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best litrpg books

The best litrpg audiobooks and novels

If you are seeking the best litrpg books here you will find an amazing list with lots of recommendations. This genre is perfect for gamers, more specifily, it is the best choice for gamers who love MMORPG  titles. In case you prefer to listen to books instead of reading them it’s okay, you will find the best litrpg audiobooks here as well.

There are lots of good litrpg novels, so it might be hard to be introduced in the genre. But with this list, you will see how easy it is.

Finding the best litrpg books

litrpg novels

In order to find the best litrg novels, it would be good to define what we are seeking here: litrpg is the short term for Literary Role Playing Game, as a result, litrpg books get lots of elements from rpg videogames such as the action taking place in a videogame, health and mana bars, etc.

Ok, now that we understand what you will find in this post. Let’s show you the list with the best litrp audiobooks and novels.

A list with the best litrpg books

Here goes an amazing list of good litrpg books, hope you enjoy them:

The Land Litrpg by Dr Aleron Kong: a must in a list of best litrpg books

This litrpg series tells the story of Richter, a boy who gets transported into the videogame he was playing, The Land, a fantasy parallel universe where he will have to deal with goblins, monsters, and all sort of creatures. And all this while he is just level 1!

If you want to start this series then check out this post with all The Land Litrpg books in order.

Ready Player One by Ernst Cline: one of the best litrpg novels

This is a New York best seller title, and had a movie adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg. Ready Player One tells the story of Wade Watts, a boy who plays Oasis, the most popular videogame ever. The owner of the videogame has died, and whoever finds the three keys that are hidden in his virtual world will inherit all his fortune, and also the company that developed Oasis itself.

This is also one of the best litrpg audiobooks you will find, so try to check this one.

The Way of The Shaman by Vasily Mahanenko

These litrpg books take place in a virtual world known as Barliona, in which the players will immerse in a world diwh magic, monsters, elves, and dragons. But not all the players are enjoying this videogame, some of them are criminals sent to Barliona to server their time, and for them it is a matter of virtual survival.

Awaken Online

For Jason, Awaken Online is the perfect videogame, since it helps him to isolate from the real world. But in this videogame he will not be the hero, or it’s not about defeating a villain because, in this videogame, he is the villain.

This story has quite explicit language and violence, so not suitable for children. For lots of readers, this is one of the top litrpg books for adults.

Threadbare by Andrew Seiple

This is quite a peculiar litrpg book, the story centers on Threadbare, he is not a hero of any sort, instead, he is a fluffy bear, a magically animated creature. Threadbare will have to find alies and gain eves soon, since his creator has ots of enemies, and he is such an easy target after all…

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the main character is a teddy bear, this litrpg novel has lots of violence and profanity. So if you are seeking good litrpg books that have a different main character this is the one for you.

Play to Live by D. Rus

This litrpg novel centers on Max, he knows he is close to death, and one of his latest options sounds quite atypical: he can get permanently trapped in his virtual game. Given the lack of choices, Max is decided to do this, and so he will immerse in the fantasy world of AlterWorld becoming then Laith, a dark elf.

A litrpg series narrated in first person that has been well received by the fans of the genre.

Viridian Gate Online by James Hunter: one of the best litrpg audiobooks in the list

An asteroid is about to collapse Earth, there is no chance to survive. World goverment is preparing some bunkers to save a small amount of the population, but Jack Mitchel is not one of the ones who will be in those bunkers

There is one alternative, one that will kill his body but that at least will let his mind to survive: getting inside the world of Viridian Gate Online.

One of the best litprg litrpg audiobooks that you will find, and if you get Audible you can hear it for free!

Red Mage series by Xander Boyce

Drew Michalik has the ability to cast spells, a power he will use to overthrow the evil government.

Realm of Arkon Realm of Arkon

Ream of Arkon is a popular online video game, such an immersive virtual reality that players can’t distinguish it from the real word.

For Roman, this game will become his own personal nightmare, he is confined in Arkon against his will, and if that was not enough, he is trapped in the deadliest zone of this game. This is a litprg series, so there is lot to discover in this virtual world.

Hope you enjoyed this list with lots of good litprg books. You can also check this post with books like Ready Player One, in which you will find other similar novels to this famous title.

Do you know any novels that deserve to be in this list of best litrpg books? if so, leave a comment now or use the contact form and tell us your suggestions, the more titles in the list the better!

