


The Valyrian steel sword that belonged to House Mormont until Jeor Mormont gave it to Jon Snow after Jon saved his life. This sword is probably one of the most iconical weapons in Game of Thrones in addition to Needle and Oathkeeper. You probably wanted a Direwolf cub (me too), Longclaw’s pommel looks like a wolf at least.

Purchase here.

If you are willing to read Game of Thrones, you better check this post first.

Marauder’ss map – Harry Potter

Marauders map

As stated before, Harry Potter has a lot of emblematic elements. Marauder’s map showed every corner of Hogwarts castle (except for the Chamber of Secrets as you well know)  while also identifying every person including animagi. Yeah, Fred and George probably thought Ron sleeping with someone called Peter Pettigrew (Scabbers) is what they call fun.

Use your Marauders map wisely, and make Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prong proud of your mischief. Don’t forget about tapping it and recite, “Mischief managed”  when you are done with it!

You can purchase it here.

If you like Harry Potter books, you might want to check these other books similar to Harry Potter, you will love them!

Cryptex-  The Da Vinci Code


This is an interesting and romantic gift, quite an original present for a fan of The Da Vinci Code. This is a mini replica of a Cryptex, a portable container used to hide secret messages which are revealed after unlocking it using the password. This model’s default password is “I love you”, a perfect present for Saint Valentine’s Day.

You can purchase it here.

The One Ring – The Lord of the Rings

The one Ring

This list wouldn’t be complete without the One Ring. The artifact that Sauron created in order to conquer the  Middle-earth. Fate wanted that an innocent creature, a Hobbit, became his new master. And so a new journey began.

You can purchase this replica here.

For all the LOTR fans out there, a new tv series of The Lord of The Rings is being produced by Amazon, check all the details in the following post: Amazon Lord of the Rings.

Wolf silver medallion – The Witcher

Wolf medallion

Geralt of Rivia’s silver medallion is a symbol of his profession as a Witcher. His is shaped in the form of a wolf, the animal that represents the order of witchers where he was trained, the School of the Wolf. This insignia is sensitive to magic, vibrating when a spell is cast or a magical creature is close.

You can purchase it here. This replica is not made of silver.

Did you know The Witcher is getting a tv series on Netflix?

Mocking Jay pin – The Hunger Games

Mockingjay pin

In The Hunger Games the Mockingjay becomes a symbol of revolution, or as Katniss says “something of a slap in the face to the Capitol!”. This is why Katniss Evergreens carries a Mocking Jay pin, as a symbol of Rebellion and the same time the reason President Snow banned this symbol. However, the Mockingjay will always be a symbol to face the oppression in Panem.

Purchase here.

If you haven’t read the novels and you only watched the movies maybe you’ll want to know if the movie adaptation was good enough? just check The Hunger Games Despite the movie.

Nice socks – Discworld

Discworld socks

Discworld’s satire couldn’t be better conveyed than they are in these socks. A parody of the fantasy genre at its best. If you don’t know about this series written by Terry Pratchett just check this post Introducing Discworld.

You can purchase the socks here.


Hope you liked these suggestions, what about you Wottareader which items you consider a must-have?


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HIs dark materials BBC Wallpaper

His dark materials BBC tv series

Hello Wottareaders, today we are talking about Phillip’s Pullman famous saga: His Dark materials and its upcoming tv adaptation.   This is His dark materials  BBC tv series, and it’s coming out soon!

There is no better thing than showing, so here you have the Teaser trailer:

I have written recently about Phillip’s Pullman latest novel, The Secret Commonwealth. This is the second volume of The Book of Dust saga, an equel, as the author likes to call it, of His Dark Materials. If you want to know more about this upcoming novel just click here.

What will  His dark materials  BBC tv series be about?

As you know, the original series is a trilogy. So it is expected that each season will cover the entire series. That is, the first season will tell the story narrated in the first novel, The Golden Compass. The following books, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, would be covered in the subsequent seasons.

The first season will have eight episodes.  Even though it has not been aired yet a second season of eight episodes is confirmed.

Regarding the filming, the first season is already filmed. the official Twitter account confirmed it (see here).

Who is casting His Dark Materials BBC Tv series?

If you are wondering who is casting this adaptation, the entire cast is already revealed.  The actress Dafne Keen is cast to play  Lyra Belacqua,  Billy Costa will be cast by Tyler Howitt while Lewin Lloyd will cast Roger Parslow. You can check the full casting on the following IMBD link.

When will His Dark Materials be on tv? Release date

His dark materials  HBO tv series will be released later in 2019, so it will air this same year.

