The best reusable sticker books for toddlers

These are the best reusable sticker books for toddlers

We have collected a list of the best reusable sticker books for toddlers, they are going to love it, and also these will help them to develop. As you know for sure, the toddler years are a time of great social, emotional, and cognitive development; therefore these books will be great for them while having lots of fun.

What have we considered to select the best reusable sticker books for toddlers?

This list is specifically for toddlers, so all the books shown here are for children from 12 to 36 months old. Also, we only collected reusable sticker books whose stickers are thick, and therefore easier to peel, so your kids don’t get frustrated. In a similar way, we discarded any option that had small parts.

toddler enjoy a reusable sticker book
toddler enjoy a reusable sticker book

For some reason, lots of publishers claim their books have reusable stickers, but they don’t. So we discarded all those options in which they were not actually reusable.

One tip before we keep going: protector portfolio is a perfect way to keep your stickers protected between uses. Similarly, sheet protectors are also a good alternative.

And last but not least, we also considered the quality of the books. We only selected choices in which both stickers and books were durable, so your kids can enjoy them as many times as they want to.

The 7 best reusable sticker books for toddlers

With no further ado, it’s time for you to find out the best options for your kids:

Melissa & Doug

This set collects two books, and what’s great about them is that they have lots of scenes, and also they come with lots of excellent quality stickers. Put together, it means there are lots of fun for your toddlers.

Here you have some pictures of how it looks inside so you can see better how this set works:

reusable book toddler farm

 I Spy Learn and Go

With a length of 48 pages, this is a colorful option that comes with 100 stickers. I spy Learn and Go has also some activities that will help your toddlers to learn about colors, opposites, and many other fun games.

This book has a lot of cute characters and the pages are thick, you can take a look at how it looks inside:

activities sticker reusable book

123 Counting Sticker Book

This is a shorter, and cheaper option. The reason why 123 Counting is in this list with the best reusable sticker books for toddlers is actually because of its simplicity. It’s only 14 pages long, it includes great activities for your kids, and also the stickers are of familiar objects so it reinforces their learning.

Also, the main premise of this book is to make your children learn to count from 1 to 10 while having lots of fun. This is how the book looks on the inside:

activities book 3

First 100 Stickers: Animals

This is a great book with 100 reusable stickers that will help your toddler to know about nature. In this, your kids will have to match the animals to their natural habitat.

A great 80-page long option that has been praised for the quality of its paper, and its easy-to-peel stickers.

First 100 Stickers: Words

This is another book by the same author as the previous one, Roger Priddy, this one focusing on learning words. A great choice to help your toddler with cognitive development.

Any suggestions for our list?

It was actually pretty hard to find the best reusable sticker books for toddlers. There are lots of books that have small parts, with which younger kids might choke, and also lots of the stickers are not actually reusable. Anyway, despite all the issues we were able to find 5 great options for you, so hope your kids learn and lot from them.

Also, if you have older kids, here you have the reason why the Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 movie was never released, kinda shocking that there won’t be more live action films based on these books by Jeff Kinney.

Do you have any recommended reusable sticker books for toddlers that you think should be included on the list? then leave a comment with your suggestions! In a similar way, if you have bought any of these tell us if your kids loved them or not.

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