the school for good and evil books in order

The School for Good and Evil series in order

It’s never a bad time to revisit the classic fairy tales, that’s why we got a list with The School for Good and Evil books in order, because that’s what you will find in this series by Soman Chainani. But the way we get back to these known stories is more than peculiar and thriving.

Every year two girls are kidnapped from the same village, legend has it that they are sent to a school in which they will become heroes or villains… and this time it’s the turn for Sophie and Agatha to find out what they will become.

The School for Good and Evil books in order by Soman Chainani

We recommend you read the School for Good and Evil series in order of publication (the story is narrated chronologically). This story is concluded, and is composed of six volumes. Here you have all of them, you can get them by clicking on their cover:

Maybe you want to get all the books in The School for Good and Evil series? in that case, there are many book sets collecting these novels. Here you have two of them, the first one collects the first 3 novels while the second one is the complete collection:

Don’t you think the book covers look a bit as if it was an anime? they certainly do!

Now that we told you the order for the Good and Evil books, don’t miss these series

Can’t stop reading, can you? then we’ve got 3 great book series that you will really enjoy once you have finished the last book in the Good and Evil series.

Our first recommendation is another book by author Soman Chainani, Beasts and Beauty, you might think by its title that this is just a retelling of The Beauty & The Beast, however, this is not the case. Because this book is a compilation of 12 short classic stories with a twist.

Also, you can take a look at this list with The Land of Stories book series in order, a story of two twins that are transported into a magical world. Really entertaining!

What is this series about?

Sophie and Agatha have been kidnapped, but they know exactly where they are being sent, to The School for Good and Evil. In this place, they will become either a hero or a villain. Everybody thinks that Sophie will choose the light side, while Agatha will have a preference for the latter, however, this story has many twists as it has magic…

Cinderella and Snow White have studied in this peculiar institution. But also have the most despicable villains, which side will these two girls choose?

But that’s not all, this series is having a movie adaptation! yes, it is confirmed, and it will be available on Netflix. Big stars will be on the cast, like Charlize Theron and Laurence Fishburne! Let’s hope it becomes a success and it doesn’t get canceled, as it happened to the
sequel of the Miss Peregrine movie.

A list of all The School for Good and Evil books in order

Here goes a list of all the books in The School for Good and Evil series, we’ll keep it updated, so we’ll add any prequels or sequels if Soman Chainani decides to keep this story alive.

The School for Good and Evil books in order

The School for Good and Evil – Soman Chainani


  • HarperCollins

Reading order:

  • The School for Good and Evil (School for Good and Evil book 1)
  • A World without Princes (School for Good and Evil book 2)
  • The Last Ever After (School for Good and Evil book 3)
  • Quests for Glory (School for Good and Evil book 4)
  • A Crystal of Time (School for Good and Evil book 5)
  • One True King (School for Good and Evil book 6)

This series is addressed to children between 8 and 12 years old, and it has a Lexile level of 830L.

If your children are 12 years old, or older, then they may enjoy the Shatter Me series, a story of a girl who has a power that doesn’t let her touch anyone. Because a mere contact with her skin may make her “victim” suffer excruciating pain.

Have you read this series already? then tell us if you read The School for Good and Evil books in order of publication or if you read them in another way. Also, tell us if you are excited about the movie adaptation!

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