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Why was the Ascendant movie canceled?

Are you waiting for the Divergent 4 movie so to know how Triss’ story ends? oh, well, this is awkward then… the last movie in the series, Ascendant, was canceled! yes.. but why? keep reading to find it out!

Also, you’ll probably want to know how this story ends, right? after watching 3 movies you’ll be wondering about the ending of this tale. We have a great suggestion for you!

Given that the Divergent 4 movie will not be filmed, read the books instead to know the ending!

The books of this series are way more entertaining than the movies, therefore reading them is the perfect way to know the ending of this story. There are lots of things that are not shown in the movies, so here you have the books as an altenative to watching the Divergent 4 movie: Ascendant.

You might be wondering how come if there are 3 books in the series then there were going to be four movies. The reason is the producers decided to split the last book into two movies. A common move in the Hollywood industry, we’ve seen it too in the Harry Potter movies for example. Or worse, in The Hobbit.

There are actually more books in the series (companion novels though), you can go to this post and find out what is the order for the Divergent series.

What happened so the Divergent 4 movie was never filmed?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to take a look at the performance of the 3 Divergent movies. So it will help you to understand why Ascendant was canceled.

  • The First Divergent movie had a budget of $85 million and grossed $288 million worldwide.
  • The second film, Insurgent, was filmed having a budget of $110 million, grossing $297 million.
  • The third and last Divergent movie, Allegiant, has a budget of 110 to 142 million, grossing 180 million.

Did you notice already? as you see, the budget for the movies in this series gradually. However, despite this increase in the budget, the grossing in the third movie is way lower than the previous ones.

Was the drop in box office revenues what caused Divergent 4 not to be filmed?

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It was one of the reasons, that’s for sure. The third Divergent movie performed way below the expectations of the studio owners, Lionsgate. Additionally, when the 3rd movie of the Divergent franchise was released, this studio was yet recovering from the flop of another of their films, Gods of Egypt.

All these factors together, including the bad reviews from both the audience and the critics, whose general thought was that the plot was unoriginal, and lacked character development. lead to the project being canceled. This reminds us of another film adaptation that had a similar outcome, The Vampire Academy, yes, this project was canceled too, if you want to read these books take a look at this post with Vampire Academy series order.

Luckily, not all the film adaptations of the books in this genre were not as unfortunate. Here you have some movies that actually had a great performance in the theatres:

Back to the Divergent 4 movie drama, the producers actually wanted to give the fans of the series an ending. And, since risking on filming the Ascendant movie was out of the question, they decided a tv series would be a good idea. However, you’ve never heard of a tv series narrating the story of Divergent, have you?

The reason why Ascendant was not made as a tv series either

After the movies being canceled, some of the actors involved in the filming were not very enthusiastic about the idea of filming a tv series instead. This is the case of Theo James (Four, or Tobias) and also Zoe Kravitz, who said they were not interested in this alternative.

Regarding Shailene Woodley (Triss), she said she wanted a worthy ending for her role and the series. However, given that the Divergent 4 movie was not filmed, and neither was the tv series, her wishes were not fulfilled.


Additionally, if you have already read the books in the series then you can take a look at this list with books like The Divergent series, we hope you find a new great novel for you to enjoy!

Did you like the Divergent movies or do you think they don’t do justice to the books? leave a comment telling us what you thought of these movie adaptations, and if you would have watched the tv series or not.

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  • The Maze Runner is not a trilogy, there are 5 or 6 books and it was announced the fourth movie 2 years ago or so . Unfortunately it was delayed and I guess there is never gonna be an end to the story (on the screen).

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