Divergent books in order

What is the order of the Divergent series?

If you are seeking the Divergent series order it can only be because you want to start reading a story set in a dystopian society where the citizens are divided into five factions depending on their personality traits. Is that why you want these novels? if the answer is yes, then it’s time to start reading this  Adult science fiction series written by Veronica Roth.

Are you concerned about the Divergent reading level? you will find it here. Also, if you have a boostagram, or you like to collect books make sure you don’t miss my Divergent book set recommendation!

Divergent books

Divergent series in order: all the books by Veronica Roth

The Divergent books series is composed of three books. Here you have the original trilogy in order of publication (which is how you should read them). You can get any of these books by clicking on their cover:

Or you can get this amazing Divergent book set instead, which collects the original trilogy, and also the companion volume, Four:

There are more books in the series. The first of the ones shown below, tells the story from the point of view of Tobias.

Should you read these additional books? well, that depends of how much of a fan you end up being of this series. These certain provide interesting informationg that enrichens the worldbuilding of the Divergent books. But they are not necessary to know how the story ends.

Now that you have Divergent books in order maybe you want to take a look at some other recommended series?

Once you end up reading all the books in the Divergent series, you will be addicted to this genre. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to suggest to you some books that have a similar tone to the novels by Veronica Roth. Here you have 3 amazing suggestions:

You knew this series already, don’t you? they have lots of adventure and action. As do the Divergent books, so if you haven’t read them yet then you will find them very entertaining.

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A list with the Divergent series order

At the beginning of this post you already had all the books in this series shown in the order. But maybe you don’t know yet what is the order of the Divergent series, if that is the case here goes a list that answers that question again:

Divergent series order

Divergent books in order

Divergent series order


  • Katherine Tegen Books

Reading order:

  • Divergent (book 1)
  • Insurgent (Divergent book 2)
  • Allegiant (Divergent book 3)
  • Four (Divergent book 4)
  • We Can Be Mended
  • The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant

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What is the Divergent reading level?

The Divergent reading level is grades 3 to 5.

What is this series about?

Divergent narrates the story of Beatrice Prior, who will change her name to Tris. She is a Divergent, that is, she doesn’t belong to any of the five factions in which her society divides their citizens, or better said,  she belongs to all of these factions simultaneously. Divergent people are dangerous because of their independent will.  Therefore she will conceal her true self and choose to be part of Dauntless faction, despite the fact that her parents are both in another faction, Abnegation.

You definitely have to read the Divergent books in order of publication. After this, you can start reading the companion books. Also, before you get crazy, notice that one of those is only available for Kindle.

Divergent series is a trilogy, after this, there is a sequel, We can be Mended, a short story epilogue that takes place five years after Allegiant. On the other side, The World of divergent: The Path to Allegiant is a companion book that includes descriptions of the factions and its origins, it also includes quizzes and answers to some questions regarding the world created by Veronica Roth.

Will you start reading this series now that you know the what is the order of the Divergent series? don’t forget to leave a comment!

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