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Best stand alone books

Best Standalone Books in Fantasy

The Fantasy genre is known for its long series, sagas that have several volumes in order to tell a story. Long stories are great, but fantasy readers also are able to enjoy shorter stories. In this article, we will have a list of the best standalone books in fantasy.

List of Best Standalone Books in Fantasy

Here you have seven of the best standalone books in fantasy. If you want to buy one of those you only have to click on their book cover (Wottaread is an Amazon Affiliate so we would get a commission for the sale):

Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay


This story has magic, politics, war… everything to be a great story. A tale of a land ruled by a despotic king and cursed by black sorcery that wants to be free.

Battlemage by Peter Flannery

Battle Mage

In Battle Mage, humankind is besieged by cruel Black Dragons. Falco Dante is not a warrior, he will attend the Academy of War but his insecurities control him. Will he finally unlock the power trapped inside him or will fear win this time?

The Swordbearer by Glenn Cook

The Swordbearer

A story about an ill boy that has the dream of becoming a hero some day. After scaping home he will find a magic sword, the one that will make his dream come true.

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson


What before was a powerful capital where magnificent and powerful beings lived eventually transformed into a crumbling place where powerless creatures dwelled. Elantris had lost its power, and so did the Elantrians. In the new capital of the kingdom, Kae, the prince will be stricken by the same curse as the Elantrians and therefore he will be exiled to their very same city.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

The Priory of the Orange Tree

If you like novels with different points of view then The Priory of the Orange Tree is what you are looking for. In this story, we will meet Ead, a court lady who is secretly loyal to a society of mages and who will protect queen Sabran. Tané is a woman who dedicated her life to become a dragonrider but who will make a choice that will change her life forever.

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson


A story of two sisters that are princesses in a world where those who die return as gods.

The Sword of Kaigen by M.L. Wang

The Sword of Kaigen

The Sword of Kaigen is a Japanese-inspired military fantasy in all its glory. Great duels, elemental magic and breathless moments.

If you prefer long series, you can check this list of the longest series in fantasy.

Hope you enjoyed this list of best standalone books in fantasy. Will you read any of them? don’t forget to comment!

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Best starcraft books

The best starcraft books

Gamers who love this epic videogame series will surely want to know more about the lore and the stories of the characters appearing in this saga. Here you have a list of the best starcraft books. Also, you will find a list of the Starcraft books in order so keep reading.

If you are a super fan of the series you will be probably waiting for Starcraft 3, but while this happens let’s know a bit more about the events that took place in SC1 and SC2!

Do you intend to buy starcraft novels? Then read this article first so you know which starcraft books are the best.

The best Starcraft 1 books

If you want to buy Starcraft 1 books, here is a list of the most popular series set in the events of the first videogame in the franchise:

The Starcraft Archive: An Anthology

Remember that if you want to buy this book (or any other on the list) just click on the book cover and you will be directed to Amazon to buy it:

The Starcraft Archive: An Anthology

This book countains the four original tales of Starcraft: Uprising, Liberty’s Crusade, Shadow of the Xel’Naga and Speed of Darkness.

One of the most insteresting stories in this series is Uprising, the plot centers on the well known character Sarah Kerrigan (Queen of Blades or the Zerg Queen) when she was still a human, telling us more about her origins and how she ended up being the leader of the Swarm. 

Queen of Blades by Aaron Rosenberg

Queen of Blades

If you want to know more about Sarah Kerrigan you definitely have to read this novel after Uprising. 

Queen of Blades takes place during the second episode of Starcraft, that is, six weeks after Sarah Kerrigan is captured by the zerg. As you might expect, aside from the Queen of Blades, other important characters make their appearance in this story such as the Dark Templar leader Zeratul and the High templar protoss Tassadar.

There is a planned sequel for this novel, with the name of StarCraft: Heir of Adun, narrating the story of  Tassadar and Aiur history after the Invasion of Aiur. However, so far there is no release date for it.

