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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

Fantastic Beasts books in order

Fantastic Beasts book series order

Here you will find the Fantastic Beasts books in order, the series starred by Magizoologist Newt Scamander, who will find himself in the middle of a quest to save the muggles from a dangerous wizard who has a special connection with Dumbledore. A must-read for all the Potterheads around the world, no doubt.

We collected all the books in this spin-off prequel series. But there’s much more, let’s find it out. (takes wand out) Revelio!

Fantastic Beasts books in order by J.K Rowling

This trilogy series is authored by J.K. Rowling (she was the screenwriter of the films). It might be worth mentioning that these books are Fantastic Beasts written in the form of a screenplay (as was already done with The Cursed Child). Here you have the Fantastic Beasts books in order, we chose the most gorgeous edition out there (The Milanima version), which has such astonishing book covers:

Bear in mind that the first volume in the series is based on another book by the same name. That is, there’s also the book shown below, which is a sort of encyclopedia of magical creatures:

It might be a little confusing that there are two books penned by the same author that have the same name. This is because this compendium became so popular that it inspired the author into making it part of a bigger project that was actually connected to the characters shown in the original books.

Now that you know the order of the Fantastic Beasts book series don’t miss these

Do you miss the wizarding world? or maybe you are ready for some new adventures? it doesn’t matter what the case is, here is the answer you needed:

Needless to say that before reading the Fantastic Beasts series you should have already finished the original series, a duty for which you’ll find a list of the Harry Potter books in order more than handy.

And, since you are probably wondering: the Fantastic Beasts series takes place before the events shown in the Harry Potter series. Does this mean you should read these novels before starting the story about the boy who survived his encounter with the most powerful wizard of all time? not at all. This is one of those rare cases in which we suggest you read the novels in publication order, that is, first the original series and then the Fantastic Beast books. Trust us, it makes much more sense this way.

Also, here’s this list with some book series similar to the Harry Potter books.

What are these books about?

Fantastic Beasts series order
Fantastic Beasts series order

The Fantastic Beasts books center on Newt Scamander, a Magizoologist who loves to help and collect rare magical creatures (a sort of Pokemon Master but in the Harry Potter universe). His travel to New York but will get interesting when all the magical beings he carries on his case escape all around the city, he must make sure he gets every single one of them in no time if he doesn’t want to get into trouble.

But what New Scamander would have never guessed is that he will get involved in one of the most tragical events in wizarding history: the rise of Gellert Grindelwald into power, a wizard who wishes to enslave muggles (seeing them as inferior creatures). For those who have read the HP books, you will already know who this man is, and how close he was to Dumbledore…

Also, while it might not seem so, the events in the 3 books of this trilogy are connected. Which means that you should read the Fantastic books in publication order.

In the movies, the role of Grindelwald was interpreted by two authors. In the first two movies, it was Johny Depp, lately (due to the allegations by Amber Heard), he was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen.

A list of all the Fantastic Beasts books in order

Here’s a list of the Fantastic Beasts series in order. These books are published by Pottermore Publishing, the reading age recommendation is for children older than 9 years old.

Fantastic Beasts books in order

Fantastic Beasts – J.K. Rowling


  • Pottermore


  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Fantastic Beasts book 1)
  • The Crimes of Grindelwald (Fantastic Beasts book 2)
  • The Secrets of Dumbledore (Fantastic Beasts book 3)

Will there be more books in this series? as said before, these novels are an adaptation of the movies, so far there’s no news that may lead us into thinking that there may be a new adventure starred by Newt Scamander, would you like more stories starred by this popular magizoologist? Leave a comment and tell us!

Now that you know the order of the Fantastic Beasts books you have no excuse to start reading this spin-off series! we are deeply curious, have you watched the movies already? leave a comment and tell us if you enjoyed them and if you think that they are a good addition to the HP franchise!

anita blake series in order

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series in order

We finally have a list with the Anita Blake series in order, the prevalent novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. This New York Times Bestseller happens to be quite long but fear not, here you will find what the best way to start reading these novels is.

