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New fantasy book 2020

New Fantasy Book 2020: The Sapphire Eruption

This new fantasy book was released in January 2020 and it’s the first volume of four planned volumes. A high fantasy story told from the perspective of different characters. Looking for magic, humor, a bit of politics, strong and independent women or LGBT characters? you are lucky, this book series has all of that, and […]

best Star Wars books

The best Star Wars books

With the arrival of The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars film franchise seems to come to its end, difficult to believe isn’t it? True, the last Star Wars films were not of the liking of all the fans so what if I told you there is another way to enjoy Star Wars? and no, I […]

Harry Potter subjects quizz

Which subject will you teach at Hogwarts? QUIZ

Have you ever wondered of which subject would you teach at Hogwarts? this personality quiz will tell you! Will you teach Transfiguration as Professor McGonagall? or maybe you will be the next professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts? Ready to know which subject would you teach at Hogwarts? It is time to know the […]

Metro books in order

Metro books in order: How to read Dmitri Glujovski books

Want a Post-apocalyptic story taking place in the metro of Moskow? if so, here you have Metro books in order. In Metro series Muscovites must relocate to their city’s Metro system in order to survive, it is the only safe refuge after the nuclear war. The story centers on Artyom, a 24-year-old boy born before […]

Hornblower books in order

How to read Hornblower: C. S. Forester books in order

Want to read a historical series set in the Napoleonic Wars? then the Hornblower series by the English author C.S Forester is what you are looking for. Here you will find Hornblower books in order. This story centers on Horatio Hornblower, a Royal Navy officer who takes part in the Napoleonic Wars. The series shows how […]