The Never girls series order by Kiki Thorpe

So many requests to make a list with all the Never Girls books in order! we listen to you, so here it is! A Disney series written by Kiki Thorpe narrating the story of four girls who discover a portal to Pixie Hollow. Sounds cool uh?T

This is our recommended order for The Never Girl book series, we collected the books at the best price we found in case you want to get them. Or you can take a look at the book sets collecting these books (which we show you in the next section)

1. In a Blink

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2. The Space Between

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3. A Dandelion Wish

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4. From the Mist

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5. Wedding Wings

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6. The Woods Beyond

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7. A Pinch of Magic

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8. Far from Shore 

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9. Before the Bell

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10. On the Trail

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11. Into the Waves

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12. In the Game

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13. Under the Lagoon

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14. A Fairy’s Gift

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15. A Fairy’s Fire

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Now that we told you the order for The Never Girls series, check out these book sets!

A The Never Girl book set might be a fun yet educational gift for a birthday, or if you want to have the complete collection this is a cheaper (and cooler, because the boxes are beautiful) way to get them all as well.

The first and second book set recommendations collect books 1-3, and 4-6 respectively. Meanwhile, the third one is a 14 book collection, by getting this one you would only have to get A Fairy’s Gift, and A Fairy’s Fire.

A list with the Never Girls book series order

We thought that this list would be helpful for you. These books have beautiful illustrations by Jana Christy (who is known for illustrating When the Wind Blows) and are published by Random House.

The Never Girls book series order

The never Girls series order


  • Disney & Random House

Reading order:

  • In a Blink (The Never Girls book 1)
  • The Space Between (The Never Girls book 2)
  • A Dandelion Wish (The Never Girls book 3)
  • From the Mist (The Never Girls book 4)
  • Wedding Wings (The Never Girls book 5)
  • The Woods Beyond (The Never Girls book 6)
  • A Pinch of Magic (The Never Girls book 7)
  • Far from Shore  (The Never Girls book 8)
  • Before the Bell (The Never Girls book 9)
  • On the Trail (The Never Girls book 10)
  • Into the Waves (The Never Girls book 11)
  • In the Game (The Never Girls book 12)
  • Under the Lagoon (The Never Girls book 13)
  • A Fairy’s Gift (The Never Girls book 14)
  • A Fairy’s Fire (The Never Girls book 15)

Do The Never Girls books need to be read in order?

We recommend you read the Never Girls books in order of publication. This way you will read the two stand-alone novels at the end, once you have finished the original series.

You will enjoy those novels way more if you already know the characters involved in this story, and for that you should read the original series first.

What is the reading level of this series and what is it about?

The reading level of The Never Girls is from 6 to nine years, with a Lexile measure of 530. These books are around one hundred pages long, and their dimensions are 5.13 x 0.33 x 7.63 inches.

This is the story of four girls: Kate, Mia, Gabby, and Lainey. Their life will change once they discover a portal to Pixie Hollow.

If you like magic kingdoms and strong princesses then you can take a look at The Rescue Princesses, a great series! On the other hand, you can take a look at the Anyone but Ivy Pocket series, which is hilarious!

Do you have a favorite The Never Girls books? which of the four girls is your favorite or you resemble the most? leave a comment and tell us!

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  • You actually made me get these books for my little girl, The Never Girls sounds like a great series!

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