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The Darkest Minds sequel

If you are still waiting for The Darkest Minds 2 movie to be released we have bad news for you: this sequel will never be filmed. It has not yet been confirmed, but it’s almost a fact. Why? keep reading to find out why there won’t be a second film in this series.

On the other side, you might be kinda frustrated right now, because you will obviously want to know how Ruby Daly’s story ended. Don’t worry, we have a perfect solution for you.

Since The darkest Minds 2 will not be filmed, here goes a cool alternative

In case you didn’t know this, this film is based on the first volume of a book series written by Alexandra Bracken. This is great news because you can read the books to know how the story ends. Also, the books are way better than the film, so if you enjoyed it then you will love the novels. There are four volumes, and you can get any of them by clicking on their cover:

Also, if you want to know more about this series here goes a handful post with The Darkest Minds reading order. And now, that we solved the sour problem of knowing how the story went on, let’s discover why there won’t be a sequel of The Darkest Minds.

Why won’t they film The Darkest Minds 2 movie?

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The first film was released in 2018, was directed by
Jennifer Yuh Nelson (who you may know by directing some of the Kung Fu Panda movies), and was produced by 21 Laps Entertainment together with TSG Entertainment. How did it go? let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • Budget: $34  million.
  • Worldwide box office: $41.1 million.

As you can see, the movie was barely able to recoup its production costs. Additionally, it may be important to say that advertising costs are never included in the budget (and these numbers are not known), so it is fair to say that it was a box office bomb.

You might be wondering how come that a movie adaptation of a bestselling series didn’t perform well in the theatres. We’ll discuss this now, but this is actually more usual than you would think it is. In fact, the same happened with an adaptation of one of the most popular series by Stephen King, another project that will never have a sequel, we talk about this in this post about The Dark Tower 2 movie.

Is there any chance there will be a sequel to The Darkest Minds movie?

the darkest minds sequel 2

As said before, the project is not yet officially canceled. But everything leads to thinking that given how badly the film performed in theatres the producers won’t risk their money on a sequel.

The director of the first film, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, was asked about the odds of filming the sequel. For which she said that she would be happy to direct it. However, it seems more than unlikely that this happens, since 3 years have passed since the first movie was released, and there is no production in development.

Therefore, everything seems to point out that The Darkest Minds 2 movie will never be filmed. Unless the series gets rebooted, would you like that? if it makes you feel better, remember that the Divergent film franchise was canceled after having released three out of four films, yes, they canceled the fourth and last film, so the audience would never get to know how this story ended (unless they read the novels of course), this is why Divergent 4 was canceled, in case you are curious.

the darkest minds 2 film

Why didn’t the movie work?

The general opinion is that the movie lacked personality. Both critics and audience felt that it was just a generic SciFi film just trying to copy the successful formula from other movies in the genre like the ones based on The Hunger Games books, or The Maze Runner. Which, in case you haven’t watched those:

During this process of scripting something similar to those movie adaptations, the film lost its soul. As a result, the film got a 15% rating on the Tomatometer by Rottentomatoes, similarly, the film has a score of 39 out of 100 on Metacritic.

Are you sad that The Darkest Minds 2 movie will never be filmed? leave a comment telling us if you enjoyed the first film and if you hope it gets rebooted someday. Will you read the books to know how the story goes on? tell us too!

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  • I’m very sad that the movie didn’t make money and that there won’t be a sequel. I personally enjoyed the movie, everything about it. I even watched it like 15 times. It would have been really great to see a sequel. For me, reading a book won’t be the same.

  • I really loved the movie and I’m still hoping that there’s still a sequel in the future. I’d never lose my hope on that, not unless the announce that there would be continuation of it officially.

  • I am really sad because ruby erased herself from her boyfriends mind? I can’t remember his name tho but I swear I cried so hard when she did that and I wanna know if chubbs is ok and like I wanna see the war

  • I loved the movie, but the Book was a slight bit better. The movie changed a lot of things that I wish stayed the same, for example, Chubs was Blue in the novel. I wish There was a Never Fade and In the afterlight movie, though. In the Afterlight was amazing, so read that if you watched the movie!