Horror, romance, mystery… there’s a bit of that in this female vampire hunter story. Aren’t you thrilled? let’s do this

Anita Blake book series in order by Laurell K. Hamilton

So far there are more than 20 novels in this series, however, we believe that there will be even more. Here you have all the Anita Blake books in order:

If you want to get all the Anita Blake novels then these sets are a great start. The first one collects books 1 to 4, while the other one 6 to 10 (which means you’ll have to get book 5 individually though)

There’s another set that collects the first 5 books in the series, sadly, it is only available for Kindle.

Now that you know the order of The Anita Blake series don’t miss these books

We have so much to show you aside from telling you what’s the reading order of the Anita Blake series. For instance, do you know what you will read next once you have finished all these novels? if not, here are 3 great book suggestions.

If you want to delve into Laurell K. Hamilton’s work then the Merry Gentry novels are a great follow-up. These stories focus on a faery princess who disguises herself as a human and works as a private invest solving paranormal mysteries taking place in Los Angeles city. We recommend you first read all the Anita Blake books in order, then start with this one. By the way, if you find paranormal detectives are your thing then don’t miss this post with the Dresden Files books in order, you’ll love it.

Maybe you are already familiar with everything related to Laurell K. Hamilton’s work? Then the Jane Yellowork, and The Mercy Thompson series have a similar tone. So make sure you add them both to your TBR list!

Fancy more stories about a hunter? then here’s the Dark Hunter reading order, there are greek demigods in this one!

What is this story about?

Anita Blake books in order
Anita Blake books in order

The Ania Blake books tell us about a vampire hunter of the same name who will kill any undead who causes trouble in the city of St Louis (Laurell K. Hamilton lives in this very same city by the way). It is a paranormal story with lots of romance, sex (see warning below), and adventure.

While there are many books, they are easy to read because each of them can be read as a standalone. That is, each novel has a different plot (usually revolving around solving a paranormal murder scene or anything of a similar sort).

If each of the novels in this series is self-contained, do you really need to read the Anita Blake series in order? to be honest, it is not mandatory to do so. They can be read as a standalone, however, we believe you’ll have a greater experience if you read the books in published order (the way we suggested early in this very same post). In case you decide to read them your own way, we strongly suggest that you at least read Guilty Pleasures first, after this just pick the ones that interest you the most.

A fair warning: This story contains explicit sex scenes, including group sex. So make sure you are not sensitive to this before starting this series because there’s a lot of it among its pages.

Do you want a brief anticipation of the tone of this series? here are two of the most popular quotes from book 1:

Anita Blake book 1 quotes
Anita Blake book 1 quotes

A list of the Anita Blake book series in order

Here’s you have a list with the Anit Blake reading order, we suggest you read this book series by Laurell K. Hamilton this way:

Anita Blake series in order

Anita Blake – Laurell K. Hamilton


  • Berkley


  • Guilty Pleasures  (Anita Blake book 1)
  • The Laughing Corpse  (Anita Blake book 2)
  • Circus of the Damned  (Anita Blake book 3)
  • The Lunatic Cafe  (Anita Blake book 4)
  • Bloody Bones  (Anita Blake book 5)
  • The Killing Dance  (Anita Blake book 6)
  • Burnt Offerings  (Anita Blake book 7)
  • Blue Moon  (Anita Blake book 8)
  • Obsidian Butterfly  (Anita Blake book 9)
  • Narcissus in Chains  (Anita Blake book 10)
  • Cerulean Sins  (Anita Blake book 11)
  • Incubus Dreams  (Anita Blake book 12)
  • Micah  (Anita Blake book 13)
  • Danse Macabre  (Anita Blake book 14)
  • The Harlequin  (Anita Blake book 15)
  • Blood Noir  (Anita Blake book 16)
  • Skin Trade  (Anita Blake book 17)
  • Flirt  (Anita Blake book 18)
  • Bullet  (Anita Blake book 19)
  • Hit List  (Anita Blake book 20)
  • Kiss the Dead  (Anita Blake book 21)
  • Affliction  (Anita Blake book 22)
  • Jason  (Anita Blake book 23)
  • Dead Ice  (Anita Blake book 24)
  • Crimson Death  (Anita Blake book 25)
  • Serpentine  (Anita Blake book 26)
  • Sucker Punch  (Anita Blake book 27)
  • Rafael  (Anita Blake book 28)
  • Smolder (Anita Blake book 29)

Will there be more books in the series? we are confident there will be, there’s much to tell and lots of vampires to hunt by Anita so stay tuned because we’ll add every new novel as soon as it gets published. You can join our newsletter so you won’t miss any new releases by your favorite authors

Still hungry for more reads? then don’t miss the Devil’s Night series, a dark romance.

