Keeper of the lost cities book covers

Keeper of the Lost Cities: how to read and what to know

Hello there Wottareaders! Have you heard about Keeper of The Lost Cities? now that book 8 is coming out soon, it is the perfect time to start reading this YA series.

What is Keeper of the Lost Cities about?

Keeper of The Lost Cities is a Young Adult fantasy series written by Shannon Messenger. This saga is a New York Times bestseller.

The books tell the story of Sophie Foster, a twelve-year-old girl who is a telepath being able to read minds. Her world changes when she meets Fitz, a boy also with telepath abilities who will introduce her a brand new world where she won’t put the lives of her family in danger. This series takes place in the Lost Cities.

How popular is this saga?

This fantasy series is pretty popular among teenagers, even though some say it is geared more towards a girls audience truth is everyone can enjoy this captivating story.

What grade level is this series? 

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a Young adult fiction (YA) series. Therefore, this series is written for readers from 12 to 18 years of age. This fantasy series shows a lot of traits of this genre like friendship, first loves, and identity.

How many Keeper of the Lost Cities books will there be?

Right now Keeper of the Lost Cities is composed of seven books, the last one being Flashback which was published on November 6, 2018. The next book in the series, Legacy, will be released in November 2019.

There is still the last book to be announced, which is expected to be released in 2020. As a result, there will be nine books of Keeper of the Lost Cities.

When does book 8 come out?

The eighth book of this series, Legacy, will be released on November 5, 2019. Shannon Messenger revealed on her site the book cover of her next book, in which we can see Sophie, Keefe, and Fitz:

Keepers book 8 Legacy book cover

Keepers of the City: Legacy book cover


She also gave her opinion about Legacy’s book cover:

“AHHHHHHHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The outfits! The facial expressions! The handholding! How powerful my little girl is—and how ridiculously handsome my boys look!”

Also, she announced that the first edition of Legacy would have some very special extra bonus content.

What order should I read Keeper of the Lost Cities series?

If you are wondering how to read Keeper of the Lost Cities the best approach is following the publishing order:

What is the best order to read the Keeper of the Lost Cities series of novels ...


  • Keeper of the Lost Cities 
  • Exile
  • Everblaze
  • Neverseen
  • Lodestar
  • Nightfall 
  • Flashback
  • Legacy  (release date: November 5, 2019)
  • Book 9 (release date Fall 2020)

The release dates were announced by the author, Shannon Messenger, on her official website.

Will Keeper of the Lost Cities be a movie?

In 2017, Shannon Messenger was asked about this on Goodreads. This was her answer:

Sadly, that’s up to Hollywood, and all I can say is, “Hopefully–and hopefully if it happens they’ll do a good job with it” See source.

Two years later things haven’t changed, there have not been any updates regarding a movie adaptation for this series. Even so, the author seems willing to have an adaptation of her story, since she provides her agent’s email in order for producers to inquire about film/television options.

Maybe now that Disney Plus is coming they might have a chance? as it may happen with Percy Jackson’s adaptation?

Seems like the movies will have to wait, maybe when the saga is finished?  meanwhile, there are some fan-made trailers. Here is an example of a fan made trailer, cool isn’t it?


Would you like Keeper of the Lost Cities to be on movie theatres? or maybe a tv series better? tell us!

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Lotr test

Lord of the Rings quiz: test your knowledge

You have watched the films several times. You have read all the Tolkien books. But will that be enough? The following quiz, Lord of the Rings quiz: test your knowledge, will challenge your abilities.

10 questions, some of them quite difficult, that some of the super fans of LOTR might not pass. But you will not be one of them, will you? will you get the title of Lord of the Rings? a title only available for those who get a 10/10 in this test.

Lord of the rings quiz: beware those who lack knowledge!

Let’s start your Lord of the Rings test, good luck!

How did your Lord of the rings quiz go? was it as hard as you expected?

