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Is there a Vampire Academy 2 film?

If you are awaiting the Vampire Academy 2 movie we have terrible news for you: it was canceled. The film was supposed to be a huge success since it is based on a bestselling book series. Instead, the first movie adaptation didn’t perform as expected, do you want to know what happened? then keep reading to find out the sad reason why there is no sequel!


Also, you might be wondering how Ane Hathaway’s story goes on, will she and Dimitri end up together? lots of questions yet to be answered. Don’t worry, we have a great alternative for you to discover all the answers.

Since the Vampire Academy 2 movie was canceled, read the books to know how the story ends!

As said before, the movie is based on the first novel of a paranormal romance book series. Therefore, you can read the novels to know how the story ends! the books are way (by far) better than the movie adaptation, so you will really enjoy them:

If you want to know more about this series you can take a look at this post, in which you will find The Vampire Academy series order. Now, let’s get back to the movie, now it’s when it gets interesting…

Why was the Vampire Academy 2 movie canceled?

vampire academy film

It is quite usual that bestselling book series get a movie adaptation. The Vampire Academy has sold millions of copies worldwide. Having such a huge fanbase willing to watch movie adaptations of the novels they loved, the producers thought it would be easy to get some profit from this series. However, let’s take a look at how the first Vampire Academy movie performed in the theatres:

  • Directed by Mark Waters and released in the USA in 2014.
  • Budget: $30 Million.
  • Box office: $15.3 Million.

Box office bomb. Yes, it was a total failure. With such a low performance, it makes sense that the producers decided not to risk filming a sequel. And, seeing they didn’t even recoup their investment, it is more than understandable that the Vampire Academy 2 movie was never filmed.

But why was the first movie a failure?

Firstly, the Vampire Academy movie has significant changes from the original source. This is usually a bad idea because all the fans who are going to the theatres who want to watch a movie adaptation of the novel they loved will find out that the film does not resemble at all the story they enjoyed, therefore, they will not want to watch the sequel.

It is understandable that the movie adaptation is not 100% the same as the novel it’s based on. However, when these changes are quite notable, as is the case, it is usually not a good start. The same happened with The Mortal Instruments 2 movie, being canceled because of the low performance of its predecessor film as well.

But not only the script was the reason The Vampire Academy movie flopped and got negative reviews, a 3.5 score on Filmaffinity for example. The CGI effects and the action sequences were not as good as they were expected to be. Similarly, the movie has lots of jokes that are just not good.

Any chance the Vampire Academy 2 movie will ever be filmed?

Not at all. After such a bad reception, and given that several years have passed since the first movie was released, there is no way there will be a Vampire Academy sequel. Would you like this franchise to be rebooted? leave a comment telling us your thoughts.

The problem with the movie was, that it looked like a mashup of Mean Girls with Twilight. Which makes sense, because the director of this film was also in charge of filming Mean Girls.

So now you know why there is not a Vampire Academy 2 movie, did you enjoy this post? then you can check out this other post when we tell you why there is not a Divergent 4 movie.

Did you enjoy the movie or you think it could have been better? leave a comment and tell us if you liked it or not.

31 Comments on "Is there a Vampire Academy 2 film?"

  • I’ve read all the books and sequel I still think they should make a series out of it out of all the books plus the sequels

    • I want the 2nd movie I enjoyed the first one..and I haven’t even read the books yet but I want too

    • I want them to make the vampire academy 2, because i read all the vampire academy series, and sequel and now i very badly want to watch vampire academy 2, because i’m dying to know what ‘s going to happen in the second movie, so please from the people who created, made, and published vampire academy (Original) please, please i’m begging you to make vampire academy 2, and i’m really dying to know what happens next in the 2nd movie of vampire academy, and like i said, i read all the vampire academy series and sequel, but now i want to see it on tv, or computer in real life. (And make sure if your going to put vampire academy 2 to watch at home or the tv and computer, please put it on a app where i have access to it, please, Thank You.

  • I like the movie. They need to make a sequel to all of them. I have been waiting for it. Everyone should know that the movies are not like the books. Just like twilight.

  • Yes obviously I would like them to reconsider about making a vamp academy 2. It was actually a really good movie, it’s what got me into reading the books in the first place. I was really bummed to find out that there wasn’t gonna be a number 2. I hope they change their minds one day, hopefully soon!!:(

  • yes i loved the book even tho it wasnt 100% right i still enjoyed the movie and ill like for it to make a sequal

  • yes your so right they should

  • I watched Vampire Academy with my granddaughter, she is 16. We absolutely loved it. Reading this article has me stumped as to why it wasn’t a success. Are you sure you took in enough comments as to the audience wanting a sequel? I would think there are enough numbers to suggest another movie should be made.