We are more than thrilled, will you read the Anita Blake series in order or you will read them randomly instead? Leave a comment and tell us which will be your approach to start reading these novels.

Smuggled book review

Smuggled book review

It’s time for my review of the book Smuggle by author Angela Karanja, a thriller full of suspense that deals with the issue of child trafficking.

Here is the cover, which sums up perfectly what this story is about:

What is it about?

This is the story of a 14 year old Kenyan girl named Tuliana, her life changes drastically when, without knowing why, she ends up on a plane with other teenagers and they end up arriving in the UK.

There her nightmare will begin, she will end up in several houses where she will be treated as if she were a slave.

Luckily for Tuliana, a friend of hers, Jonathan (who happens to be the son of a diplomat), embarks on a quest to find her and save her. However, such a decision will have important consequences for him?

What did I think of Smuggle?

Smuggle sheds some light on such a lurid subject as child trafficking. It is a story that has a very hard background as is the trafficking of human beings and that, however, it is necessary to know in order to be able to face such an affront to the rights and freedoms.

It is a fairly brief narration that is full of tense moments, it is a thriller where you can see the cruelest side of the human being and has a strong message to fight against this type of injustice.

Tuliana and Jonathan are characters that you easily connect with and without a doubt the way Smuggle is written makes you as a reader feel part of their story. The dialogues are believable and coherent as the main characters happen to be young teenagers, which is a good approach in my opinion.

All in all, a book that denounces the injustice in the world through a captivating story full of suspenseful moments, believable characters, and a very well-paced plot.

Don’t miss our last post, the difference between the Aes Sedai and the Confessors.

Have you read this book? leave a comment and tell me what you thought of it.

difference aes sedai and confessors

Difference between Aes Sedai and Confessors

If you are familiar with both TWOT and TSOT you might be wondering if there’s any difference between the Aes Sedai and the Confessors. True, they look very similar, but are they just exactly the same religious organization with a different name? let’s find out.

Before we begin, and just so we can have some context. The first book in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, The Eye of the World, was published in 1990 while Terry Goodkind’s debut was 4 years later, with Wizard’s First Rule.

Similarities and differences between Aes Sedai and Confessors

Let’s see how different, or similar, these two are:

An all women’s religious organization with magical power

This might be the most obvious similarity. Both orders of women happen to have such a great influence in both society and politics that they are even able to change the fate of the world. There’s no denying that both organizations are similar, however, the way they were created is not exactly.

Aes Sedai
Aes Sedai

While there are no many differences between the Aes Sedai and the Confessors as an organization, it might be worth mentioning that we have seen this kind of all-women heavily influential organization before. This is something science fiction fans have seen way earlier, for example, the Dune series by Frank Herbert (the first novel, Dune, was written in 1965, 25 years before Jordan’s debut) tells us about the Bene Gesserit, a sisterhood with magical (or physical abilities) with great influence in politics.

Similarly, Robert Jordan said he was inspired by an Irish myth, the Aos Sidhi, to create the Aes Sedai.

Their origins

In the case of the Confessors, they were created by a man who happens to be the one who also created some of the most powerful magics in his world (wizard Merrit). It was Magda Searus who volunteered to be experimented so as to gain this magical ability. This means they are a result of an experiment.

Aes Sedai has been able to channel since the very beginning.

Before we keep going, don’t miss this list of books like Mistborn!

The source of their power

Aes Sedai can channel the One Power, and for this, they need to learn speel weaving, which is complex, and dangerous

When it comes to the Confessors, the source of their abilities comes from love itself. This is why, by inspiring even the smallest spark of love in someone, they will be able to control them with a mere touch.

Becoming one of them

The way you become an Aes Sedai and a Confessor is different. Aside from being a woman, which both organizations agree it’s a must, there are some differences:

In order to become an Aes Sedai you must be recruited. That is, women of appropriate age who are both able to channel and willing to learn will be able to start their training.

For becoming a confessor, you must be born from a confessor.

