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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

wahammer 40k books in order

Warhammer 40k reading order

The lore created by GW is incredibly complex and fascinating, we got a list with the Warhammer 40k books in order so you can delve into this enthralling universe. There are many volumes and books that cover the different armies and yes, the  Big Four Chapters get most of the love, but we’ll try to cover as many armies, races, and events as possible.

In what order you should read the Warhammer 40k novels? oh, boy, that’s a complicated question. And we got the answer, but, what did it cost? everything… from lots of heresy to bribing a bunch of gretchins, and even having to listen to a Shas’el lecturing us about the Tau’va for several hours… 

List with the Warhammer 40k books in order

First of all you should know that these are subseries that are self contained, that is, each of them focus on a different event. Because of this, you can actually skip any of the series we suggested and focus on the ones that center on the factions or characters you are most interested about.

Here’s the Warhammer 40k reading order, make note that you don’t actually have to follow this guide since, as said before, the stories in each of these subseries are not connected at all and focus on different events.

The Eisenhorn series is generally considered as the best introduction to the Warhammer 40k novels since it’s quite easy to get into it. With this sort of detective story you’ll get into the Imperium. Here’s how to start with the Warhammer 40k novels:

There’s way more WH 40k books, plenty more in fact,so many that It would be quite impractical to collect them all. That’s why we decided to make a more exclusive selection of the series that we believe you should not miss.

Now that we told you the order of the Warhammer 40k books don’t miss these series

There are many scifi novels that you should not miss, the following novels are a must if you enjoy the military genre:

Quick note, we are not including the Horus Heresy book series in this list because not only do we have an entire post dedicated to it but they also happen to take place before WH 40k. More specifically, they are set in the 30k. So, yes, they are a sort of prequel, and, while they are no mandatory to either understand or  start reading the Warhammer 40k novels they happen to be one of the major events so you should give them a try as well.

Our first recommendation is an acclaimed work, you’ll really enjoy this story if you love military fiction set in a Star Wars alike universe, here’s a list of  the Galaxy’s Edge books in order.

Would you rather read a story that mixes humor with scifi? then here a list with Dennis E Taylor’s Bobiverse books in order, so much fun!

Warhammer 40k books in chronological order: this is why you can’t read them that way

warhammer 40k reading order
Warhammer 40k reading order

It would be amazing, and way easier, to tell you that there’s a list in which you could find all the Warhammer 40 k books in chronological order. But, sadly, that’s not how it works (party because most of the 40k stories are not set on a specific date). 

Let’s put it this way, there’s actually no main plot in this series, instead, there’s a lot of stories that revolve around a certain event or an important character (an emperor, a primarch, a Warlord,etc). Therefore, while all the WH 40k novels share the setting, they are not actually connected (except the ones that belong to the same subseries, of course).

While it may be frustrating for some, we believe it’s better to forget about any attempt to follow the chronology of events narrated in these stories and just try to have fun. Speaking of having joy, here’s our list with the best warhammer fantasy books to start with.

What are these novels about?

warhammer 40k book order
Warhammer 40k book order

Warhammer 40k is a popular military table top wargame created by Games Workshop played with miniature figures. There are different factions and armies.

The setting of this game is a hostile universe in which there’s no hope, only war and heresy. It is full of different races and creatures who are more than willing to kill and extinguish each other. One of the most captivating aspects of this wargame is its well developed lore. Behind each of the armies that are part of this game there’s a rulebook that stipulates every single detail of them (how much they move, their weapons, and a long and extensive etc).

Aside from that, there are certain miniatures that happen to be the leaders of these armies (primarchs, warlords or so on). The background of these prominent characters is incredibly well built, and so is the universe in which all these fictional battles take place, that’s why fans are more than willing to read any Warhammer novel based on their favorite factions.

There’s no denial that the Space Marines faction is the most popular, the ultramarines usually being the most prominent Chapter. However, there’s room for other armies to have their place in this military scifi literature.

