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Books to read if you like Avatar the Last Airbender

Are you a fan of this series and you are wondering if there are any books like Avatar The Last Airbender? this American animated television series was a success, and once you have watched its sequel you are probably craving for more books similar to Avatar the Last Airbender.

It is ok to miss Aang, Korra, and all their friends, but with these books it will get easier. We have an amazing list of books to read if you like Avatar the Last Airbender. But first…

How should Books like Avatar the Last Airbender be?

In order to find books similar to Avatar the Last Airbender first we should understand which are the main elements of this series:

  • Human beings being able to control at least one of the four elements: earth, water, air, fire.
  • A Fictional fantasy world where these elements are relevant.
  • Lots of action and adventure.
  • Drama, humor, a bit of everything.

Having said this, let’s get some amazing books similar to Avatar the Last Airbender. Spoiler: you will love them.

List of books like Avatar the Last Airbender

Here you have books stories similar to Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. In case you want to get any of these, it is as easy as clicking on their cover (the link takes you to Amazon, it opens in a new tab):

The Sword’s Choice series: a book like Avatar the Last Airbender inspired by manga and anime

The Sword’S Choice is heavily inspired by manga and anime, so fans of japanese fiction will love it.

It is a story with magical swords having the power of the elements, set in a similar setting to Avatar the Last Airbender. Lots of readers have said this series is a mixture of Aang’s adventure with Game of Thrones.

This is an epic story in which we will know about Noakhail, a boy who happens to be the heir to the Kingdom of Fire but who was about to be murdered when he was a newborn, just because he was chosen by one of the sacred swords to become the Phoenix. He is now an exiled boy living in the Aquadom, the Queendom of Water, his fire sword is the only proof he has for him to prove his the heir to the throne, but before meeting his destiny he has decided to face the world by travelling to the four kingdoms and surviving all the dangers, if he survives then claiming the throne should be easy.

Meanwhile, princess Vienne is bullied by her older sisters. He is the least appropriate to rule the Queendom of Water, as her mother the queen constantly reminds her. But their god, the Aqua Deus, can be really capricious, and has decided to chose her to become the next queen… will she be able to control all the powers of the sacred sword of water?

Two parallel stories, but what Noakhail and Vienne don’t know is that they are bound to fight each other: Fire vs Water.

Thisis a four volume series, each of the volumes taking place in one of the kingdoms: The Queendom of Water, The Kingdom of Earth, the Kingdom of Air. and The Kingdom of Fire.

Red Winter: similar books like The Last Airbender influenced by the Japanese culture

series like avatar the last airbender

Red Winter 

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The Red Winter trilogy is influenced by Japanese culture, this series centers on Emi, she is a kamigakari, which means that in a few months she will not be a human anymore but she will become a goddess.

She has never doubted her fate, but this will change when she meets Shiro  the yokai (a spirit of earth), from the she will question if she can go against her destiny.

In case you are seeking novels like Avatar The Last Airbender that are influenced by the Japanese culture then this trilogy might be a gread addition to your collection.

A Song of Wraiths & Ruin

This is a series inspired by North African and West African folklore. The story centers on Malik, his sister has been abducted by a vengeful spirit, and there is only one way to get his sister back: to kill the Princess of Ziran, Karina.

But Karina also has plans to kill, her mother has been murdered and she is decided to resurrect her, and for this she will need the heart of a king.

If you are seeking books to read if you like Avatar the Last Airbender you’ll enjoy this duology.

Steel Crow Saga

books similar to avatar the last airbender

Steel Crow Saga

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This is the story of a soldier, a princess, a detective, and a thief who team up together in order to defeat a killer who is defying the laws of magic.

All the books similar to avatar the last airbender suggested here

Here you have all the books that have been recommended in this post:

Do you know any other books like Avatar the Last Airbender? just leave a comment.

Hope you enjoy it. Also, take a look at The Legend of Korra books in order.

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