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Is there a sequel to Aquamarine?

A long time has passed since this film, directed by Elizabeth Allen, was released, but is there going to be an Aquamarine 2 movie? well, let’s find out if we will be able to see Claire, Hailey, and Aquamarine together again, it would be great, wouldn’t it?

This movie is based on a novel by the same name, written by American author Alice Hoffman. In short, the main reason why there’s no sequel to the Aquamarine movie is that this wasn’t based on a book series, but just a standalone novel. But it´s not that simple, and here’s why:

Can the Aquamarine 2 movie happen despite the fact that the book is a standalone?

You may believe that given that this film is based on a novel by Alice Hoffman, and since she didn’t write a sequel for it, the case may be closed.

But that’s not true, and this is why: the movie is significantly different from the book, and while this may have annoyed all those who went to the theatre because they were anxious to watch a movie adaptation of this novel, it also means that there’s no reason why screenwriters couldn’t just make up a new story that serves as a sequel. Then, why didn’t they do that?

Before we discuss this, here you have the film and the book on which it’s based. As said before, the novel is way different, so fans of the movie will really enjoy this different take of this story:

The reason why the Aquamarine 2 movie was never filmed

You might find it shocking that there might be a chance of having a sequel despite the fact that there is no book on which to be based. But this happens more often than you would think, take The Hobbit movies, for example, most of the plot was made up, these are based on a short book with the same name written by J.R.R. Tolkien, and all the events in the book were already was already told in the first movie (and the first 30 mins of the second one), therefore, they made up an entire movie and a half.

In a similar way, Amazon Video made an adaptation of Good Omens, a standalone novel written by Neil Gailman and Terry Pratchett, which fully covered the events in the book in one season.

It was such a success that there is going to be a second season, based on what you ask? in this case, they will take unused story ideas from the original book, but still, most of it will be made up by the screenwriters.

Haven’t watched Good Omens yet? oh my! you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime video, you’ll be able to watch again Aquamarine there too!, with this 30-day trial (and you can unsubscribe whenever you want):

Where is the Aquamarine sequel then?

aquamarine movie poster

When a movie adaptation, or a tv series, is successful producers are more than willing to invest their money in filming a sequel. So you might have noticed where this is going, these are the numbers of the Aquamarine movie:

  • Budget: $12 million
  • Worldwide grossing: $23 million

While it’s true that the grossing almost doubles the budget of the movie, it was still not enough for the producers to make a sequel.

It may be frustrating for us, as content consumers, but it makes sense that investors don’t want to risk their money on projects that they don’t think are solid enough. And this happens even with bestselling book series, in fact, that’s why there’s is no sequel of the Darkest Minds movie.

Similarly, the reviews of this movie are far from good, take a look:

As you can see, the ratings are not very good, so this is why the sequel was not filmed. In addition, the movie was filmed in 2006, given that 15 years have passed since then, so the actresses that starred in this film are around 30 years old, so maybe they are not willing to be part of a sequel anymore.

Would you like the movie to be rebooted or you’d prefer the same actresses to star in a sequel? leave a comment telling us your preferences!

Here you have some movie alternatives!

Also, we don’t want you to be sad just because the Aquamarine 2 movie was never filmed, so here you have some movies that are quite similar:

There are many series that don’t perform well in theatres, the Guardians of Ga’hoole series is another case, there were lots of expectations with these movies, but they didn’t perform as well as expected.

Have you read the book or maybe you will after knowing the movie was based on it? leave a comment telling us!

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