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fantasy romance novels

Fantasy romance books

Coupling love stories with magic, fantasy romance novels are a great way to enjoy two genres in one book. Think of it this way: it’s Romeo and Juliet but with spells and dragons. Who wouldn’t want to read that? We’d certainly want to enjoy it with a cup of tea. Although it was hard, considering the number, or choices, we managed to find the best fantasy romance books that you can pick up today.

The next time you’re at the library, look for one of the best fantasy romance books from our list. If you are wondering if this list includes young adult fantasy romance books the answer is yes, you will find some suggestions as well.

Finding fantasy romance novels

fantasy books with romance

When it comes to fantasy romance novels, the Twilight Saga often takes the lead. Along with vampires and werewolves, it also has a love story that will make you swoon. But Twilight isn’t the only fantasy romance book that became popular. Even gruesome novels like Game of Thrones have love stories in them that will give you a break from all the magic and fantasy.

If you’re interested in finding the best fantasy romance books, let our list be the guide for your next reading.

List of Fantasy Romance novels

Delve into the world of fantasy and romance by reading books from this list. As said before this list includes lots of young adult fantasy romance books as well:

Phoenix Unbound by Grace Draven: a must in a list of fantasy romance novels

A girl from the village has to be sent to the Empire’s Capital to be burnt alive for entertainment every year. For the past five years, Gilene has been sacrificing herself, protecting other girls from her village. Her magical powers keep her safe from death, but this year, the most popular gladiator of the Empire has found her secret and is blackmailing her.

Little, Big by John Crowley: one of the classics in these romance fantasy books

The novel tells a story of four generations, filled with love and magic. In the present generation, Smoky travels to an unknown city to marry Alice, as prophesized. 

Star of the Morning by Lynn Kurland

Being the first book in the Nine Kingdoms series, the novel follows the story of a woman who is destined to save the kingdom because she has one of the two swords that can kill the black mage.

This is a fantasy book with romance with lots of adventure as well.

Radiance by Grace Draven

The first book in the Wraith Kings series, the novel follows Brishen Khaskem, who lives a peaceful life. Now, he has to marry a woman from the kingdom of Gaur, to fulfill the requirements of a treaty between the two kingdoms.

Seeking young adult fantasy romance books? then this one might be one of your favorites.

Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews

Hugh and Elara need to protect their people, and they know the best way to do so is by creating an alliance. However, both of them have an ugly reputation for betraying their allies.

Dark Lover by J. R Ward

Wrath is the only purebred left in the world, and he is on a mission to find the slayer who murdered his parents. However, when one of his fighters dies, leaving a half-blood daughter behind, Wrath has to tend to her.

If you like romance fantasy books with vampires check this one, this post with all the Black Dagger Brotherhood series order might be helpful for you.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke and Bone series tells the story of Karou, who draws monsters in his sketch book and speaks many languages, that are not even human.

fantasy romance books

I hope this super list with lots of romance fantasy books helped you to find lots of new series to start reading. Also, take a look at this post where you can find lots of mystery books for teens.

There are lots of fantasy books with romance, do you know any that deserves to be in the list? then leave a comment now or use our contact form to tell us, if its a good romance fantasy book then we will include it for sure!

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mystery books for teens

Lots of good mystery books for teens

If you’re looking for mystery books for teens, this is just the place. Have you ever read a novel in one night? Well, that’s the beauty of mystery books. They grip you strongly, so you can’t put them down until you’ve finished them. Thus, we’ve found some good mystery books for teens that will keep you guessing till the end.

The genre of mystery is often coupled with fantasy and even romance, so if you like multi-genre books, you’ll find some of the best mystery books for teens in this article. Of course, notice that while this is a post of mystery novels for teenagers older people can enjoy them too!

Finding Mystery Books for Teens

good mystery books for teens

Not all mystery books have to be supernatural, although it is a common conception. From people disappearing to strange lands, you’ll find everything in our list of books. We did our best to find the best mystery novels for teenagers, there are lots of great stories in this genre.

So, let’s not make you wait anymore and get right into some good mystery books for teens to pick up today.

List of Mystery Books for Teens

After reading the books on this list, make sure to suggest them to your friends and family too. Here goes our list with mystery novels for teenagers:

The Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes: a must in a list of mystery Books for Teens

Molly receives something in the mail that leads to her to Pepper, and they both set on an adventure to solve the mystery surrounding the death of Ava, who was murdered in 1989. While someone desperately wants them to get to the bottom of things, someone else is doing everything to stop them from finding the truth.

