the dark tower graphic novel reading order

Dark Tower graphic novel order

We decided it was time to make a Dark Tower graphic novel reading order guide so you could enjoy this amazing series by Stephen King. Considered one of his most notorious works, the story of Rolland Deschain is a must read, and the graphic novels are a great alternative to reading the books, if you are more into comic books.

Before we tell you how many dark tower graphic novels are there, it might be important for you to know that these comic books tell the same story as the novels. That is, there is no new storyline here, just a different approach to the books, with great illustrations.

Order of the Dark Tower graphic novel series

The best way to read the Dark Tower graphic novels is by doing so in their publication order. Here you have them all, you can check them out, and also see the reviews from those who have already enjoyed them.

After reading the original series you can continue this journey by reading the Gunslinger series:

Now that we told you the reading order for the Dark Tower graphic novels, check out these recommendations

Here you have some great graphic novels that are also very popular. These are our 3 recommendations:

The first recommendation is a comic book adaptation of another of Stephen King’s popular books, The Stand.

Additionally, did you know about the existence of the Kingdom Hearts graphic novels? they are amazing as well, a must read if you enjoyed this videogame developed by Square Enix.

What are the reviews for the Dark Tower graphic novels?

The general opinion is that they are excellent. As said before, these are a great alternative to reading the Dark Tower books. Similarly, if you have read this series, comic books are a great way to revisit this tale.

The illustrations, by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, are just gorgeous and flows very well. The dark tone in the pictures is more than adequate to the series, conveying the powerful message of King’s work. Here you have some examples of the illustrations that you will find in these comic books:

dark tower graphic novel review
graphic novel dark tower

Regarding the negative reviews, most of them are about the same: a complaint about the fact that it’s the Dark Tower graphic novels have the same storyline as the books and not a new one. However, this shouldn’t bother you, since we warned you about this at the beginning of this post. Additionally, some customers have also complained that the Kindle version is not as well adapted to the device as it should.

A list with the reading order for the Dark Tower Graphic novels

The following list collects all The Dark Tower graphic novels in order:

dark tower graphic novels

The Dark Tower graphic novels reading order

The Dark Tower – Stephen King


  • Marvel

Reading order:

  • The Gunslinger Born (Dark Tower Graphic novel 1)
  • The Long Road Home (Dark Tower Graphic novel 2)
  • Treachery (Dark Tower Graphic novel 3)
  • The Fall of Gilead (Dark Tower Graphic novel 4)
  • Battle of Jericho Hill (Dark Tower Graphic novel 5)
  • The Journey Begins (The Gun Slinger book 6)
  • The Little Sisters of Eluria  (The Gun Slinger book 7)
  • The Battle of Tull  (The Gun Slinger book 8)
  • The Way Station (The Gun Slinger book 9)
  • The Man in Black (The Gun Slinger book 10)
  • Last Shots (The Gun Slinger book 11)

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Hope that now that we told you the reading order of the Dark Tower graphic novel series you will enjoy these amazing comic books. In addition, if you enjoy novels with politics, corruption, and action then take a look at the Power of the Dog trilogy, you will really enjoy it!

Have you read any of the Dark Tower graphic novels? if so, leave a comment telling us if you enjoyed them and if you believe they are a great way to revisit this amazing fantasy series by Stephen King.

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