If you don’t want to share it on Facebook, then press “Share on Facebook” (it won’t share yet), a Facebook pop up will show up (don’t press share here, but close it), this way your results will show even though you didn’t share them on any Social Network. If you didn’t want to share because you didn’t do as well as you expected, remember that you can play again and share your best results! 😉

Lord of the Rings is an epic story, Tolkien did a great job in his worldbuilding and as a result, The Middle Earth has one of the most impressive lores ever created. Tolkien’s work was so advanced to his time that he even changed the way we see fantasy. 

Do you like fun quizzes? here you have more

If you like quizzes here you have other trivia and personality quizzes that you will enjoy:


Don’t forget to tell us your results! did you like the test? comment below.

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Game of Thrones RPG Elden Ring Wallpaper

Elden Ring: the collaboration of George R.R Martin and From Software

Amazing news! Days before the E3 2019 some juicy information had been leaked all around the internet: a new videogame developed by From Software, the creators of the famous Dark Souls series, Bloodborne and Sekiro videogames; in which George R.R Martn had been consulted. The first reaction was obvious: it had to be a Game of Thrones Rpg; a roleplaying videogame set in Westeros? that would be epic! However, as it was revealed during the E3, Elden Ring won’t be a Got’s RPG.

The rumors

At first it was just a rumor. It all began with an article George R.R Martin published on May 20, 2019, in which he talked about his future projects. And there was this line, a single line:

“I’ve consulted on a video game out of Japan.”

He was not revealing much, but fans grew suspicious. George R.R Martin traveling to Japan to consult a videogame? Rumors began, but it was that, mere rumors.

The E3 leak

It all happened because of a security flaw on Bandai Namco’s website, this leak revealed three new videogames a Ni no Kuni remaster, a new Tales game, and Elden Rin,g the new videogame developed by From Software for which George R.R Martin was consulted. While it was rummored it would be a Game of Thrones RPG it turns out it is not so.

Elden Ring announcement trailer

During the E3 Elder Ring was announced, here you can watch the announcement trailer.

As you can see it is not related to Game of Thrones at all, as From Software defines it, it will be an action RPG set in a dark fantasy world.

The RPG: Elden ring

There is still not a lot of information regarding this videogame, only that It will be a fantasy action-RPG.  Also, the logo of the videogame was also leaked:

New dark souls videogame

Elden Ring logo


Will Miyazaki be involved in Elden Ring?

Yes, the creator of Dark Souls Hidetaka Miyazaki will be involved in this project.

Are you ready to die?

Given that this is a game developed by From Software it will be hard. The last videogame released by the company, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is an action-adventure that received universal acclaim while at the same time received some criticism due to its difficulty.

Elden Ring release date

There is still no official release date for this new From Software RPG.

Will Elden Ring be like Dark Souls?

Even though there is still not a lot of information about the videogame, it is expected that Elden Ring will have the usual traits of Dark Souls: the high difficulty, a grimdark tone, learning from mistakes, etc.

For which platforms will the game be released?

Elden Ring will be available for Xbox, Play Station and PC.

What do you think Wottareaders? would you have prefered a Game of Thrones rpg?

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Dragon breaths fire

The best books with dragons

Dragons are probably one of the most popular fantastic creatures. Physically they are usually described pretty similar: huge wings, gleaming eyes, serpent-like huge creatures breathing fire. In literature, These have been portrayed in many different ways,  they can behave as if they were gigantic scaly flamethrowing dogs with no intellect while other times they are shown as intelligent majestic beings that are able to talk with wisdom, even cast spells and transform into human forms. In this article you will find the best book with dragons.

Sometimes dragons are used as a metaphor. In some cases, it is for human vices, such as greed and self-interest. This is the kind of dragon shown in many novels, maybe one of the most famous in this role being Smaug, the main antagonist in The Hobbit. Also, Dragons are used as an analogy of majesty and overwhelming power, a higher level of knowledge that we, mere humans, are not able to comprehend.

