disney twisted tales order to read

Disney Twisted Tales series list

Only a true fan of Disney would want to find the A Twisted Tale books in order to read, in these stories we get to know some of the most popular Disney heroines but in a different way, since this is a what if story. Therefore, here you will find a Disney twisted tales series list to start reading these books. If you just want to know where to start, the first novel you should read is A Whole New World.

Here you have the complete Disney Twisted Tales Collection, the following list shows all the individual novels in publication order (which is how we recommend you read them). As an alternative, you can get this amazing Disney Twisted Tale book set that collects the 3 first volumes in the series.

In this version, these heroines will fight for their own destiny. A retelling of these classics with more violence and dark moments…Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Also, you will find a perfect Disney Twisted Tales book set recommendation, don’t miss it!

Now that you have the Disney Twisted Tales books in order, maybe you decided that you want them all? take a look at this book set

This paperback boxed set collects the first three books in this series, that is A Whole New World, Once Upon a Dream, and AS Old as Time. This is a 4.8 out of 5 star rated boxed set with more than 400 reviews, a great way to introduce yourself into this new popular series:

If you like this series, you really have to check out this post about the Lunar Chronicles order since it also retells some classic fairy tales but in a modern and fun way, you definitely should take a look at that series as well.

What is the best order to read the Twisted Tales books? are there any alternatives?

You can actually read these books in the order you want, since each of The Twisted Tales novels centers on a different character and therefore the books are self conclussive.

We showed you before all the Disney Twisted Tales books in order of publication. If you would like to check any of the books just click on its cover, it is linked to Amazon where you will be able to check the blurb, ratings, etc. The link opens in a new tab, so you can keep reading this post.

Disney twisted tales series list with all the books

In case you want a list with all the Twisted tales books here you have it, so you can know the year of publication for each of the novels in this series.

disney twisted tales order to read

Twisted Tales series order

Disney twisted tales order to read
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Reading order:

  • A Whole New World (2016)
  • Once Upon a Dream (2016)
  • As Old As Time (2017)
  • Reflection (2018)
  • Part of Your World (2018)
  • Mirror, Mirror (2019)
  • Conceal, Don’t Feel (2019)
  • Straight On Till Morning (2020)
  • So This is Love (2020)

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Let’s know more about this series

The Disney Twisted Tales will show us scenarios such as how would Jasmine’s life be if Aladdin had never found the lamp, or if Mulan has to descend to the very same hell.

This series is written by Jen Calonita, Elizabeth Lim, and Liz Braswell; who you may already know since they are well known for they YA fantasy series. These authors have claimed they love fairy tales as well as Disney, as a result, this alternate dark versions of these popular stories were born.

Despite the fact that the series narrates a more mature version of these fairy tales, some of the main aspects of these stories, such as magic or friendship, still remain.It is just that in Twisted Tales Mulan, Jasmine,Ariel, and the rest of the Disney Princessses will prove they are true fighters.

So yes, expect more conflict and violence in Twisted Tales because that is what you are going to get. This is why, it is not recommended for youngsters below 12 years old, given the adult themes and the darker moments that we will be able to live in these Twisted Tale Disney stories.

Also, if you are up for some young adult romance then take a look at the After books in order.

Will you start reading The Twisted Tale books? if so, which of the stories did you choose to start with? what made you choose that one? was it because it retold the story of your favorite Disney princesses? leave a comment telling us.

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