gotrek and felix book order

Gotrek and Felix reading order

It’s time to slay some dragons, and orcs, and trolls, and everything that gets in the way of our huge notched axe! yes, you’ll find the Gotrek and Felix book order here. You are about to read the most popular series based on the lore of Warhammer Fantasy (and I guess also on Age of Sigmar).

These two heroes of the Empire will live lots of adventures all around the dangerous The Fated Place (which is how the WH Fantasy world was called, until The End of Times).

This is the book order of Gotrek and Felix

The best way to read this series is by getting the Gotrek and Felix omnibuses, there is a total of six volumes, which collect all the stories starred by this beloved couple. Here goes the reading order of these novels:

As you may already know, you can get any of the Gotrek and Felix books by clicking on their epic covers.

Now that you know the order of the Gotrek and Felix books don’t miss these novels

We love Warhammer, so we’ve got lots of great book suggestions for you. These are some books that fans of the Gotrek and Felix series will really enjoy:

Did our first recommendation catch your eyes? yeah, the Tyrant of Hag Graef had one of the most interesting lores, and these novels will tell you everything about him. Here you have a list with all the Malus Darkblade books in order so you can enjoy these.

You might have noticed that we included a book that has no medieval setting at all. This was no mistake, it’s just that we want to you read the Horus Heresy book series, which takes place at year 30k, and tells us about the origins of Warhammer 40k. It’s amazing, it’s really epic, and you really have to read it. Period.

What is this series about?

gotrek and felix reading order

This is the story of the dwarf slayer Gotrex Gurnisson and the human Felix Jaeger, to follow Gotrek after the dwarf saved his life. Together they will get into trouble, lots of trouble, fighting the most devilish and wicked creatures of the ancient world of Warhammer Fantasy.

From chaos cultists, tiny but annoying goblins, and monstrous trolls… there’s no enemy that these two companions cannot defeat. Except for life, because Gotrek seeks to die in a glorious battle, and fate seems to go against his will.

A great story that fans of the famous table board will really enjoy.

A list with the Gotrek and Felix book order

Maybe you are seeking some short stories in particular? the following list will show to you the stories collected in each of the Gotrek and Felix omnibuses:

Gotrek Felix Wallpaper

Gotrek and Felix books

Gotrek and Felix novels in order


  • Black Library

Reading order:

  • Trollslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 1)
  • Skavenslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 1)
  • Daemonslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 1)
  • A Place of Quiet Assembly (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 1)
  • Blood Sport  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 1)
  • Kineater  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 1)
  • Mind-Stealer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 1)
  • Death and Glory!  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 1)
  • Dragonslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 2)
  • Beastslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 2)
  • Vampireslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 2)
  • The Tilean’s Talisman  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 2)
  • A Cask of Wynters  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 2)
  • Prophecy  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 2)
  • Lord of Undeath  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 2)
  • The Two Crowns of Ras Karim  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 2)
  • Giantslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 3)
  • Redhand’s Daughter  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 3)
  • Orcslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 3)
  • Manslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 3)
  • The O (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 3)
  • Red Snow  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 3)
  • Last Orders  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 3)
  • Elfslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 4)
  • Slayer of the Storm God  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 4)
  • Shamanslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 4)
  • Zom (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 4)
  • The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnisson  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 4)
  • Slayer’s Honour  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 4)
  • Road of Skulls  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • The Serpent Queen  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • Lost Tales  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • Charnel Congress  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • The Reckoning  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • Into the Valley of Death  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • Curse of the Everliving  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • Marriage of Moment  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • Berthold’s Beard  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • The Contest  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5)
  • City of the Damned  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 6)
  • Kinslayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 6)
  • Remem (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 6)
  • Slayer  (Gotrek and Felix omnibus 6)

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With this Gotrek and Felix reading order, you’ll be finally able to enjoy all the short stories featured by these two great characters. In addition, so far there’s no news of any new release, however, we’ll keep you posted if there’s any novelty.

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