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Books similar to Red Rising

If you have already finished Pierce Brown’s amazing tale you will be probably willing to find some books like Red Rising. You might be thinking that no other series can compare to the science fiction dystopian world created by Brown, and while you are certain that these novels are quite unique, we actually have some books similar to Red Rising.

So if you don’t know what to read after Red Rising check out these amazing recommendations!

The Silo series: a must in a list of books like Red Rising

This is an indie series by Hugh Howey whose first volume in the series, Wool, has more than 15 thousand ratings (yes, you read welll). If you liked the dark tone of Red Rising this sci-fi dystopian future trilogy is even darker and filled with lots of suspense.

So if you are looking for similar books to Red Rising because of its dark tone, and the sci-fi dystopian setting then try this series.

Expeditionary Force:

This book series has a more humoristic tone, centering on an US Army soldier known Joe Bishop that now fights in space after an allien invasion. A military scifi series with lots of action, F words, and lots of jokes.

In case you want to give this series a chance here you have all the Expeditionary Force books in order.

Song of Edmon: one of the most similar book series to Red Rising

In case you are looking for a series that is as similar to Red Rising as it can be then Song of Edmon series is the perfect choice for you. This is a gripping character driven story centered on Edmon Leontes , a guy whose fate is decided by his ruthless father instead of himself.


This series takes the name from the world in which its plot takes place, Hyperion. A mystical place to which seven pilgrims will travel to solve the riddles of their lifes and not only that, but the future of humanity will be at a stake, despite them not knowing.

The Expanse

This is the story of Captain James Holmes, who, together with his crew and a detective, will travel all around the galaxy in order to find a missing girl.

These novels by might be one of the most popular series in this list of books like Red Rising since The Expanse has a pretty famous tv series adaptation which you can watch on Prime Video.

A Girl From Nowhere 

This is the story of Taiming, a boy who lives in a harsh world, as is proved by the fact that his house nd up being ransacked and his aunt killed. Actions for which he will embark on a journey of revenge, and so he will meet Selena, who will ask him to join his crew and seek the fabled white city.

There you have it, if you didn’t know what to read after Red Rising these are great suggestions. We didn’t include this one in the list because it certainly has a different tone, but if you like scifi then you have to read Frank Herbert’s work, here you have the Dune reading order.

similar books to Red Rising

Have you read any of the books in this list? then leave a comment telling us if you liked it or not, and why. And also, in case you know of other books like Red Rising by Pierce Brown then just tell us by leaving a comment as well!

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