If you love dragons, the book Dragons of Fantasy by Anne C. Pretty is a character study of these beasts, providing a study of how these creatures have appeared in myths, legends, and fiction sagas. Also, she focuses on dragons of certain known sagas, like the ones created by J.R.R Tolkien, Terry Pratchett or J.K Rowling among others.

Dragons as villains

Fantasy settings have shown us dragons in different roles, being a villain is probably one of their most natural ones. In this depiction, these mythological creatures are usually greedy, evil and lonely creatures which commonly are the final test before the main character ends his journey. Dragons, being powerful and fearsome creatures, fit perfectly in this role.

When dragons play this role they are shown as a mixture of big flying fire breathing monsters which are also smart, cunning and can even use magic spells.

Here you have some novels with Dragons as villains:

Novels with dragons as companions

Dragons also work as animal companions, powerful and destructive ones no doubt. One of the most basic examples of this kind of interaction would be the film How to train your dragon. Daenerys Targaryen is also a great example as she, being the mother of dragons, had three powerful monsters (Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion) who obeyed her orders.

When these titanic creatures act as companions they are shown as less intelligent creatures which are unable to talk and behave like beasts.

Here you have some the best novels with dragons companions:

Books with dragons as main characters

Dragons are really interesting creatures that have great intellect and usually can transform into humans, as a result, they can be great main characters. In the following recommendations, you will have dragons in the main plot and also in some, the story is told from their point of view. There are lots of novels where the main character is a dragon, some of these have great book covers by the way:

Romance stories

You want some romance involving dragons? Well, not many novels cover this aspect to be honest (ey writers, an almost unexplored niche here!). Here you have some fantasy books with dragons suggestions:


Here you have a nice selection of books with these mythological creatures, hope you liked it.

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The Prince of Nothing bookcovers

The Prince of Nothing series

Hello Wottareaders, have you heard of The Prince of Nothing series? let’s know more about this fantasy story:

What should I know about this saga?

The Prince of Nothing is a fantasy series written by R. Scott Baker. The narrative is set in the fictional continent of Eärwa, and the story is told from the point of view of several characters as are Drusas Achamian, Esmenet or Cnaiür urs Skiötha.

This series tells the story of the Holy War, being told by the different perspective of characters from the Inrithi kingdoms. In The Prince of Nothing, philosophy is quite a relevant aspect that will be noticeable in both the characters and the plot.

The original series has a sequel, The Aspect-Emperor, together they are known as The Second Apocalypse series.

Is Prince of nothing worth reading?

Take note that this is not a The Prince of Nothing review, even so: you should give Prince of Nothing a try if you like consistent worldbuilding, layered characters, and a tight plot. The author mentioned Tolkien and Frank Herbert as his main influences. You might not be surprised that this fantasy author was influenced by Tolkien since J.R.R Tolkien is a reference for all modern authors.

However, as it happens to other series like Malazan Book of the Fallen, a lot of characters are introduced so it can be a bit difficult to handle for the less experienced fantasy readers.  This series contains sexual violence also if you are sensitive with such topic this series might not be for you.

Do I need to read The Prince of Nothing  before

What order should I read The Prince of Nothing series?

The best order to read The Prince of Nothing series of novels is the published order. This is a relatively short series compared to the longest fantasy series ever written.

Here you have How to read The Prince of Nothing series:

How to read The Prince of Nothing


  • The Darkness That Comes Before 
  • The Warrior Prophet 
  • The Thousandfold Thought 

If you liked this series, you can read it’s sequel afterward, The Aspect-Emperor, a tetralogy that takes place twenty years after the events of R. Scott Bakker’s debut trilogy:

How to read The Aspect-Emperor


  • The Judging Eye 
  • The White-Luck Warrior 
  • The Great Ordeal 
  • The Unholy Consult 

Do I need to read The Prince of Nothing before reading The Aspect Emperor?

Given that The Aspect Emperor is the sequel of the original source, it might not be the best idea to read the sequel first since you might not know about of the events that took place 20 years before. Or even worse, the sequel might spoil you the evens occurring in The Prince of Nothing.

Hope you give this series a chance.

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