  • I love this movie and book those that don’t read the book first don’t understand what is going on so they don’t have the idea of what these girls are going through. It really needs to be continued the rest of the books need to be done as movies there great and need to be seen.the storyline is worth it.

  • I completely agree. Just like how they did with Shadowhunters. Make a series and use the book as a reference instead of trying to make it more theatrical. I honestly completely forgot about this series for a few years and watched the movie bc it sounded familiar and now I’m on this path trying to find a second movie hoping they at least made more but no. As always movies are a disappointment. Well thanks for reading my rant.

  • I thought it was avlowere budget than it says but I really enjoyed it and I would like a series made out of it and hope it’s happens soon x

  • I am Turkish. I am writing to you from Turkey. I also read the series. And it would be great if the book was made as a movie from start to finish. i’m waiting for this

  • I would absolutely love to have all the Vamp Academy books made into movies and even the spin off bloodlines series!

  • I absolutely love the vampire academy movie and was so looking forward to the rest of the series being made! Please make them!

  • I’ve read and own all of the books. Twilight was super awkward on the first movie so I don’t see why they can’t continue making the movies? Just do better.

  • It did take some getting into the film but i enjoyed and loved it by the end and was sad to know there wouldn’t be a 2nd. With some tweeks it could be great like twilight.

  • I absolutely love the books!! An I really liked the movie as well. Sometimes ppl don’t realize that movies are not going to be exactly what we read in the books we enjoy reading. I hope they make these books into movies again. At least try… or hopefully maybe some Netflix series, that would be Awesome!! Each book a into season? I say we rally for that. MAKE THE VAMPIRE ACADEMY BOOKS into a Netflix series. Yes pleaseee!!! (:

  • I’m gutted there’s no number 2 I love this film it was better than most films that get a sequel so don’t get why this isn’t having one!!

    Deffo make a series on Netflix

  • I know they likely never will continue to make the movies, but I wish they would. I think the casting could have been better, but I liked the main teenage cast. If they make it now, they would have to start from the beginning since it has been so long.

  • I liked the books, but the movie was a disappointment. The movie should have been longer for starters or they should have made it a tv series. There was no time for character development. They chopped the back story out for all the B characters. They did not spend enough time building the relationships between all the characters and there was hardly any magic. It literally felt like the entire movie was playing on fast forward the whole time.

  • I have read all the books and watched the movie they should continue making the movies I loved it. My sister who has trouble with reading and comprehension loved movie and was hoping the rest would make more.
    When I read post I was confused on why movie got bad reviews and didn’t continue

  • I loved the movie and books. I’ve been looking forward to a the next one in the series for years now. Highly disappointed that they’ve chosen not to do more movies from the series. My husband and I would have a date night to see each one if they come out. Desperately hoping they Change their minds and make more(with the original characters from the first movie too). Yes there was a lot of haters(haters are everywhere) but there’s alot of people that loved it.

  • Although I agree whole heartedly that the movie was not as good as the book, I still enjoyed the movie. They did cut and change details that made it confusing, but regrettably that is something that has to be done for run-time reasons. I did love the idea previously posted by another viewer that suggested a Netflix series. THAT would be awesome!

  • Please make another one! I’m very sad that they didn’t continue with the movies!

  • I love this movie please make the sequel movie please im not a fan of reading i really need the sequel movies pleaseeeee.

  • I really love the books. As far as the movie is concerned, I really liked it too. I’ve see multiple movies based off of books and as far as I can tell vampire academy movie stuck more to the book than most others do. If a second movie was to be made I would definitely go and see it.

  • I agree i have seen the move 6 times now and read the books 3 times each. Great sory line and every one knows that the mostion picture is never as good as the books. Yes it wasnt as good as i thought it might be and yes it could of been better but i still love it and want more. Give us a sequel or a tv show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  • This has always been my favorite series. While the movie was different from the book, it was still good. I hope they would reconsider and finish making the movies.

  • I loved this movie and the actors! I never heard of the books, but just happened to find this movie channel surfing one day. I even had my sister and niece watch it with me and they loved it. I was so looking forward to another, with the same cast, but too much time has gone by. I don’t understand how movies like twilight and it’s horrible acting, except for Robert Pattinson, can have multiple movies. But, vamp academy and it’s great acting gets scrapped! Doesn’t make sense! This was a great storyline with an amazing protagonist. Loved the actress that played Rose and her playful yet sensual serious self. Her chemistry with dimitri was sizzling and would have loved to see it play out instead of reading it in a book. CGI and effects could have been better, but it didn’t take away from the story or acting. So disappointed this series wasn’t given a shot in theaters. But, sorry ass no talent Kristen Stewart gets 5 movies…smh

  • I’m really sad there will be no vampire academy 2 judging by the way the end of the first one is

  • I have watched the film so much I need the 2 Nd now

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