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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

don winslow books in order

Order for the Power of the Dog trilogy by Don Winslow

Here you will find Don Winslow’s trilogy in order, the famous story that begins with the novel The Power of the Dog and introduces us to an incredibly epic thriller. We find ourselves in the middle of a war against the narcos, and it is a tough, bloody plot.

We are going to tell you what this story is about, and we are also going to recommend sagas that have a similar touch to the Power of the Dog trilogy.

Don Winslow’s books in order for The Power of the Dog trilogy

It is said of these books that they hook and that they narrate a reality that is there and that we are unaware of. Here is Don Winslow’s trilogy in order of publication, which is how we recommend you read this saga. As you already know, if you click on the cover of these novels you will be able to get them, and in the same way you will also be able to read the opinions of those who love the thriller genre and have already enjoyed them:

Somehow, we believe that the covers of this story convey the rawness hidden in these pages. An intriguing read that reveals the secrets in the world of drug trafficking.

Now that we have told you the order of Don Winslow’s books, check out these similar series

As soon as you finish the third and last book by Don Winslow belonging to this series you will be in the mood for more action. And so here are three suggestions that also belong to the thriller genre, and that we hope will grab you with their plot (or their cover):

On the other hand, you can also take a look at this post with the Jack Ryan books in order, you probably already know these books written by the bestselling author Tom Clancy, time to start reading them if you haven’t yet!

What is this saga about? a brief synopsis

We are in the 60’s, specifically in North American lands. The U.S. government is trying to deal with drug trafficking from Mexican cities, the protagonist of this story, Art Keller, is a young member of the DEA that will end the life of the local boss, and thus, the empire of this murky business will fall into the hands of Adam Barrera, and that is not good news at all…

The Cartel book, the second of this saga, will tell us the story of Adan Barrera and how he will want to end the life of Art Keller, and why? You will have to read this second volume to discover his dark reasons.

Just in case you still haven’t figured it out, here you have the order of Don Winslow’s trilogy. In which you can see that you have to start with the book The Power of the Dog, since in this volume we will be introduced in this intriguing and dangerous story.

The Power of the Dog Trilogy

Don Winslow books


  • The Power of the Dog


  • The Power of the Dog (Don Winslow book 1)
  • The Cartel (Don Winslow book 2)
  • The Border (Don Winslow book 3)

Although it has a very different tone, we also want to recommend a popular saga written by a Spanish author who is dedicated to crime novels, you may know who we are talking about in fact, here you have the books of Domingo Villar in order.

Have you read any of Don Winslow’s books? His novels are usually catalogued as very intense, as well as authentic masterpieces. But we also want to know your opinion, so if you have already read any of the books of this trilogy then tell us what you thought and give it the score you think it deserves.

hilary mantel trilogy

Wolf Hall series order by Hilary Mantel

It’s time for a great historical series, so here you will find all Hilary Mantel books in order, the famous Wolf Hall series which narrates the story about The Tudors dinasty. A family of which there is much to know, and to surprise us with, so it’s time to move to the England of the sixteenth century and meet this family.

Do you want to get the Wolf Hall trilogy? then click here to check out an amazing book set that collects the three books in this series. Also, we will recommend you some similar series to these books by HIlary Mantel.

Order of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Half series

We strongly advise you to read The The Wolf Hall books in order of publication, this way you will enjoy the story better. TAs you already know, if you click on the cover of each of the novels of this saga you can get it and also read the reviews of those who have already read them. Here you have all Hilary Mantel books in order:

The first book in this series has more than eight thousand reviews already, so yeah, people seem to love this series it seems!

Now that you know the order of Hilary Mantel’s trilogy of books, check out this book set

Want to get the three books ? then the best choice for you is to get this amazing book set:

The day will come when you finish the last book by Hilary Mantel in this series, and you will face that well of loneliness where that question that causes you so much anxiety will not stop echoing in your mind, what book should I read now? so we have three suggestions that will serve to silence that voice once and for all:

And speaking of recommendations, if you like to read while you are lying in bed then we have a perfect suggestion so that your back doesn’t hurt. We refer to these amazing models of reading light, so even the darkest night won’t stop you from reading.

Synopsis of this series

As we have previously told you, the Tudor novels focus on the character of Thomas Cronwell, telling us a somewhat biographical story that reads well. To put you a little more in context, we are in the British lands, in the year 1520, scenario in which we will witness how King Henry VIII sees how he fails to obtain a son who can succeed him in the crown, which is why he intends to obtain a divorce so he can marry Anne Boleyn, but for that he needs the approval of the pope, and so far all he has obtained have been refusals to his request.