The reason why there are no males among them

There’s actually little difference between the Aes Sedai and the Confessors in terms of why there are no men among them:

aes sedai vs confessors
aes sedai vs confessors

Male confessors exist or, rather, can exist. As said before, children born from a confessor woman are also born with the same power, and this applies either to boys and girls. In fact, males need no recovery time once using their magical abilities.

The reason why there are no male Confessors is that they are killed at birth. This is said to be because in past times some male confessors abused their power, seemingly they caused chaos throughout the New World, so this drastic measure is done to avoid risking this happening again.

Aes Sedai has a similar belief, during the Age of Legends (the Second Age) there were both male and women Aes Sedai, however, male channelers usually became mad (particularly in what is known as the Breaking of the World).

Because of this, during the Third Age, no man is able to join the Aes Sedai, and the Red Ajah is in charge of gentling men. No, this is not what it seems to be. Gentling is another term for severing when used on men, a technique with which the Aes Sedai are able to prevent these channeler men to resort to the powers of the One Power.

The way their magic works is different

Weaving is not only hard but dangerous. Some of the gestures required to channel the One Power in the most advanced and powerful ways are extremely complicated, this is why Aes Sedai are usually conservative, not being much into innovation due to its many risks.

While casting spells is not so complex for Confessors, the main problem for them resides in restraining their power. They must learn to hold their powers from a very young age because unleashing it could result in fatal consequences.

Their dressing code

Confessors are quite straightforward in their dress code, you must wear a black dress with a square neckline. Period. Unless you happen to be the Mother Confessor, who wears white instead.

Aes Sedai have a different taste, and they prefer colors. Each of the seven Ajahs is represented by a different color (blue, yellow, gray, brown, white, green, or red). While not mandatory, the sisters from each division usually wear clothes in the color of their Ajah. This is why Moraine, of the Blue Ajah, is often depicted with blue clothes.

Differences between Confessors and Aes Sedai
Differences between Confessors and Aes Sedai

The drawbacks of their magic

One of the differences between the Confessors and the Aes Sedai is the drawbacks of their magical system. Confessors must pay a price for using their magic, once they have called upon their magical abilities they feel extremely weak, so they need some time to get recovered.

When it comes to weaving, it seems that using weaving spells has no consequence to the Aes Sedai’s stamina.

Are the differences between the Aes Sedai and the Confessors enough for you?

You can tell that there are many similar things between both organizations. But, being far, they are not exactly the same. Terry Goodkind’s work (by the way don’t miss this post with The Sword of Truth books in order) and Jordan’s have many similarities: a reluctant hero, nameless evil gods… but, aren’t these present in most of the fantasy books?

Let’s not forget what Terry Goodkind had to say when he was asked about the similarities between his work and Robert Jordan’s in this USA Today interview:

Haddonfield, NJ: Second Question – I’ve noticed similarities between your Sword of Truth series and Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series…(Black Sisterhood vs. Black Ajah; The Order vs. The Seanchan; Richard vs. Rand both discovering their powers, both have Nameless evil Gods…etc.) I’ve often voiced my suspicion that these two series might be occurring on the same world…how crazy am I?

Terry Goodkind: If you notice a similarity, then you probably aren’t old enough to read my books.

Quite a peculiar answer to say the least, don’t you think?

So, do you think that these two organizations are too much alike? do you know any other similarities or differences between the Aes Sedai and the Confessors? we are willing to know! so leave a comment and tell us!

Dirk pitt books in order

Dirk Pitt novels in order – Clive Cussler

We collected all the Dirk Pitt books in order, the famous adventure series written by author Clive Cussler. Since 2004 new releases in this series have been written by his son, Dirk, who gave the name to the main character in these stories.

Should you read Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels in order of publication, or is there a better approach? that’s a good question! let’s find it out

Dirk Pitt books in order by Clive Cussler

We recommend you read the Dirk Pitt adventure series in chronological order. This series is composed of 26 novels (the first 17 written by Clive Cussler, then his son Dirk):

There are many Dirk Pitt book sets, the following ones collect 4,8, and 16 novels respectively (so far there’s no set that collects all the books in the Dirk Pitt series, not even the ones written by Clive Cussler):

The first novel was published in 1973, and because of this, there are many different covers for these books. We like the new ones better, they look cooler and way more modern, maybe you love the classic ones? leave a comment and tell us which style you fancy the most.

