mercy watson books in order

Order of Mercy Watson

Have you ever wondered how it would be to have a pig as a pet? we collected all the Mercy Watson books in order so you can find it out by reading this fun easy read by author Kate Dicamillo.

You’ll be able to get all the novels individually, but we also have an amazing Mercy Watson boxed set recommendation for you, which collects the complete series! so make sure you don’t miss that one because it works marvels as a gift.

Mercy Watson books in order by Kate DiCamillo

This series is composed of six books, they all have great colored illustrations which will captivate your kids for sure. Each of the volumes in the series can be read as a standalone, however, we recommend you read To the Rescue first, because it’s the first volume in the series and serves great as an introduction to this story. Here you have all the Mercy books in order of publication (which is how we recommend you read them):

If you want to get the complete collection then you can get this Mercy Watson boxed set, it collects all the books in the series and they are wrapped in a super cute box:

Now that we told you the order of the Mercy Watson books don’t miss these series

We thought it would be great if we collected some books that are of the same reading level as the Mercy Watson series. Here you have three awesome recommendations:

Our first recommendation is another book series by Kate DiCamillo, Tales from Deckawoo Drive, if you like the writing and the style of her books then this is a great next read.

Also, your kids will also enjoy the adventures of the Ivy and Bean series, a story about two girls that hate each other but who happen to become best friends.

What is this story about?

mercy watson series in order

Meet Mercy, the new member of the Watson’s family. For the Watson’s she is not just a pig, they love and treat her as if she was her daughter. Their neighbors, however, don’t like this cute pig that much.

Each of the volumes in the Mercy Watson book series tells us a different adventure in which this adorable pig will be involved. These are very easy to read stories, with short texts and a lot of vivid illustrations (by Chris Van Dusen).

Your kids will have a blast when you read these stories, and you will too, because Mercy is hilarious, and always wants hot buttered toast, as she will remind you all along with the series.

A list with all the Mercy Watson books in order

This series, published by Candlewick, is composed of six volumes and is concluded. Here you have a list of the Mercy Watson books in order of publication:

mercy watson book series

Mercy Watson books in order

Mercy Watson – Kate DiCamillo


  • Candlewick

Reading order:

  • Mercy Watson to the Rescue
  • Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride
  • Mercy Watson Fights Crime
  • Mercy Watson Princess in Disguise
  • Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig
  • Mercy Watson: Something Wonky this Way

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This series is addressed to 6-9 years old. The reading level of the Mercy Jackson books is 1-4 grade levels, and 450 L in the Lexile measure. They are quite short, each of the books being around 80 pages.

Here goes another recommendation for you, kids love to watch cartoons, so it’s easier to make them read if a series is based on their favorite shows. Therefore, you can read the Ninjago book series to them, so they can enjoy the stories of their favorite ninjas.

Did you get the Mercy Jackson boxed set or you got the books individually instead? tell us how you discovered this funny story!

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