diablo books in order

All the Diablo books in chronological order

Ey gamers, we got something great for you, we collected all The Diablo books in order! it may take a while until Blizzard releases the fourth installment of this dungeon crawler RPG, so what a better way to get back to the Kingdom of Khanduras than reading about some engaging novels based on this great universe?

Don’t you guys have books? (sorry, we had to use the meme) yes, we have, and you’ll be able to get them all as well. Let’s start before Deckard Cain gets too anxious.

Diablo books in chronological order

There are many novels based on this videogame franchise, so we recommend you read the Diablo novels in chronological order. Why? because this way not only you’ll have a better understanding of the lore, but you’ll also be able to connect the narrative to the events taking place in the video games. Here you have all the books:

There are many other books based on this franchise, however, they are strategy guides, art books, etc. So we skipped all those so we focus only on the ones that are actually fiction.

Now that you have all the Diablo books in order don’t miss these

There are many great videogame franchises that have had a book adaptation, and some of them are just amazing. Here you have 4 of the most popular ones:

If you are a Blizzard fan then you must more than know the other 2 most popular franchises in this company. These have also great lore, therefore, once you finish the Diablo books you can start with the Wow books, for example.

And now, focusing on Xbox fans, did you know that are lots of novels based on one of the most popular exclusive video games of this console? yes, here you have a list of all the Halo novels, they are great by the way, the authors did a great job getting the drill of the videogame series.

What are these books about?

diablo reading order

The Diablo books are stories set in the fictional universe created by Blizzard for this videogame franchise. Some of these novels retell the events that players of the videogames experienced along with the 3 installments, while other novels just add some additional info to the lore while telling us a captivating adventure.

For instance, The Sin War trilogy by Richard A. Knaak is set in the times were the angels from the High Heavens and the demons of Burning HElls fight in what seems an unstoppable battle.

These novels are great for Diablo fans that would love to get to know this fictional universe better while reading a more than engaging story.

A list with all the Diablo books in order

We thought it might be great for you if we made a list with some extra info about this series. Here you have a list with the Diablo books in order, including if they belong to a specific series:

Diablo books in order

Diablo – several authors


  • Pocket Star

Reading order:

  • Birthright (The Sinwar)
  • Scales of the Serpent (The Sinwar)
  • The Veiled Prophet (The Sinwar)
  • The Black Road (Diablo Legends)
  • Legacy of Blood (Diablo Legends)
  • The Kingdom of Shadow (Diablo Legends)
  • Moon of the Spider (Diablo Legends)
  • The Order
  • Storm of Light
  • Book of Tyrael

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These books are a great way to get back to the Sanctuary, a nice alternative while you wait for Diablo 4. If you finish all these novels before the videogame gets released then you can also take a look at this list with the Starcraft novels in order.

And that’s all, the only thing left is for you to leave a comment telling us if you have already read any of these Diablo books, tell us if you loved them, and also tell us which character of this series is your favorite.

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