  • I feel so bad that the sequel won’t be there and please the movie leaves someone in suspense that there is a continuation of there life after separation and maybe the war and plus what happens to Liam wen his on his own and maybe ruby too oh my all of them and the book ain’t as good as the movie please just get for us part two

  • I don’t see the Comparison to hunger games or maze runner. I think it’s a good movie of its own. Sad they won’t continue it.

  • I LOVED the movie! There for sure needs to be a sequel….there’s so many questions that need to be answered like what happens to Liam? Do Liam and ruby find there way back to eachother? Do Liam,Zu and chubs get back together? Clancy is clearly not dead so there has to be a war of some sort. This movie doesn’t compare to maze runner or hunger games at all. And not everyone are readers, most people love to see the visual of things. Deffs need a sequel.

  • I absolutely love this movie and really hope they change there minds about making more movies because there journeys only just started… I will be buying the books to read them because I must know what happens, I have re watched this movie so many times and not many people even know about the movie I think its lack of ratings was due to people not actually knowing it was even there….

  • I love the movie… Sequel please…

  • I am so sad that there will not be another movie, because I really enjoyed the movie and how it ended out. I have read The Darkest Minds series, but I really was wanting to see it happen on screen instead of just in a book. The movie to me captured all of the most important parts of the book, and made it a wonderful movie to watch. I really do hope that they will eventually make another movie of The Darkest Minds series.

  • I just finished watching the movie! I love books but I work and have children so I don’t get time to read that often! A movie can’t be left with such a cliff hangar!
    Reading the books will still probably be faster than waiting for the movie sequal. Disappointed. I’ve both read and watched hunger games, and maze runner — I do not see the resemblance at all. The only similarities is about children fighting for a cause and standing up for corruption trying to find their safe place in the world. Personally, I love both the books and the movies. I hope there is a sequal to this

  • I LOVE THE MOVE I watched it like 100 times and I’ve read all of the books like three times in my opinion the movie ain’t as good as the books but if they do not make a sequel or a 5 book I will be CRUSHED sequel

  • I really loved the movie and I’m still hopeful that there will be a sequel.

  • It sucks that there isn’t going to be a darkest minds 2 I really loved that movie and I kept hoping for years that they would create a new one I wanna know what happens to everyone I want to know the story behind the war that’s coming up I wanna watch the movie the second one really badly I have watched the movie over 100 times I like it a lot I just wish that they would create a second one and I’m hoping that they do I wish that I could write an email to the people that made the movie and ask them to make a second one and continue that series I loved the movie and I really want a second one please make a second one PLEASE. PLEASE make the second movie PLEASE.

  • Watching the movies is different than reading because then you can see what’s happening I have not read the books yet but I really do want a second darkest minds it’s my favorite movie of all time and I’d rather watch the movies and read the books.

  • Very disappointed that they won’t make a sequel. They tricked me into watching this and now I can’t see the real end. That annoys me a lot. Books don’t give me the same experience, I enjoy movies way more than books.

  • It’s a shame there will be no Sequel, I enjoyed the Darkest minds…
    Can’t say the same for Hunger Games but did enjoy Maze Runner….

    Could say the same about a sequel to ” Tomorrow when the war Bagan ” but that’s another story

  • I’m 54 and disappointed with this news. So many stories have never gone further than even ond movie.

  • I am reading the book series now and just watched the movie. I am really disappointed that I won’t get to see the film adaption of the rest of the books in the series.

  • I’m really sad there won’t be another part to this story,but I’ve read all the books and I know the whole story.All I can say is its a very beautiful story and it is sad that the next sequel will not be filmed.

  • The movie made some simple changes to the characters and plot, that quite frankly were better then the books. I loved all of the darkest minds books, and would have loved to see them go on, but I can understand why they failed. The adaptations made were spot on good for the story, but the orange power dealing in mental powers is very hard to film, and that makes sense. It is sad that unless ones reads the books you will never know what happens with ruby and Liam though!