This Is Our Story by Ashley Elston: one of the best mystery books for teens

When five friends go on a hunting trip, only four of them come out alive from the forest. Their fifth friend, Grant, was shot dead, and the killer is among them. However, none of them is saying a thing, but when Kate Marino, a photojournalist, starts looking for clues, the boys get involved in the murder mystery.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

Five years ago, Sal Singh killed Andie Bell, and the whole town knows it. However, when Pippa, a resident of the same town, takes up the case as her final year school assignment, she finds secrets that could potentially lead to the real killer.

Paper Towns by John Green

Quentin is in love with his neighbor Margo Roth, a girl who isn’t afraid to take on anything. One night, she goes missing, and Quentin heads out to search for her with his friends, finding things about Margo in the process.

Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

When Monday Charles goes missing, only Claudia notices as they both were as close as sisters. Claudia takes it upon herself to find Monday because her family doesn’t seem to be willing to help.

Of all the mystery novels for teens in this list, this is probably one of the crepiest, so take care!

One of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus

At Bayview High School, five students go for detention, and only four come out of the classroom alive. Of the other four, everyone is a suspect, and they all have things to hide. If you like Pretty Little Liars, you’ll love this book too.

People Like Us by Dana Mele

Kay has some secrets, but who doesn’t? Except that hers land her in the middle of a murder investigation.

Hope this list with mystery novels for teenagers served for you to discover lots of new titles! if you like fantasy as well then take a look at this post with the best fantasy books for teens. Oh, also check out this post with books like Avatar the last Airbender if you are a fan of the series.

Do you know any good mystery books for teens that you think deserve to be in the list? if that is the case you can either leave a comment with your suggestion or use the contact form, we will be glad to include more mystery novels for teens in this list! so don’t be shy and send us all your suggestions!

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fantasy books for teens

Good fantasy books for teens

If you’re a young reader, you’ll find some great fantasy books for teens here. Growing up, it’s important to have a rich imagination. Books are an awesome way to spend free time and connect with worlds and characters that are so different from yours. Most people prefer reading fantasy novels because of their engrossing storylines and interesting characters. If you want to find good fantasy books for teens, keep reading.

We have curated a list of the best fantasy books for teens that will allow you to push the boundaries of reality and enter imaginary worlds where dragons breathe fire, and people have superpowers. We have lots of fantasy book series for teens, are you ready?

Finding the best Fantasy Books for Teens

best fantasy books for teens

Before you pick up any of these books, keep in mind that some of them are suitable for younger teens, while others will be more relatable for people in their late teens. Depending on what your preferences are, you’ll find a book on this list. Teenage years are troubling and can be quite crazy, to be honest. If you want to escape the real world, books are an incredible way to do it.

We have found some really good fantasy books for teens that you can read yourself or suggest to younger siblings who are the right age.

List of Fantasy Books for Teens

We hope you enjoy the list, some of these are the best books for teens ever so take care! Also, notice that most of these are not stand-alone novels, but these are fantasy book series for teens :

Eragon by Christopher Paolini: a good book for teens written by a 15-year old

Being the first book in The Inheritance Cycle, this novel tells the story of Eragon who finds a blue stone in the woods. He thinks that the stone might buy dinner for his poor family, but it actually hatches a dragon, turning Eragon’s life around, bringing magic and mystery into it.

And yes, Christopher Paolini was just fifteen years old when he wrote the first volume of his series, awesome isn’t it? if you want all the books in this series here you have the Eragon series order.

The Sapphire Eruption by I.M. Redwright: an indie fantasy book for teens

Noakhail is an exiled boy who has discovered recently that he is the heir to the Kingdom of Fire, he only has one of the twin swords of fire to prove it, but he knows he is not ready to claim the throne, so he has decided to face the world and visit the four kingdoms, if he survives then he shall be king.

In a parallel story, Vienne is a bullied princess that has been chosen by the sword of water to reign the queendom of Water, but she couldn’t be more appropriate for the throne, and her older sister knows that well…

Graceling by Kristin Cashore: fantasy books for teens who like magical creatures

Katsa can kill anyone with her bare hands, since the age of eight, making her a Graceling; a name given to people with her skills. Since she is the King’s niece, she is supposed to live a life of luxury. Instead, she is forced to kill people for the King.

The Dark Elf by R.A Salvatore

Drizzt is a dark elf, he is supposed to be mean and evil as the rest of the drow, but he is not. Instead, he only likes fighting and values friendship, so he will embark on a journey to meet people like him.