There you have it, now that you have a list with the Warhammer 40k books in order you can start reading this amazing scifi military series. What’s your favorite faction? leave a comment and tell us!

briar u series in order

Elle Kennedy’s Briar U in order

We are getting back to college because we got a list with the Briar U series in order, the spin-off of one of the most popular series by Elle Kennedy. The fun thing about these novels is that you already know their protagonists because they happen to be side characters in the Off-Campus books.

For instance, the first volume in the Briar U books is starred by no other than Summer! will she find love? let’s find out.

Briar U series in order by Elle Kennedy

This spin-off series is composed of 4 volumes, each of the novels in this tetralogy focusing on a different romance. Here you have all the Briar u books in order:

Needless to say, you should read the original novels before reading this spin-off. Because of this, make sure that you check out this post with the Off Campus series in order, it is a pentalogy focusing on 4 couples (the 5th volume in the series being a summary of what happened with them 3 years after being graduated)

Now that we told you the order of the Briar u series don’t miss these novels

You are itching for more steamy romance novels, aren’t you? of course you are, we already knew that! and that’s why we already have selected 3 great series that you should add to your TBR list:

At this point, we have no doubt that you will devour the Briar U book series in no time, and what if you need to read more of Elle Kennedy’s fascinating writing? then you can start with the DreamMakers series.

Do you love dangerous love? then you should read the Shatter Me series, a story of a girl who has the most powerful power: whoever touches her will die, will any man be able to love her knowing that he won’t even be able to feel her skin?

What are these books about?

Elle Kennedy Briar U order
Elle Kennedy Briar U in order

The Briar U book series tells us about 4 different steamy romance stories starred by side characters of the original series by Elle Kennedy. In the first novel, for example, the main character is Summer, while in the second one is Brenna Jennsen (who will be introduced in the first volume).

The Chase, book 1 in the series, tells us about the romance between Summer and Colin. They could be no more different, because he is into video games, hockey, and tattoos… and the worst thing is, that he is the best buddy of her brother.

You might be wondering if you have to read the Off Campus books before reading these novels, or even if it’s mandatory to read the Briar U series in order. Truth is, since each of these novels center on a different couple, there is no need to read them in a specific order, because they can be read as standalone. Having said this, since these characters make an appearance in the original series, we believe your reading will be more satisfactory if you read the Off Campus books first.

Also, here’s the most popular quote from the first book in the series. A quick way for you to know about the funny tone of the Briar U books:

Briar u book series
Briar u book series

A list of the Briar U book series in order

Here you have a list with all the Briar U books in order of publication (which is how we recommend you read this series). We hope it’s useful to you:

Briar U series in order

Briar U – Elle Kennedy


  • Bloom books


  • The Chase (Briar U book 1)
  • The Risk (Briar U book 2)
  • The Play (Briar U book 3)
  • The Dare (Briar U book 4)



Will there be more books in the series? while there is no news about this, we believe that there’s a chance that there might be at least one more volume in the Briar U series. As you might already know, the Off Campus’ book 5 was a follow-up of all the 4 relationships narrated along the series, maybe the same will happen with these novels and we’ll have a new volume that tells us how did it go to our beloved characters? would you like it to be so? leave a comment and tell us.

Have you read the Lord of the Underworlds books? you’ll definitely love them, a steamy paranormal romance that tell us about greek guardians that were punished for failing their duty. Each of the volumes will center on a different character, telling us how he finds love.

We hope this post was very useful for you! will you read the Briar U series in order of publication (as we suggested) or will you read it otherwise? tell us which of the main characters of these spin-off novels is your favorite! maybe Summer?

Off campus series in order

The Off Campus series in order

We have a list with the Off Campus series in order, the popular college stories written by Ellen Kennedy. The first novel centers on, Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham, who will make a deal to help each other, and things will get… dirty.

This bestselling story has sold millions of copies around the world. Do you want to be part of this phenomenon? then let’s go!

