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the kissing booth 4 movie

Is there going to be a Kissing Booth 4 movie? No, and this is why

After so much time with no news you might start wondering if there will be a Kissing Booth 4 movie, the third installment was released in 2021, so it may be that the fourth film will come out in 2022? long story short: no, it won’t. Keep reading to discover why. Do not fret, the […]

the kissing booth books in order

The Kissing Booth book series in order

Fancy a romance story? great, because we have a list with all The Kissing Booth books in order, and this is a young adult series full of romance. Some of you may know this series due to the movie adaptation produced by Netflix, so let me tell you something: the books are way better. These […]

the school for good and evil books in order

The School for Good and Evil series in order

It’s never a bad time to revisit the classic fairy tales, that’s why we got a list with The School for Good and Evil books in order, because that’s what you will find in this series by Soman Chainani. But the way we get back to these known stories is more than peculiar and thriving. […]

the land of stories book series order

How many books are in The Land of Stories series

A realm of classic fairytales! it’s time to revisit the classics, so here you will find our list with The Land of Stories book series in order. These books, written by Chris Colfer (who you may know for his other artistic sides: singing, and acting) have become a huge phenomenon, and this is just the […]

interview author ronald l ruiz

Interview with author Ronald L. Ruiz

Hello Wottareaders, here is my interview with author Ronald L. Ruiz, but before we get to that, did you know that he just released a new book? here it is, Lost and Found: Lost and Found

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