One of the best fantasy books for teens, no doubt.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

The first book in the Twilight Saga, Twilight introduces the readers to Bella, who moves to Forks to live with her father. There, she falls in love with a fellow high school student named Edward. It’s everything but a normal love story because Edward is a vampire.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Feyre lives in a cold jungle with long winters and scarce food sources. One day, she sees a deer and kills the wolf that is following her, to keep the deer for herself. However, she has killed a faerie, and that comes at a price.

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

Lyra is going to the North, a land where bears and witches rule. The first installment in His Dark Materials series follows Lyra as she fits into their world and partakes in great endeavors.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Blue Sargent stays at her clairvoyant mother’s side every year as dead walk past them, but this year, a dead boy talks to her.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora isn’t much into romance until she meets Patch, a handsome boy with some unsettling secrets. A fallen angel? uh, maybe…

Hope this list of good fantasy books made you discover lots of new series. You can also take a look at this post which collects lots of coming of age books, you will enjoy those novels as well for sure.

Which are in your opinion the best fantasy books for teens ever? leave a comment with your suggestions and we will add them for sure!

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books like Jack Reacher

Books similar to jack reacher

For people who like reading about war veterans, books like Jack Reacher are a great way to pass time. Written by Lee Child, the Jack Reacher series follows an ex-major of the US Military Police Corps. While most novels are set in the US, some are set in London, Hamburg, and Paris. If you enjoyed following Jack Reacher’s stories, you’d like to read books similar to Jack Reacher.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best books like Jack Reacher that have similar storylines and themes.

Finding books like Jack Reacher

Books similar to jack reacher

Jack Reacher series follows the man with the same name who does odd jobs around the country while investigating dangerous situations. The novels are set in big cities of the US, including New York and Los Angeles, and smaller towns in the Midwest. Throughout the series, we accompany Jack Reacher on his adventures as he deals with crimes and family.

If you’re interested in similar books to Jack Reacher, you’ll find seven of them in this article.

List of Books like Jack Reacher

Here is the list of series like Jack Reacher that you can pick up today.

Mitch Rapp, by Vince Flynn: this series had to be in a list of books like Jack Reacher

This is the story of a CIA counter-terrorist who has had a traumatic past. He is the most decorated member of his unit, and there is a reason for that: he is the best. Of course, this series had to be mentioned in this list, keep reading to find more books like Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp.

If you want to start reading these books here you have the Mitch Rapp series in order.

A Brewing Storm, by Richard Castle: books similar to Jack Reacher written by an actor?

A Brewing Storm tells the story of Storm, who fakes his death to retire from the CIA. He teams with April Showers, an FBI agent, to look for people who kidnapped the son of a US senator.

Yes, you are wondering where have “I heard that author’s name before” it’s because this book is written under the same pseudonym as the main character of the Castle tv series (the books are not written by actor Nathan Fillion, however, his picture is shown on Amazon).

The Alex McKnight Series by Steve Hamilton: books like Jack Reacher with a former police officer

Alex McKnight is a former police offer from Detroit, who likes to stay in his own company, but often encounters trouble. Although he is retired, him crossing paths with crime forces a life of a private investigator upon him.

If you are seeking books like Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp then try this one!

The Bourne Series by Robert Ludlum

Jason Bourne suffers from retrograde amnesia and doesn’t remember much about his past. However, he does have what it takes to survive, which is helpful since the CIA wants him dead.

Body of Lies by David Ignatius

Roger Ferris is a CIA soldier who gets out of Iraq with an injured leg. He is on a mission to catch Suleiman, a master terrorist, but things are messy and complex.

The Search by Nora Roberts

Fiona Bristow lives on an island and runs a dog-training school with a huge clientele. Life wasn’t always as perfect for her as she was the only survivor of a serial killer who only killed women. Now that she is finally living peacefully, a copycat killer is on the loose to kill the woman who got away.

Ice Hunter by Joseph Heywood

Ice Hunter is the first novel in the Woods Cop series, written by Joseph Heywood. Grady Service is a former marine and conservation officer who has to protect himself and Mosquito Wilderness from political criminals.

Iron Lake by William Kent Krueger

Cork O’Connor is the ex-sheriff of a town in Minnesota. Although he is retired, when the town’s judge is killed in cold blood, Conor takes on a mission to solve the case and find a missing boy named Eagle Scout.

What a great list isn’t it? there you have lots of books like Jack Reacher to choose, if you find it harder to choose one of these series that means we did a great job. Also, if you also fancy romance stories then you have to check out this post with books like where the crawdads sing.

Do you know any other books similar to Jack Reacher? if so, you have to leave a comment telling us about your suggestion! (title, author, and a short blurb would be more than enough).

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