Previous adaptations

His Dark Materials has had a previous movie adaptation. Or, better said, the first novel, The Golden Compass (or Northern Lights depending on the country), had a movie adaptation. The movie is considered a flop, having a budget of  $180 million earning $372 million worldwide. Even though the movie recouped its cost, the grossing in the USA did not meet the expectations and as a result, the sequels were never made. As a result, this movie adaptation was not one of the highest grossing movie adaptations of all time, you can check which movie adaptations are honored with such achievement here.

There are high hopes for this BBC adaptation. Fans think this adaptation is true to the original material and expect it to be the proper movie adaptation this saga deserves.


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Return of the king wallpaper

Highest grossing fantasy novel movie adaptations

Hello Wottareaders! Have you ever wondered which movie adaptation of a fantasy novel has been the most successful? probably some sagas come to your mind, isn’t it?  Well, here we are going to find the Highest grossing fantasy novel movie adaptations of all time!

Before we begin, a quick note: the following list is adjusted for inflation. That is, in order to provide a fair comparison this grossing is adjusted taking into account the increase of movie theater tickets adjusting all the movies to the same ticket price. Despite not being perfectly accurate, the results provide a piece of much more comparable information.

Why is inflation important?

Just so you can understand better how crucial this is, tickets cost $1.55  in 1970, while the average movie theater tickets were $9.11 in 2018. See that already isn’t it? If the same number of people watched a movie on those different periods, the 2018 movie would gross more even though the films had had the same audience number.  This is why it wouldn’t make sense to compare a movie released in different periods unless they have been adjusted for inflation to current prices.

Which is the highest grossing movie of all time?

No other than Gone in the wind, yes, the highest grossing movie of all time is based on a novel, written by Margaret Mitchel. The movie was released in 1939 and grossed  198.68M million, while if adjusted for inflation it grossed $3,703,000,000.

If inflation is not considered, the highest grossing movie turns out to be Avatar, released in 2009 and directed by James Cameron. Avatar grossed $2,787,965,087 worldwide. And, just in case you were wondering, Gone with the Wind wouldn’t even appear on the highest grossing movies if inflation was not taken into account.

Let’s see the Highest grossing fantasy novel movie adaptations of all time:

6.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Chamber of secrets

Directed by:  Chris Columbus    Release date: 2002

Adjusted: ~1.375-1.4 Billion $

Real Worldwide Box Office: 879.0 Million $

Budget: 100 Million $

5.The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

fellowship of the ring

Directed by:  Peter Jackson     Release date: 2001

Adjusted: ~1.375-4 Billion $

Real Worldwide Box Office: 871.5 Million $

Budget: 93 Million $

4.The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The two towers

Directed by:  Peter Jackson    Release date: 2002

Adjusted: ~1.425-1.45 Billion $

Real Worldwide Box Office: 926.0 Million$

Budget: 94 Million $

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2

harry potter deathly hallows

Director: David Yates     Release date: 2011

Adjusted: ~1.55 Billion $

Real Worldwide Box Office: 1341.5 Million $

Budget: 150-200 Million $

2.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

sorcerers stone

Directed by Chris Columbus  Release date: 2001

Adjusted: ~1.575-1.6 Billion $

Real Worldwide Box Office: 974.8 Million $

Budget: 125 Million $

1.The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

return of the king

Directed by:  Peter Jackson Release date: 2003

Adjusted: ~1.65-1.7 Billion $

Real Worldwide Box Office: 1119.9 Million$

Budget: 94 Million $


Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings last movie turns out to be the highest grossing fantasy novel adaptation of all time. How shocking is it that the highest grossing fantasy movies are only these two sagas? If you are curious about other movies grossing you can check it at IMDB. Now that the Amazon Lord of the Rings is on the way, it’s a great moment to watch the movies again!

Also, if you liked this article, you will surely like this one: Best selling fantasy novels of all time.

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His Dark Materials Wallpaper

The Secret Commonwealth, The Book of Dust volume 2

Hello Wottareaders, great news for those who all those who are fond of Phillip Pullman’s work. The Secret Commonwealth, the long-awaited second volume of The Book of Dust trilogy, is coming out soon! Let’s know more about Philip Pullman’s new book, this upcoming novel will be published soon.

 What is The Book of Dust?

The Book of Dust trilogy is an expansion of the most acclaimed fantasy series by Phillip Pullman: His Dark Materials. The first novel of The Book of Dust trilogy, La Belle Sauvage, is set twelve years before the first book of His Dark Materials.

You might have noticed that I haven’t said that The Book of Dust trilogy is a prequel despite the fact that as previously said is connected to His Dark Materials trilogy. The Book of Dust first novel, La Belle Sauvage, being set years before the original series. There is a reason for that, this series is actually not a prequel, as Phillip Pullman himself stated:

“In fact, The Book of Dust is… an ‘equel’. It doesn’t stand before or after His Dark Materials, but beside it. It’s a different story, but there are settings that readers of His Dark Materials will recognise, and characters they’ve met before.”