The Dark Templar Saga by Christie Golden


Shadow Hunters


The Dark Templar Saga is a trilogy of books and serves as a prequel to the vents of Starcraft 2. This saga centers on the events in protoss history.

Starcraft Ghost: Nova and Spectres

Ghost: Nova

Ghost: Spectres

This series is based on StarCraft: Ghost a tactical action game for video game consoles. The story centers of Nova, an elite stealth operative and it takes place during StarCraft Episode I (Starcraft 1). Nova has become a popular character due to her appearance in Heroes of the Storm, the MOBA game developed by Blizzard.

Starcraft Ghost: Academy

Ghost Academy Volume 1

Ghost Academy Volume 2

Ghost Academy Volume 3

A graphic novel series that serves as a sequel to  StarCraft: Ghost: Nova. This series narrates the struggle of teenagers training in order to become Ghost soldiers.

The best Starcraft 2 books

If you want to buy Starcraft 2 books, here are the best novels that take place during the events of the sequel:

StarCraft: Evolution by Timothy Zahn

Starcraft Evolution book

This story takes place after the mission Nova Covert Ops included in Starcraft 2. It deals with the relationship between the three major powers of the Koprulu sector after the conflict.

Heavens Devils by William C. Dietz

Heavens Devils

This novel centers on the terran marine Tychus Findlay and the terran marshal Jim Raynor. Heavens Devils will tell us how the friendship between these two characters began as they battle on the front lines of a fierce interplanetary war.

Devils Due by Christie Golden

The Devil’s Due

This story also features the relationship between Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay as it is the direct sequel to Heavens Devils.

Flashpoint (also known as Secret Missions) by Christie Golden

Flashpoint by by Christie Golden

This book bridges the events that take place in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and its expansion Heart of the Swarm. The major characters in this novel are Sarah Kerrigan (who no longer is the queen of the Swarm) and Jim Raynor.

War Stories

War Stories

A collection of short stories of different people (both Terran and Protoss). The way the story is written it lt looks like a compilation of journals, emails, chats, and tweets from the research staff of a top-secret government facility dedicated to shedding light on the mysteries in the  Koprulu sector.

Starcraft Artbooks

If you want to buy Starcraft Artbooks, here goes Wings of Liberty collectors art book, a 176-page book featuring artwork from Starcraft 2:

Wings of Liberty Collector’s Artbook

Starcraft books in order

If you want to read the Starcraft books in order, the best way to read them is the order based on the timeline. Of course, aside from the ones that are sequels to other books, you can always read this series in publication order (most of these series focus on different events so they can be read separately also)

How to read Starcraft books


  • Heavens Devils
  • Devils Due
  • The Starcraft Archive
  • StarCraft: Ghosts: Nova
  • The Dark Templar Trilogy
  • StarCraft: Ghosts: Spectres
  • Flashpoint

The books that are not included in this reading order can be read wherever you want. 

Hope you enjoyed this list of best Starcraft books. Remember we did a similar list for Warcraft novels! Are you waiting for Starcraft 3? comment if so!

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Illidan vs Arthas

The best Warcraft novels

Hello Wottareaders! World of Warcraft Classic will be released soon, what better way to wait for Wow vanilla than reading some Warcraft stories? The lore of this rpg is fascinating, a story introduced previously in the three real-time strategy games and subsequently immensely expanded thanks to World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. Which are The best Warcraft novels? it’s time to find out.

If you want to know more about this Blizzard’s universe the Warcraft novels are a great way to enjoy the journey of all those Wow characters you love such as Arthas, Thrall or Illidan Stormrage.

Want to start reading Warcraft and don’t know where to begin? Say no more, let`s go:

How many Wow books are there?

There is a total of 23 Warcraft books. 7 are Warcraft series while the other 16 are World of Warcraft series. Even so, the names of this series are a bit misleading since Wow series includes books whose events take place way before the events of World of Warcraft. This is the case of  Beyond the Dark Portal which takes place during the Second War, or The Burning Crusade, which occurs a hundred years before Wow begins.