Thomas Cromwell will arrive at court, and with them his multiple reforms in the English system, which will gradually make their way through parliament and will be able to captivate a king who seems more interested in other areas of a more romantic nature.

So that you have no doubts, here you have the order of Hilary Mantel’s books although this time in list format. And that way you know how to read this story about The Tudors that will catch you and that will teach you about the history of England:

Hilary Mantel trilogy

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel


  • Wolf Hall


  • Wolf Hall (book 1)
  • Bring Up the Bodies  (Wolf Hall book 2)
  • The Mirror & the Light (Wolf Hall book 3)

On the other hand, if you like thirllers then don’t miss this post where we you can find all the Myron Bolitar books in order, so should not miss them!

Have you already read the book Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantell? if so, tell us what you think about this story and if you think it is an interesting way to learn about the past of the British country.

To Cook a Bear book review

To be honest, the reason I decided to read the book was because of its peculiar title. Is this really a guide about how to cook a bear? I thought. Of course, I already knew the answer, but the book had already caught my attention, and now I had to discover what it was about. And, I am glad I read it.

Luckily, this is not a book recipe for cooking bears and making them taste as good as possible. Instead, this novel by Mikael Niemi is quite an interesting approach to a murder investigation. This book takes place in Sweden and is set in middle 1800s. It tells the story of LAestadius, a preacher, and a boy who is his apprentice. A woman dies, seemingly by the attack of a bear, but the preacher believes that this is actually a murder.

To Cook a Bear was actually a great story, well written and with some twists that you would never expect. Laestadius and his pupil have a great chemistry, they will investigate what they believe is a murder, and surrounded by this will come lots of philosofical moments that add a great feeling to this tale.

This book was published in January 2021 by Penguin Books.

Does the author’s name sound familiar to you? that is because he wrote Popular Music From Vittula, a novel that has sold sold over one million copies worldwide and for which the author was awarded with the Swedish Best Book of the Year Prize.

If you like historical fiction you can also take alook at the Wolf Hall series by Hilary Mantel, which narrates the story of the Tudors dinasty.

kitty books in order

Kitty series order by Paula Harrison

We finally have a list with all Kitty books in order, a book series by Paula Harrison that centers on Kitty, a girl with cat like superpowers. This is an illustrated story for children, and they are going to love it!

Let’s get straight to the point. This is our recommended order for the Kitty series, if you click on any of their covers you will be able to get the books at the best price we were able to find.

Now that you know the order for the Kitty book series check out these recommendations

Once you, your kids, or both end this series you will be surely seeking new tales to read. People who have read the Kitty books also have read the following series:

Do you find these book suggestions interesting? if yes, then we have got great news for you! because here you have this post with all the books in the Isadora Moon series.

If you are more interested on a vampire detective then the Scaredy Bat book series is for you.

Do I have to read the Kitty book series in order?

Yes, we recommend you read the Kitty book series in order of publication. The books narrate the events chronologically, and the plot of all the books in the series are connected. Therefore, the best way to enjoy this series is by reading them in the publication order.

We showed them in that order at the beginning of this post, however, the following list might be helpful for you as well.

A list with all the Kitty books in order

The Kitty books are published by Greenwillow Books, and are illustrated by Jenny Lovlie. The books in the series are around 120 pages long, all of the pages have a two-color art on them.

Here you have an updated list with the recommended order for the Kitty books by Paula Harrison:

kitty series book order
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Kitty series order

Kitty books by Paula Harrison


  • Greenwillow Books


  • Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue (Kitty book 1)
  • Kitty and the Tiger Treasure (Kitty book 2)
  • Kitty and the Sky Garden Adventure (Kitty book 3)
  • Kitty and the Treetop Chase (Kitty book 4)
  • Kitty and the Great Lantern Race (Kitty book 5)
  • Kitty and the Twilight Mystery (Kitty book 6)

The last book in the series, Kitty and the Twilight Mystery, is available on preorder. It’s release date being September 7, 2021.

What is the reading of this series and what is it about?

The reading level of the Katty books is from 6 to 10 years old, it has a Lexile Measure of 600L. You can get these books in paperback, Kindle, or Hardcover.

