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AOT manga volumes – How many Attack on Titan volumes are there?

Journey into the post-apocalyptic world presented in the Attack on Titan manga volumes, a thrilling universe that awaits your discovery. The intricately crafted narrative by Hajime Isayama has captured hearts worldwide, and now it’s your turn to delve into the adventure. Oh, well call this manga by such a name together with AOT, and also Shingeki no Kyojin (the original name of the series.

Curious about just how many Attack on Titan volumes there are to explore? Sit tight! This journey through the saga of humanity’s survival against the Titans is vast, and we’re about to break it down for you. The breadth of content in Attack on Titan is as titanic as the adversaries our heroes face, so prepare yourself for an epic reading experience.

All Atack on Titan manga volumes in order

If you’re looking to immerse yourself completely into the world of Attack on Titan, the seven box sets we’ve gathered together offer the perfect entry point. Each of these sets house a significant chunk of the series, allowing readers to consume the saga in sizeable, thrilling portions. Unwrap each box to uncover the escalating tension, revealing plot twists, and relentless action that have made Attack on Titan a standout series in the manga universe. By getting them all you will have collected all the AOT volumes in an easier way:

As an alternative, you can get the Attack on Titan manga volumes individually, here you have them:

As for the English version of Shingeki no Kyojin manga, Kodansha USA has done a commendable job in bringing this gripping narrative to Western audiences. Each of the Attack on Titan volumes maintains a consistent, high-quality translation, ensuring that nothing is lost in adaptation. Moreover, these books are beautifully crafted, ranging from around 200 to 250 pages each, with some special volumes offering colored pages to enhance the reading experience.

The printing quality is of the highest level, providing clear and crisp visuals, which is key to enjoy Isayama’s detailed artistry. Prepare to be captivated by the world of Attack on Titan, with every volume a testament to the manga’s quality and the dedication poured into its English translation.

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Collecting such a great story deserves proper warriors to defend your manga, and who better to protect your Aot manga volumes than these 3 fierce Eldians:

Much like the thrilling adventure found in the One Piece volumes, the manga Attack on Titan delivers a complex, intricately woven narrative that keeps readers engrossed from start to finish. Both series are epic in their scope, with vibrant characters, high-stakes battles, and a sprawling world filled with mystery. If you’ve navigated the seas with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, then journeying through the dystopian world of Attack on Titan will be a riveting expedition.

On the other hand, if you’ve marveled at the twisted, exhilarating saga of the Chainsaw Man manga, you’ll appreciate the grit and intensity of Attack on Titan. Both series are known for pushing boundaries, presenting mature themes with unflinching honesty. As you contemplate how many Chainsaw Man volumes are there, remember that each Attack on Titan volume also offers a thrilling, page-turning experience that will leave you eager for more.

What is this story about?

How many Attack on Titan volumes are there
How many Attack on Titan volumes are there

The Attack on Titan manga is a captivating journey into a dystopian world where humanity’s survival hangs in the balance. It is a grim, dramatic tale falling into the dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic genres. This monumental series penned by Hajime Isayama starts with humans living within enormous walls to protect themselves from the Titans, colossal humanoid creatures with a terrifying appetite for humans. But as the narrative unfolds, readers discover the complex history and political machinations behind the presence of these Titans, pushing the story into realms of suspense, intrigue, and profound existential questions.

Attack on Titan volumes have made a substantial impact not only in Japan but also globally. They have sold millions of copies, showing the universal appeal of its distinct storytelling and complex characters. The series consistently ranks high on manga best-seller lists and has received numerous awards. Its impact is such that it has sparked discussions and analyses of its thematic depth, narrative twists, and representations of war and peace. However, its conclusion generated a significant amount of controversy among fans who were dissatisfied with how the narrative threads were tied up, showcasing the deep emotional investment of the readers in the series.

Moreover, the popularity of the Shingeki no Kyojin series extends far beyond the manga. It has been adapted into a critically acclaimed anime series that has won several awards and expanded the series’ fanbase significantly. There’s also a plethora of merchandise, video games, and even a live-action film adaptation, testifying to the manga’s massive cultural impact. The series visuals, musical score, and faithfulness to the original manga have all been praised, ensuring that AOT remains a mainstay in modern pop culture.

How many Attack on Titan manga volumes are there in Japan? Is it concluded?

Aot manga volumes
Aot manga volumes

In Japan, the Attack on Titan manga is a behemoth in the publishing world. Serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, the manga’s journey spanned over a decade from its inception in 2009 to its conclusion in 2021. Throughout its run, it captivated readers with its innovative storytelling and dramatic visuals, compiling the series into 34 volumes.

The English version of Aot, also consisting of 34 volumes, is published by Kodansha USA. The translation stayed quite true to the original, preserving the intensity and complexity of the plot. While the English version concluded alongside its Japanese counterpart, the response to the ending was similarly mixed among the international fandom. Despite the divisive ending, the series continues to be highly regarded and widely discussed for its thematic depth and intricate world-building.

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If you have any questions about the Attack on Titan manga volumes, don’t hesitate to reach out! Whether you’re wondering about the details of individual volumes, need more information about the overall series, or simply want to discuss the elements that make this manga a standout, we’re here to chat. Remember, whether you’re just beginning your journey into this dystopian world or revisiting it, each volume of Attack on Titan offers a unique experience, solidifying its place as a modern classic in the manga world.

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