An equel then, as the author says. As you see The Book of Dust saga takes place before, meanwhile and after His Dark Materials events, quite an interesting approach.

What is The Secret Commonwealth about

Like the original trilogy, the story of The Book of Dust centers on Lyra Belacqua (also known as Lyra Silvertongue). While in the first novel, La Belle Sauvage, Lyra is a baby who will be protected by Alice and her dæmon,  in the second volume Lyra is already 20 years old.

In The Secret Commonwealth Lyra will travel with her daemon Pantalaimon and other companions across Europe and Asia,  searching for a city haunted by dæmons. As you see, the second volume takes of The Book of Dust trilogy takes place after the events in His Dark Materials. This is why before reading this second book you might want to read Lyra’s Oxford. This is a short novel telling the story of Lyra Belacqua being 15 years old, that is, two years after the end of the original trilogy and at the same chronologically preceding the events occurring in The Secret Common Wealth.

The Secret Commonwealth release date

If you are wondering when The Book of Dust volume 2 will be released here you have the answer, The Secret Commonwealth will be published on 3 October 2019.

About the author Philipp Pullman

Philipp Pullman is an English writer, his most notorious work is his fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials. Philipp Pullman is considered by The Times The 50 greatest British writers since 1945. Maybe know His Dark Materials saga as The Golden Compass,  the title under which this series was adapted as a film.


This book series, as the original series, are great to introduce kids into books! For more book suggestions for kids just check the following post.


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Harry Potter wallpaper

Harry Potter RPG videogame!

It has been everywhere! And I had to talk about this. A Harry Potter RPG videogame is on the way, and it looks amazing! just to make it clear, this is me, I.M Redwright,  reacting to the news and giving my opinion and suggestions. There is still not a lot of information regarding this videogame.

This wonderful news was published on Reddit, where a user published the following post “Unannounced Harry Potter RPG has killing and unforgivable spells!” in this he linked to a youtube video where you could see a gameplay of this new Harry Potter videogame. Warner Bros blocked the video to avoid the leakage, but unfortunately (or maybe the opposite) it had already spread all around the internet. A lot of people think that the fact that the video was taken down by Warner Bros just proves that the game is actually being developed, which make sense. Just think about it, if it was a fake video why would Warner Bros want to take it down?

The leaked video is still on youtube so you can watch it here:

Funnily, in a previous post, I theorized about the stolen postcard on which J.K Rowling had written a short prequel story of Harry Potter and what would have happened if a true fan had stolen it. Similarly, the attention this videogame has thanks to that leakage will have hinted the producers how hyped Harry Potter fans are with this new videogame. For those fans who are looking for something similar to Harry Potter, here are some book suggestions for you.

What will Harry Potter Magic Awakened be about

This videogame seems to be titled Magic Awakened. However, it seems it’s not the final title yet.

For what is known (which is not much, to be honest) you will be able to create your own character and play in an open world. As you can see in the video you will be to make potions and cast different spells. The story is also unknown but according to the leaked video, we will start this experience in Hogwarts.

There is no release date yet or available Platforms but I will update this post.

According to the leaked images and comments all around the internet, this is an RPG videogame. In this title, you will be able to choose your side, that is, Dark or Light sides. As it usually happens in RPGs you will have different classes to pick. RPG games usually have diverse class roles, such as healers, tanks, damage dealers

How could class roles be adapted into a Harry Potter RPG?

Well why not the  Hogwarts subjects? Just take it this way: in order to create your own character, you must choose the subjects you were good at Hogwarts, depending on your choices you might have a different role. That is, if you picked Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms, for example, you could be a damage dealer, while if you pick Herbology and Potions you could be a healer. This would be a cool way to create unique and specialized roles, somehow each subject providing different abilities and spells. Just to be clear, this is pure speculation.

Just think about the possibilities! you pick the transfiguration spell and you can transform into an animal, or maybe pick Care of Magical Creatures and you could summon a magic companion! With Alchemy you could transmute substances for your advantage… see what I mean?

Well, what would happen if you pick Muggle Studies or History of Magic? I’ll leave these two for you!

What is expected from a Harry Potter RPG videogame

A lot actually! a lot of questions are yet unanswered: Will we be able to play Quidditch? Will the sorting Hat choose our House? Regarding this one, a YouTuber had a great idea, suggesting the Hat sorted us using the info available in our Pottermore profiles. Will we be able to visit other places aside from Hogwarts? Hogsmeade is expected, but what else?

What about you, what would you like this Harry Potter RPG videogame to include? Also, before you leave, want to know which animal would your Patronus be? check it here!


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