The Off Campus series in order by Elle Kennedy

This series is composed of 5 volumes, each of them focusing on different college relationships and the struggles of emerging adulthood. Here you have all the Off Campus books in order:

Spicy covers, don’t you think? they are great anticipation of what you will find in the Off Campus novels:  sexy encounters, lots of laughs, and horny college students. Welcome to Briar University, we hope you have a blast.

Now that you showed you the Off Campus series in order

Looking for more romance? say no more, we have 3 great suggestions that you can start reading once you have finished the Off Campus books:

Our first recommendation is not just another series written by Ellen Kennedy, but it happens to be a spin-off that also tells us about a known student from Briar University. Because this novel is starred by Summer, one of the most beloved characters in the original series. When should you read these books? first, you should read the Off Campus series in order, after that, start with this one!

We also have a more different recommendation… what if you were abducted and you ended up landing in a cold planet in which a huge muscular blue alien claims you as his new partner? sounds good? then here’s the Ice Planet Barbarians reading order, the perfect guide for you to discover all these sci-fi romance novels.

What are these books about?

off campus series order
Off Campus series order

The Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy is a compilation of steamy romance stories that take place in the same college. As said before, the first volume tells us about Hannah Wells, her crush seems to not notice her mere presence so, she will end up tutoring Graham, the childish captain of the hockey team, in exchange for a false date with which she can make her crush yellow.

However, things will get out of hand, and once Hannah and Graham kiss they will end up having the best sex of their lifes…

While the first 4 volumes have a similar structure (each of them centering on a different college romance), this is not so in the last volume in the Off Campus series. The Legacy tells us about the 4 couples previously introduced in the series, the story takes place 3 years after their life after being graduated. How will it be for them to be adults?

A list of the Off Campus series in order

The following list collects all the books in the Off Campus series in order of publication, which is how we recommend you read these novels. This story is concluded, the last book serving as a wrap-up of all the romance stories previously introduced in the series.

Off Campus series in order

Off Campus – Elle Kennedy


  • ‎ Bloom Books 


  •  Bloom Books


  • The Deal (Off Campus book 1)
  • The Mistake (Off Campus book 2)
  • The Score (Off Campus book 3)
  • The Goal (Off Campus book 4)
  • The Legacy (Off Campus book 5)

Does this mean it is impossible that there will be more novels in the series? while not impossible, it is quite unlikely that this happens. However, it may be possible that there would be a follow-up of the events shown in the 5th novel (serving thus as an introduction to a new series showing our favorite college student characters after 3 years from graduation).

Maybe you also enjoy a mix of fantasy and romance? sounds fun to you? if so, we told you the order to read Throne of Glass not a long time ago. This series, by bestselling author Sara J. Maas, is one of the best introductions to this genre.

As you can see, aside from book 5, there’s no need to read the Off Campus series in order. That is, since each of them focuses on a different romance, it is not mandatory to read them following a specific order. However, we believe that reading these novels as we suggested is the best way to have a great experience.

Have you started reading these books? then leave a comment and tell us if you enjoyed these stories! which is your favorite couple?

war of the bounty hunters reading order

War of the Bounty Hunters reading order

Han Solo has been captured! here you will find the War of the Bounty Hunters reading order, the popular Star Wars comic books that tell us about Boba Fett trying to deliver Solo to lord Jabba the Hutt. But of course, will the friends of the smuggler let Fett do so? of course not!

Get ready for lots of adventure, an action-packed story with gorgeous artwork. This series fills the whole not shown in the Star Wars movies, how hard will it be for Boba Fett to deliver Han Solo? not an easy feat for sure.

War of the Bounty Hunters reading order

We collected all the books in the series. It is composed of 6 volumes, here you have the War of the Bounty Hunters series in order:

Epic covers, don’t you think? one of the most prominent aspects of this series is the artwork. The illustrations are gorgeous, and they really capture the Star Wars vibe. The story is also captivated and, at the same time, it’s connected to the events shown in the movies, which makes it even more thrilling.