The story centers on the little girl that gives name to this series, Kitty, she is the daughter of a superheroine with catlike powers. The day has arrived when Kitty has awakened her own cat power, and it’s time for her to live her own adventures during the night. But there’s quite a problem: Kitty is scared of the dark, but will she be brave enough to face her fears?

This is a beautiful story that emphasizes bravery, self-confidence,  and friendship. A perfect tale for 6 year old kids to start reading, or also for parents to read to their children when they are going to bed. What a better bed story than one of a girl becoming a superheroine don’t you think?

Speaking of super cool girls, take a look to the Never Girls, a book series by Disney!

Hope that now that we told you the order for the Kitty series you will end loving this series! have you read any of the books already? then leave a comment now and tell us if you liked it!

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ivy and bean books in order

Ivy and Bean series in order

Here you will find all the Ivy and Bean books in order so you can start reading this amazing series by Annie Barrows. A tale about friendship, and empathy that your kids will love for sure.

We collected all the books in this series at the best price we found, also you can take a look at the book sets shown in the next section of the post. This is our recommended order for the Ivy and Bean series:

 Ivy and Bean book 1

1. Ivy and Bean

▷See Best Price!

 Ivy and Bean book 2

2. The Ghost That Had to Go

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 Ivy and Bean book 3

3. The Fossil Record

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 Ivy and Bean book 5

5. Bound to Be Bad

▷See Best Price!

 Ivy and Bean book 6

6. Doomed to Dance

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ivy and bean books

7. What’s the Big Idea

▷See Best Price!

ivy and bean reading level

8. No News Is Good News 

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ivy and bean boxed set

9. Make the Rules

▷See Best Price!

how many ivy and bean books are there

10. Take the Case

▷See Best Price!

ivy and bean book 11

11. One Big Happy Family

▷See Best Price!

Now that you know the order for the Ivy and Bean series, don’t miss these book sets!

The Ivy and Bean books are collected in three box sets, each of these contains three books in the series. This means that by getting these sets you will only have to buy books 10, and 11 individually.

The Ivy and Bean box sets are a way to get these books in a cheaper way, also the box is pretty cool as well. It works great as a birthday gift, gifting books to kids is always a great idea, so they can enjoy the pleasure of reading! Also, if you like stories about friendship you should take a look at the Rescue Princesses books.

What is the best order for the Ivy and Bean series?

We recommend that you read the Ivy and Bean series by Annie Barrows in order of publication. The books narrate the story in a chronological way, by reading them this way you will see how the friendship between Ivy and Bean keeps progressing.

However, any of the Ivy and Bean books can be read as a standalone as well, since each of them narrates a self conclusive story.

An updated list with all the Ivy and Bean books in order

This list is just for you to make sure that you have all the books in the Ivy and Bean series. These books are illustrated by Sophie Blackhall, and are published by Chronicle Books.

The paperback version is around 120 pages long, you can also listen to these books instead of reading them, and you can actually do this for free because they happen to be on Audible. So here you have a free trial for Audible in case you want to give it a try:

ivy and bean free audibooks

Here goes the list with all the Ivy and Bean books in order :

Ivy and bean series order
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Ivy and Bean books in order

Ivy and Bean series order by Annie Barrows


  • Chronicle Books


  • Ivy and Bean (Ivy and Bean book 1)
  • Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go (Ivy and Bean book 2)
  • Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record (Ivy and Bean book 3)
  • Ivy & Bean Take Care of the Babysitter (Ivy and Bean book 4)
  • Ivy and Bean Bound to Be Bad (Ivy and Bean book 5)
  • Ivy and Bean Doomed to Dance (Ivy and Bean book 6)
  • Ivy and Bean What’s the Big Idea (Ivy and Bean book 7)
  • Ivy and Bean No News Is Good News  (Ivy and Bean book 8)
  • Ivy and Bean Make the Rules (Ivy and Bean book 9)
  • Ivy and Bean Take the Case (Ivy and Bean book 10)
  • Ivy and Bean One Big Happy Family (Ivy and Bean book 11)

Blurb and Reading level

The Reading level of the Ivy and Bean books is from six to ten years. The Lexile score is 580L.

This is the story of two girls, Ivy and Bean, the first time they meet they thought they would never get to be friends. And they couldn’t be more wrong! because they will end up being besties, having lots of adventures together.

A great series with lots of fun, and colorful characters. Did you get your first Ivy and Bean book already? once you finish this series you can take a look at the Dork Diaries, a bestselling series that you will also enjoy for sure.

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