Do I have to play Blizzard videogames in order to enjoy the books?

Not exactly.  Of course, the more you know about the Wow universe the better since you will be able to make the interconnection better with the events occurred in the videogames. Sadly, not all those events are explained in the novels, that is the case of the Third War for example, which in order to know what happens you might have to play Warcraft 3 since such events are not covered deep enough in any of these novels.

Aside from that, most of these stories can be read despite not having a wide knowledge of the Warcraft lore since the story itself is self-contained in the books.

Are Wow books good?

Being honest, some of these books are far from being the best-written books ever. Even so, the story is usually good and they are worth reading.

These books are written by different authors, as it happens with the Warhammer novels.

Which Warcraft books are worth reading

As said before, not all the Wow novels are that good. If you only want to read the best Warcraft books then I suggest at least reading these since they are considered the best Warcraft novels:

  • Rise of the Horde
  • Lord of the Clans
  • War Crimes
  • Arthas: Rise of the Lich King
  • Tides of Darkness
  • Illidan
  • The Shattering

The ones previously mentioned are the must read Wow books, don’t get this wrong, other novels in the series are good, but not as good as these.

Where can I read Warcraft books online

Unfortunately, there are no online platforms that allow you to read these novels online, however, in this article, you will find where to buy all the Wow novels that compose this series.

How to read Warcraft books

If you want to give this series a chance and you are wondering what is the proper order to read all the Warcraft novels, the best way to read them is by chronological order, however you must know that these books tell stories of different characters, therefore, the  action takes place in different location and years. As a result, it is not easy to read all the Warcraft books in order.

Even so, the best way to read these books would be in chronological order.

In what order should I read Warcraft books?


  • WarCraft Chronicle Volume 1
  • Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden
  • The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb
  • Tides of Darkness by Aaron Rosenburg
  •  Beyond the Dark Portal by Christie Golden & Aaron Rosenburg
  • The Well of Eternity by Richard A. Knaak (War of the Ancients 1)
  • The Demon Soul by Richard A. Knaak (War of the Ancients 2)
  • The Sundering by Richard A. Knaak (War of the Ancients 3)
  • Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden
  • Of Blood and Honor by Chris Metzen

In any case, if you want to read these books in publication order you can check it in this WOW novel guide.

Where to buy Warcraft books

If you want to buy any book you can purchase them by clicking on their book cover (These areAffiliate Links since Wottaread is an Amazon Associate):

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

Rise of the Horde

The Last Guardian

Tides of Darkness

Beyond the Dark Portal

Day of the Dragon

The Well of Eternity

The Demon Soul

The Sundering

 Lord of the Clans

Hope this book list was useful for you, here you will have the top wow books. Can’t you wait for vanilla? share with us!

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Books with dragons

The best books with dragons

Dragons are probably one of the most popular fantastic creatures. Physically they are usually described pretty similarly: huge wings, gleaming eyes, serpent-like huge creatures breathing fire. In literature, These have been portrayed in many different ways;  they can behave as if they were gigantic scaly flamethrowing dogs with no intellect while other times they are shown as intelligent majestic beings that are able to talk with wisdom, even cast spells and transform into human forms. In this article you will find the best book with dragons playing different roles in the story.

Sometimes these mythological animals are used as a metaphor. In some cases, it is for human vices, such as greed and self-interest. This is the kind of dragon shown in many novels, maybe one of the most famous in this role being Smaug, the main antagonist in The Hobbit. Also, they are used as an analogy of majesty and overwhelming power, a higher level of knowledge that we, mere humans, are not able to comprehend.

If you love these amazing fictional creatures, the book Dragons of Fantasy by Anne C. Pretty is a character study of these beasts, providing a study of how these creatures have appeared in myths, legends, and fiction sagas. Also, she focuses on dragons of certain known sagas, like the ones created by J.R.R Tolkien, Terry Pratchett or J.K Rowling among others.