Now that we told you the War of the Bounty Hunters reading order, don’t miss this

If you love Star Wars then you have to read the following comic series. People who enjoyed the War of the Bounty Hunters comics also loved the following:

Also, did you know that we made a list with the Warhammer 40k books in order? yes, we collected the most prominent novels that take place in this scifi military based on one of the most popular rpg table tops ever. The lore is the most captivating, so much that lots of people who have never played this table board games just decide to delve into this futuristic world.

Did you know that your kids can also enjoy this popular franchise created by George Lucas? that’s right, here a list with the Star Wars Jedi Academy books in order, a great introduction of this popular story for children.

What is this series about?

War of the Bounty Hunters series order
War of the Bounty Hunters series reading order

The War of the Bounty Hunters series centers on Boba Fett, he has finally captured smuggler Han Solo, and the easiest part of the job is done; so, now, he only has to hand him out to Jabba the Hutt to collect the reward. However, getting to Tattoine so to finish the task will not be as simple as Fett had anticipated…

This story takes place between episodes V and VI, you will probably remember that Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite during The Empire Strikes Back, so Luke and his friends rush to save him from the hands of Jabba.

However, the trip by Fett was never told, it was all offscreen. Finally, we’ll get to know what happened during that journey, thanks to this amazing comic book series.

This is a great action-packed story that you will surely enjoy. Bounty Hunter Boba Fett has always been one of the most popular characters among Star Wars fans, and with this series, you’ll get to know him better.

A list with the War of the Bounty Hunters reading order

War of the Bounty Hunters comic book series
War of the Bounty Hunters comic book series

The following list collects all the comic books in the series. This is the best reading order for the War of the Bounty Hunters comic books:

Star Wars Bounty Hunters books in order

Star Wars Bounty Hunters


  • Marvel


  • Volume 1 (War of the Bounty Hunters book 1)
  • Volume 2 (War of the Bounty Hunters book 2)
  • Volume 3 (War of the Bounty Hunters book 3)
  • Star Wars Bounty Hunters (War of the Bounty Hunters book 4)
  • Darth Vader (War of the Bounty Hunters book 5)
  • Doctor Aphra (War of the Bounty Hunters book 6)

You might have noticed that the title of the series is kind of misleading, true, it is not about a war per se but rather a quest starred by Boba Fett. Still, you’ll find this adventure to be captivating.

Are you looking for more content related to this popular franchise? say no more, we collected a list of the best Star Wars novels, so make sure you read them because they expand the great fictional universe created by George Lucas.

We hope this War of the Bounty Hunters reading order guide helps you to know how to read these graphic novels. True, this is one of those series that is hard to know where to start with, so, with our guide, you’ll finally know what’s the best way to get into this amazing story.

Ice planet Barbarians reading order

Ice Planet Barbarians in order

Here you will find the Ice Planet Barbarians reading order, the popular SciFi romance series by author Ruby Dixon. This is the story of women that have been abducted by blue aliens, with a similar appearance to the ones shown in the film Avatar by James Cameron, and they’ll have a romantic relationship.

If you enjoy alien romances then you surely have to read the Ice Planet Barbarian series. It’s time for to be part of the massive fandom that has already enjoyed these books.

Ice Planet Barbarians reading order by Ruby Dixon

There are a lot of books in this series by Ruby Dixon, which means you’ll have plenty or romance stories between a human female and a blue gigantic alien. Here you have Ice Planet Barbarians in order:

As might be noticed by the characters showing up on the covers, each of the novels in the series center on a different alien romance, therefore having different main characters. Also, we included both the books and the novellas in our list, so you could have a compilation of all the content in this series by Ruby Dixon.

Now that we revealed to you the best reading order for the Ice Planet Barbarians don’t miss these books

No, we are far from done! We already told you the Ice Planet Barbarians book order, but there’s more. You should also read the following series, and make sure you take a look at the first one (you’ll see why as soon as you check it out):

Yes, our first recommendation is no other than another series by author Ruby Dixon. If you end up loving the Ice Planet Barbarians series then this should be your next read.

