How many Soul Eater manga volumes are there?

If you’re a fan of supernatural action and adventure, the Soul Eater manga volumes will be right up your alley! Created by the ingenious Atsushi Ohkubo, Soul Eater has swept the manga world off its feet. 😮🎉 We have great news, the story is concluded, which means you can binge read it from beginning to end!

You’re probably wondering how many Soul Eater volumes there are, right? Hold on tight, because we’re just about to dive into that!

All Soul Eater Manga Volumes in Order

There are two exciting sets available in the Perfect Edition, designed to catapult you right into the heart of the action. The first set compiles the initial 3 volumes, perfect for getting a taste of the series’ unique flavor. For those who want to submerge themselves deeper into the narrative, the second set assembles the first 9 volumes, providing an immersive experience into the Soul Eater universe.

With anticipation building, it’s time to present the Soul Eater volumes in publication order. Keep on scrolling to explore the unfolding journey, one volume at a time! 🎉👇

Wait until you hear about the Perfect Edition! 😍 Each volume of this luxurious omnibus edition of the sensational manga contains about 1½ of the original volumes’ content. Not only that, it includes original color pages, an updated translation and lettering, and the cherry on top – brand new cover art drawn by Atsushi Ohkubo himself! 🎨✨ It’s the perfect package for any manga fan!

Now for some fun facts! 🧐 Did you know that Atsushi Ohkubo also created the intriguing Fire Force manga If you like Soul Eater, you might find it appealing too!

Now that know how many Soul Eater volumes are there, check this out!

If Soul Eater has hooked you in, you might just fall for these three beloved manga series that fans of Soul Eater can’t get enough of:

Firstly, if you loved the action-packed, supernatural elements of Soul Eater, you should definitely give One Piece a go. This long-standing and much-loved manga by Eiichiro Oda, full of swashbuckling pirates and captivating adventures, is a must-read. Dive into the extensive journey with all One Piece volumes. 🏴‍☠️📚

In the second place, another fan-favorite among the Soul Eater community is the thrilling sports series, Haikyuu. If the camaraderie and team dynamics in Soul Eater were a high point for you, you’re bound to love the high-flying, spike-filled action in Haikyuu! Start your adventure with the Haikyuu manga volumes today. 🏐📘

What is this Soul Eater manga about?

Soul Eater is a dark fantasy series that pulls you into a world where Soul Reapers, weapons, and witches coexist. The story primarily follows Maka Albarn, a student of the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), and her living scythe, Soul Eater. Their goal? To make Soul Eater a “Death Scythe” – a weapon fit for use by the academy’s headmaster, Death himself! 😱 The Soul Eater manga explores their adventures and the obstacles they face along the way.

The manga has been incredibly well-received, and the Soul Eater volumes have enjoyed substantial sales. The series has even been nominated for prestigious awards, reflecting its immense popularity and impact in the manga community.

As for adaptations, Soul Eater has been turned into an animated series that was equally successful, extending the series’ reach further. However, as of now, there are no movies or video games based on the manga.

How Many Soul Eater Manga Volumes are there in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

The Japanese version of Soul Eater, a riveting series filled with supernatural action, was published by the well-known Japanese publisher, Square Enix. Debuting in Square Enix’s Monthly Shōnen Gangan manga magazine, the first Soul Eater volume was released on May 12, 2004. After a thrilling journey spanning nearly a decade, the series concluded on August 12, 2013. Over the course of these nine years, a total of 25 volumes were released, creating a complete, captivating narrative.

The English version also contains 25 volumes in the original edition. However, the Perfect Edition, with its extra features and exclusive content, is a 12-volume series. Both editions offer a great reading experience, but the Perfect Edition takes it a notch higher! So whichever version you choose to read, you’re in for a fantastic journey with the Soul Eater manga volumes.

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Got any questions? Feel free to ask! Now, get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Soul Eater! 🎉📖

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