Dragons as villains

Fantasy settings have shown us dragons in different roles, being a villain is probably one of their most natural ones. In this depiction, these mythological creatures are usually greedy, evil and lonely creatures which commonly are the final test before the main character ends his journey. Dragons, being powerful and fearsome creatures, fit perfectly in this role.

When dragons play this role they are shown as a mixture of big flying fire breathing monsters which are also smart, cunning and can even use magic spells.

Here you have some novels with Dragons as villains:

Novels with dragons as companions

These creatures also work as animal companions, powerful and destructive ones no doubt. One of the most basic examples of this kind of interaction would be the film How to train your dragon. Daenerys Targaryen is also a great example as she, being the mother of dragons, had three powerful monsters (Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion) who obeyed her orders.

When these titanic creatures act as companions they are shown as less intelligent creatures which are unable to talk and behave like beasts.

Here you have some the best novels with dragons companions:

Books with dragons as main characters

These huge lizards are really interesting creatures that have great intellect and usually can transform into humans; as a result, they can be great main characters. In the following recommendations, you will have these in the main plot and also in some, the story is told from their point of view. There are lots of novels where the main character is a dragon.  If that was not enough, some of these have great book covers by the way:

Romance stories

You want some romance involving dragons? Well, not many novels cover this aspect to be honest. Ey writers, an almost unexplored niche here!. Here you have some fantasy books with dragons suggestions:

Here you have a nice selection of books with these mythological creatures. Hope you liked it.

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London british

Best books by British authors

England is a great cultural exporter both musically and literally but, in this post, we are going to focus on this second aspect. Making lists is not easy but only the brave dare to take on the most difficult challenges, so today we bring you 5 essential books of English literature. Here you have the best books by British authors:

Charles Dickens – Great Hopes

If anyone knew how to portray the lower class of society, it was Dickens, probably because in his childhood he lived in a similar situation which led him to fight against injustice and poverty both as a writer and as a citizen. In this work, the orphan and poor Pip receives an offer that would be tempting for anyone, especially being in a disadvantaged situation. However, there are certain things that can never be bought.

George Orwell – 1984

Eric A. Blair, better known as George Orwell, wrote some of the most important books of the last century. Surely you have all heard of Big Brother, for we owe it to him. With the difference that his term refers to the State and does not intend to make a show with your life to later reward you financially, but instead, in his dystopian novel the Big Brother has the intention is to subjugate citizens to his will and think, act and live as he wants. This work is clearly an exponent of the anti-totalitarian current. As a result, this book is included in the list of books that will make your mind explode.

J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings

Does this author need an introduction? Humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, magicians, rings with powers… This work has everything. Tolkien’s magnificent writing together with his great imagination came together to give life to this marvelous novel. Page by page we submerge and let ourselves be captured by the universe of this writer who, once in his spider’s web, will not let us escape until we finish the last paragraph. This is why he has well earned the title of the father of modern fantasy.

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

There have always been those who have played at being God but not all of them have had the transcendence of Victor Frankenstein. Shelley’s character was nothing more than a young student in love with his fiancée Elisabeth and science. This second love would be the one that would make him mad. After finding the formula to give life back to a corpse, he gest scared of the result of his work and the monster, who just wanted to be loved and live in peace with others, gets rejected and mistreated by his appearance, thus beginning to hate and eventually search for revenge on his creator.

William Shakespeare – Hamlet

It’s impossible to think of classic writers and not think of this author. His great works are countless as are the conspiracies about whether he really wrote them, but until proven otherwise, Shakespeare will remain the king of the classics. It is very difficult to highlight one of his works above all the others but, in the end, no one said it was easy to make a list. So we kept Hamlet. The story of the prince of Denmark whose aim is to avenge the death of his father and for that he plans to murder his uncle since he is the main suspect of having ended the life of Hamlet’s father to rise with the Danish crown.

Many works have been left off this list, but there are so many great British authors and so few that fit on Olympus that it is precisely the reason it makes them so special. In short, it is better that there are plenty of great authors to sit at the table than that there are not enough chairs to fill, right?

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