Do you love vampire romance? then we got a steamy suggestion for you, here’s a list with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, you’ll love it.

Maybe you also enjoy detective stories? then we got it covered as well. Recently we posted a list with Angela Marson’s books in order, you’ll really enjoy her novels.

What is this series about?

Ice Planet Barbarians book series in order
Ice Planet Barbarians book series in order

Author Ruby Dixon has stated on several occasions that she loves writing sexy dirty things. And now it’s time for dirty aliens. The Ice Planet Barbarian series tells the story of several women who have been abducted and end up having a steam romance with a bluish muscular alien.

For instance, the first novel in the series tells us about a human woman, Georgie, who has been abducted together with more women. However, the alien’s ship ends up malfunctioning, thus they decide to leave their cargo on the most hostile ice planet. Luckily, they will meet a big alien known as Vektal, who not only helps this group of abandoned women but has decided she, Georgie, is his chosen female.

You might be wondering if you have to read Ice Planet Barbarians in order. Truth is, it is not mandatory to do so. As said before, each of the novels in this series focuses on different characters, therefor you can just start reading the novel that most appeals to you. However, we do recommend that you start reading this series with its first novel, the one that gives the title to the series since it will serve as an introduction to the scifi world created by Ruby Dixon.

Also, here is the most popular quote from book 1, you can take a look at IT to see if this is the kind of romance you are looking for:

quote from Ice Planet Barbarians series
Quote from the Ice Planet Barbarians series

A list with the Ice Planet Barbarians reading order

Here you have a list with all the Ice Planet Barbarians books in order by Ruby Dixon. The list is updated, and we’ll add every new novel as soon as it’s released:

Ice Planet Barbarians series
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Ice Planet Barbarians books in order

Ice Planet Barbarians – Ruby Dixon


  • Berkley


  • Ice Planet Barbarians (Ice Planet Barbarians book 1)
  • Barbarian Alien (Ice Planet Barbarians book 2)
  • Barbarian Lover (Ice Planet Barbarians book 3)
  • Barbarian Mine (Ice Planet Barbarians book 4)
  • Ice Planet Holiday (Ice Planet Barbarians book 5)
  • Barbarian’s Prize (Ice Planet Barbarians book 6)
  • Barbarian’s Mate (Ice Planet Barbarians book 7)
  • Barbarian’s Touch (Ice Planet Barbarians book 8)
  • Barbarian’s Taming (Ice Planet Barbarians book 9)
  • Barbarian’s Heart (Ice Planet Barbarians book 10)
  • Barbarian’s Hope (Ice Planet Barbarians book 11)
  • Barbarian’s Choice (Ice Planet Barbarians book 12)
  • Barbarian’s Redemption (Ice Planet Barbarians book 13)
  • Barbarian’s Lady (Ice Planet Barbarians book 14)
  • Barbarian’s Rescue (Ice Planet Barbarians book 15)
  • Barbarian’s Tease (Ice Planet Barbarians book 16)
  • The Barbarian Before Christmas (Ice Planet Barbarians book 17)
  • Barbarian’s Beloved (Ice Planet Barbarians book 18)
  • Barbarian’s Valentine (Ice Planet Barbarians book 19)
  • Barbarian’s Seduction (Ice Planet Barbarians book 20)
  • Barbarian’s Treasure (Ice Planet Barbarians book 21)
  • Barbarian’s Bride (Ice Planet Barbarians book 22)

Also, did know that there’s not going to be a Kissing Booth 4 movie? discover why there will be more films in this romance franchise!

We hope this Ice Planet Barbarians reading order helps you to enjoy this alien romance series. Will you read them all or just the first novel to see if it is what you were looking for? leave a comment and tell us what you think about this popular series by Ruby Dixon.