Now that you know the order of the Dirk Pitt books don’t miss these novels

Still seeking more adventure? great, because we have 3 great suggestions. Once you have read all the Dirk Pitt novels in order you can start reading these other series:

While it’s true that Clive Cussler is best known for the Dirk Pitt series, he has written many other works. Our first recommendation is the first novel in The NUMA Files series, which tells us about Kurt Austin, a team leader in NUMA’s special division.

If you are looking for adventure then don’t miss the Jack Reacher series, a bestselling thriller with top-notch action.

Also, don’t miss our post with the Harry Hole series in order, you’ll really find this series incredibly entertaining as well.

What are these books about?

dirk pitt novels in order
Dirk Pitt novels in order

The Dirk Pitt books tell us about the adventures lived by the character of the same name. A former major in the military, now working for an underwater marine agency, he’s witty, a leader, and risky situations won’t prevent him from being humorous. His stories are full of perils, and there’s a lot of escapism.

The plot of all the books in the series has a similar structure: there’s an evil guy (usually a delirious despot) who is willing to change the world forever. However, Dirk and his friends will deal with him to make our world a safe place again… or at least, until the next book in the series.

The novels in the Dirk Pitt series are self-conclusive. However, we believe it’s better that you read the Dirk Pitt adventure series in chronological order. This is the best approach since the novels reference events from the previous books. Because of this, you should start with Pacific Vortex, which was published in 1983. You might have frowned upon this because earlier in this post we stated that this series began in 1973, which is true. Thing is, while Vortex was the first novel in the series Clive Cussler wrote, it was not released until a decade later. This is because the author believed it was not as good as his subsequent works, therefore he decided not to publish it.

Because of this, lots of fan of the series believe the first novel in the series to be far from being his best work. However, we encourage you to start reading it, you’ll see it’s a great introduction to these adventures.

A list of all the Dirk Pitt books in order

What better way to end this post than with a list of the Dirk Pitt adventure series in order? here you have all the books author Clive Cussler and his son Dirk Cussler have written:

Dirk Pitt books in order

Dirk Pitt – Clive Cussler


  • Bantam


  • Pacific Vortex (Dirk Pitt book 1)
  • The Mediterranean Carper (Dirk Pitt book 2)
  • Iceberg (Dirk Pitt book 3)
  • Raise the Titanic (Dirk Pitt book 4)
  • Vixen 03 (Dirk Pitt book 5)
  • Night Probe! (Dirk Pitt book 6)
  • Deep Six (Dirk Pitt book 7)
  • Cyclops  (Dirk Pitt book 8)
  • Treasure  (Dirk Pitt book 9)
  • Dragon  (Dirk Pitt book 10)
  • Sahara  (Dirk Pitt book 11)
  • Inca Gold  (Dirk Pitt book 12)
  • Shock Wave  (Dirk Pitt book 13)
  • Flood Tide  (Dirk Pitt book 14)
  • Atlantis Found  (Dirk Pitt book 15)
  • Valhalla Rising  (Dirk Pitt book 16)
  • Trojan Odyssey  (Dirk Pitt book 17)
  • Black Wind  (Dirk Pitt book 18)
  • Treasure of Khan  (Dirk Pitt book 19)
  • Arctic Drift  (Dirk Pitt book 20)
  • Crescent Dawn  (Dirk Pitt book 21)
  • Poseidon’s Arrow  (Dirk Pitt book 22)
  • Havana Storm  (Dirk Pitt book 23)
  • Odessa Sea  (Dirk Pitt book 24)
  • Celtic Empire  (Dirk Pitt book 25)
  • Clive Cussler’s The Devil’s Sea  (Dirk Pitt book 26)

These novels have no sex scenes, foul language, or anything nasty. They are targeted to an adult audience, however, teenagers older than 14 years old might find this series enthralling. Also, did you know that there have been two movie adaptations? in the first movie, this witty character was portrayed by Richard Jordan while in the second one it was Matthew McConaughey.

Do you happen to enjoy cozy mysteries? if that’s the case here’s the Miss Julia series in order, you’ll be enthralled by her adventures!

We hope you really enjoy these novels! We are curious, will you read the Dirk Pitt books in order as we suggested or will you just cherry pick the ones you find the most appealing? leave a comment and tell us!

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