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Welcome to Wottaread, the ultimate book blog for avid readers and fantasy enthusiasts! Here, we delve into the magical realms of literature, bringing you the best in book reviews, author insights, and reading recommendations. Our mission is to connect book lovers with a world of stories, offering expertly curated lists and thought-provoking discussions. 

Whether you’re a fan of epic fantasy, thrilling mysteries, or heartfelt novels, Wottaread has something for everyone. Our blog features in-depth analyses of popular series, hidden gems in the literary world, and tips for aspiring writers. Join our vibrant community and embark on a literary journey like no other. Stay updated with the latest book releases and join us in celebrating the joy of reading at Wottaread, your number one book blog!

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If you love the fantasy genre then you will love this website. Here you will find lots of related posts with fantasy books. Interesting articles, movie adaptations, trivia and personality quizzes. Every fantasy book series has its own place on Wottaread.

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Fantasy books are the reason this website exists, that is undeniable. However, good books are always welcome. This is why sometimes you will find post like “reading orders” (as ithe case for The Witcher reading order) for book series that are not either fantasy or scifi.