How many Solo Leveling manga volumes are there?

 Grab your adventure goggles, because we’ve got the ultimate collection of Solo Leveling manga volumes lined up for you! This thrilling series hails from South Korea and is technically a manhwa, but don’t let that confuse you – it’s every bit as epic as any manga you’ve read. ✨

Wondering just how many Solo Leveling volumes there are? Stay tuned, because we’re about to dive into the nitty-gritty of this fan-favorite series. 📚🔍

All Solo Leveling Manga Volumes in Order

For those eager to dive headfirst into the world of Solo Leveling, there’s a fantastic set available that collects the first five volumes of the series! 📚✨ This collection is an amazing way to start your journey with Sung Jin-Woo and the rest of the hunters:

We’ve gone ahead and collected all the Solo Leveling volumes available in English. They are arranged below, ready for your perusal, in their publication order:

When it comes to the English version of Solo Leveling, the translation quality is top-notch! 🌟 Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the publisher, each volume brings the captivating world of Sung Jin-Woo and his companions to life. The distinct drawing style and vivid illustrations of the series make it an absolute treat for the eyes! 🎨👀

Did you know? The author of Solo Leveling, Chu-Gong, has also penned another popular series known as Second Life Ranker. 🤓 Fans of Solo Leveling might find this series interesting due to its similar themes and equally engaging narrative.

Now that you know how many Solo Leveling volumes there are, check this out!

Here’s a treat for all you Solo Leveling fans! 📚✨ We’ve curated a list of three manga series that fellow Solo Leveling enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough of!

For starters, let’s talk about Bleach. 🥳 Fans of Solo Leveling often find a strong connection with this series. What makes Bleach an absolute hit among Solo Leveling readers is the strikingly similar drawing style. The action scenes are highly detailed and energetic, giving a visceral experience just like in Solo Leveling. Want to experience this yourself? Don’t miss out on the thrill and check the Bleach volumes right away!

Fire Force is another gem that Solo Leveling readers adore. 🔥🚒 With its captivating story, unique characters, and brilliant illustrations, Fire Force easily hooks the readers, much like Solo Leveling. The supernatural elements and engaging fights in Fire Force have a similar appeal, keeping the readers on the edge of their seats. Curious about this fiery adventure? You can check out the Fire Force manga here. Happy reading! 🎉📖

What is Solo Leveling manwha about?

Set in a world where mysterious portals lead to dangerous dungeons, Solo Leveling kicks off with the weakest of the hunters, Sung Jin-Woo. 💪😓 The story revolves around his journey as he struggles, grows, and ultimately transforms into a powerful “Player.” This action-packed manhwa belongs to the fantasy genre and is best suited for teens and above due to its intense and thrilling content. 🐉🏹

Solo Leveling has been quite the sensation in the manga world, selling millions of copies worldwide. 🌎🎉 The impact of Solo Leveling volumes can be seen in its passionate fanbase, eagerly waiting for every new release. Its fame has even crossed the borders of the manga/manhwa world, sparking interest in other forms of media. 🏆📈

While there aren’t any movies or videogames based on Solo Leveling as of now, the series’ immense popularity makes it a potential candidate for such adaptations in the future! 🎮🎥

How Many Solo Leveling Manga Volumes are There in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

The Japanese version of Solo Leveling, despite originating from South Korea, boasts a whopping 14 volumes! 🎌📚 The series made its debut on March 4, 2018, and concluded on December 29, 2021, leaving fans with an exciting and satisfying conclusion.

As for the English version, it’s currently trailing a bit behind with only 8 volumes available. 📚 However, rest assured, because more translations are surely on their way!

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If you’ve got any more questions or want more info about Solo Leveling manga volumes, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re here to help you navigate the exciting world of Sung Jin-Woo and his high-stakes adventures! 🌍🚀

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