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The best litrpg audiobooks and novels

If you are seeking the best litrpg books here you will find an amazing list with lots of recommendations. This genre is perfect for gamers, more specifily, it is the best choice for gamers who love MMORPG  titles. In case you prefer to listen to books instead of reading them it’s okay, you will find the best litrpg audiobooks here as well.

There are lots of good litrpg novels, so it might be hard to be introduced in the genre. But with this list, you will see how easy it is.

Finding the best litrpg books

litrpg novels

In order to find the best litrg novels, it would be good to define what we are seeking here: litrpg is the short term for Literary Role Playing Game, as a result, litrpg books get lots of elements from rpg videogames such as the action taking place in a videogame, health and mana bars, etc.

Ok, now that we understand what you will find in this post. Let’s show you the list with the best litrp audiobooks and novels.

A list with the best litrpg books

Here goes an amazing list of good litrpg books, hope you enjoy them:

The Land Litrpg by Dr Aleron Kong: a must in a list of best litrpg books

This litrpg series tells the story of Richter, a boy who gets transported into the videogame he was playing, The Land, a fantasy parallel universe where he will have to deal with goblins, monsters, and all sort of creatures. And all this while he is just level 1!

If you want to start this series then check out this post with all The Land Litrpg books in order.

Ready Player One by Ernst Cline: one of the best litrpg novels

This is a New York best seller title, and had a movie adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg. Ready Player One tells the story of Wade Watts, a boy who plays Oasis, the most popular videogame ever. The owner of the videogame has died, and whoever finds the three keys that are hidden in his virtual world will inherit all his fortune, and also the company that developed Oasis itself.

This is also one of the best litrpg audiobooks you will find, so try to check this one.

The Way of The Shaman by Vasily Mahanenko

These litrpg books take place in a virtual world known as Barliona, in which the players will immerse in a world diwh magic, monsters, elves, and dragons. But not all the players are enjoying this videogame, some of them are criminals sent to Barliona to server their time, and for them it is a matter of virtual survival.

Awaken Online

For Jason, Awaken Online is the perfect videogame, since it helps him to isolate from the real world. But in this videogame he will not be the hero, or it’s not about defeating a villain because, in this videogame, he is the villain.

This story has quite explicit language and violence, so not suitable for children. For lots of readers, this is one of the top litrpg books for adults.

Threadbare by Andrew Seiple

This is quite a peculiar litrpg book, the story centers on Threadbare, he is not a hero of any sort, instead, he is a fluffy bear, a magically animated creature. Threadbare will have to find alies and gain eves soon, since his creator has ots of enemies, and he is such an easy target after all…

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the main character is a teddy bear, this litrpg novel has lots of violence and profanity. So if you are seeking good litrpg books that have a different main character this is the one for you.

Play to Live by D. Rus

This litrpg novel centers on Max, he knows he is close to death, and one of his latest options sounds quite atypical: he can get permanently trapped in his virtual game. Given the lack of choices, Max is decided to do this, and so he will immerse in the fantasy world of AlterWorld becoming then Laith, a dark elf.

A litrpg series narrated in first person that has been well received by the fans of the genre.

Viridian Gate Online by James Hunter: one of the best litrpg audiobooks in the list

An asteroid is about to collapse Earth, there is no chance to survive. World goverment is preparing some bunkers to save a small amount of the population, but Jack Mitchel is not one of the ones who will be in those bunkers

There is one alternative, one that will kill his body but that at least will let his mind to survive: getting inside the world of Viridian Gate Online.

One of the best litprg litrpg audiobooks that you will find, and if you get Audible you can hear it for free!

Red Mage series by Xander Boyce

Drew Michalik has the ability to cast spells, a power he will use to overthrow the evil government.

Realm of Arkon Realm of Arkon

Ream of Arkon is a popular online video game, such an immersive virtual reality that players can’t distinguish it from the real word.

For Roman, this game will become his own personal nightmare, he is confined in Arkon against his will, and if that was not enough, he is trapped in the deadliest zone of this game. This is a litprg series, so there is lot to discover in this virtual world.

Hope you enjoyed this list with lots of good litprg books. You can also check this post with books like Ready Player One, in which you will find other similar novels to this famous title.

Do you know any novels that deserve to be in this list of best litrpg books? if so, leave a comment now or use the contact form and tell us your suggestions, the more titles in the list the better!

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