  • I wish they had made a sequel. At least the books are here but for viewers with dyslexia, so much was left unanswered. Like can orange restore memories? Does the boy get his memories back? What of the army? What happened to all the other kids? Do they ever meet again? Will zu ever talk? And so many more.

  • I’m very upset that the second movie might not be released but I have read all of the books and feel that there should be another book anyway, I am I huge fan of this series and really need the second book to be released as a movie. I would like to see how Liam and ruby as of the whole group get reunited. Please release another movie.

  • I’m an adult who never saw any advertisement for the movie. However, I saw the movie on tv and loved it. I immediately went to see if there was a book and was delighted to find a series. I listened to the series on audible. The movie definitely needs a sequel. And now that the other series have played out I think it is a perfect time for a sequel.

  • I love the movie and I really want there to be a second one. I haven’t read the books yet and I want to but I would also like there to be a sequel.

  • I loved the movie so much. And I’m really sad there won’t be a sequel. I’d love to know how it all ends.

  • Please make a second movie of it. Im always wondering why I cant search it in social media platforms and because I knew now the reason, its getting me upset. We appreciated this movie so much. Please make it out

  • i Would to see it go on and see how it would end with the other movie

  • I love the movie but sad it doesn’t have a continuation

  • I am very sad, because i wanna see the last fight with all other army and that another orange one and also wanna see that little girl.

  • I really hate it when they don’t do a sequel to a really good film but there do 3 4 sequels to rubbish films come on dudes fine a second one

  • We NEED to know what happens next!!!! Pls make a part two and three if need be. I loved this movie. It probably did bad at the movies be cause it was not advertised well. I never heard of this movie til now and OMG best move e ever!

  • My 16 yr old daughter and i really enjoyed the darkest minds and very upset that theres no sequel to it. Its not fair to the public to leave us hanging like this.

  • I looooooved the movie, I feel like it didn’t do well because lack of advertising. it’s 2023 and I’m just now finding out the movie existed

  • The movie was amazing,I really want the next part to be filled. Even though I can still read the novel, it will not have the same vibe.

  • Pls who has watched the book and can just give me an highlight on how the story ended I really want to know.since we aren’t sure there’s gonna be a part 2 anybody pls help
    Thank you

  • Hey so I didnt read the books yet. But I did recently watched the film yes its alittle like divergent with the color factions and a girl whose unquine and it’s like the hunger games for a few more reasons. But if you look past that. And just see the movie on its own, it’s actually not that bad. And for the actors they played their part amazingly I thought. And no offense why does maze runner and hunger games etc are so great they all copy each other too. That’s my opinion they were great. It’s like a tv series gotta keep watching for it to get better. I think it does have that potential. Especially since nothing good really has came out in awhile. It’s be good time. Plus I had no idea never saw any advertisement to go see it in theaters. So if it was more advertised I think more people would have watched it. I watched it on Amazon prime video.

  • This suck, just watch the first one and I over here googling where is the second one.., what a bummer! I hate it when a good movie or even show gets stop by these old wigs just because they don’t get it… I can probably see come level of comparison from the movies mentioned, but how many crime movies are there? No need to answer I know many! Now matter what genre they are many – yest they are love and we want a sequel!

  • I really enjoyed the movie I am not really a book person that can sit and read I like to see it in a movie. I hate also when they do sequel to a really good film and stop there. I am not a book reader

  • 2023 and still hoping for sequel

  • I most definitely LOVED this movie! Like I can’t wait to see ruby get strong enough to kick Clancy’s butt with the way he is Soo cocky. And I want to see how Liam survives and if he will ever find his way back to Ruby! What happens to chubbs and Zu! There is just alot of suspense,and it a bummer cause IAM not much of a reader,means IAM missing out. Please consider a sequel!

  • I absolutely loved the film and I’ve been seeing recent edits of characters on social media. I’m hoping to see a later rise in popularity and honestly there might not be a chance of a sequel especially since the actors might look a lot older than teens now but I hope this movie in particular gets more well known. I’m not much of a reader but I guess I’ll have to pick this series up cause it’s so good.

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