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Will there be a Dark Tower 2 movie?

We feel like talking about movies, so we are going to tell you the sad reason why The Dark Tower 2 movie will not be filmed. This was supposed to become a huge success, being starred by Idris Elba, and also featuring Matthew McConaughey as the villain of the story. With such great actors in the project, one would think that the movie would be a success, but unfortunately, it was not… but why?

First of all, surely if you were looking for the sequel of The Dark Tower movie it is because you liked the plot of the first one, and therefore since no more movies based on this dark fantasy series are going to be filmed you will be sad not to know how the story continues. And for that, we have the perfect solution.

Since there will be no The Dark Tower 2 movie check out this alternative

This is one of those cases where the original work is a thousand times better than its film adaptation, so if you liked the movie then you’ll love the books. Here you have them all in case you decide to read them, they are really worth it, seriously, in fact, you can click on each of them to read the reviews of those who have already read them:

Also, what is shown in the movie does not happen in the books. But after, that is, the movie is a sequel to the books. Therefore, by reading the books you will discover a new world that will captivate you, and the movie will not have made any spoiler about the plot. Here you will find The Dark Tower reading order.

Also, if you enjoy comic books there is another alternative because there’s also the Dark Tower graphic novels, which tell the same story as the books, but they have great illustrations as well.

What happened for the producers to cancel The Dark Tower movie 2?

the dark tower film poster
The Dark tower film poster

The first thing you think when a franchise of this magnitude gets canceled is that the box office underperformed. But the truth is that this adaptation did not do too bad. Its numbers are quite decent in fact:

  • The Dark Tower movie budget: $60 million.
  • Gross: 113 million dollars.

These results, although positive, are not exaggeratedly high. But, are they so bad as not to record the movie 2 of The Dark Tower? Well, they are if the critics think that the adaptation was bad, the same that happened to the Darkes Minds 2 movie for example.

On the one hand, fans of this series by Stephen King were not amused that the film was not an adaptation of the first volume in the series, but instead was a sequel to the original material. In addition, those who had not read the books felt that there were many elements that were not well explained, since they made reference to the books. And if that were not enough, the story was considered to be very boring, lacking action and adventure.

Thus, the film has a rating of 34 out of 100 on Metacritic, and a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Filmaffinity (with almost 12 thousand votes on this website). Therefore, it can be categorically stated that with such poor reviews the producers are not going to risk filming a sequel to The Dark Tower movie.

An unexpected box office bomb

The film looked very good at the beginning. And of course, having Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, and Matthew McConaughey as the villain, Walter Paddick, was a good indication that this was a major project. However, not even the great performances of these two Hollywood superstars are enough to save a film whose starting point was perhaps not the most appropriate: people wanted an adaptation of the book series they love so much, not a sequel to it.

the dark tower sequel

It is not common for movies based on this author’s books to go wrong, in fact, that is why there are so many adaptations of his novels. However, it is quite usual that film adaptations do not do well, something similar happened with the sequel The Golden Compass for example.

Are you glad that The Dark Tower 2 movie will not be filmed or are you sad that the project did not go ahead? Tell us what you think about the cancellation of the sequel of this saga and if you are going to read the books to know more about this story.

16 Comments on "Will there be a Dark Tower 2 movie?"

  • Would love to see pt sad

  • I would love to see them redo the first one to be more like the books. Then continue on with the series the way it was written. Dark Tower is great story that could go on for a long time just like Star Wars did. You just need the right director to put it all together and not deviate to much from the way it was written

  • I am sad that dark tower 2 will not be filmed. I am going to read the books and i hope that one day something happens where dark tower 2 will be made.

  • I have read all of the Dark Tower books numerous times. I was hoping for more from the film but like many others was very disappointed. I would hope that the film could be re-done more in line with the book, then maybe they could do more adaptations of future books.

  • I am really not disappointed that a second movie will not be made. I am a huge fan of Stephen King. I have read all his books and seen all his movies. I think they should onsider redoing the film to math the book. I have read all 7 books in this series. I couldn’t put them down. The movie I had a hard time watching it.

  • Wish there was a second movie. I use my imagination for one. Sad. I think people would love a sequel.

  • This first movie was a terrible disappointment, given the amazing books which leave you wanting to start all over again on finishing the final novel…..the movie leaves you wishing you had never bothered. They should have stuck to the original books.

  • I’ve read the books a couple times, and although the movie is quite different than the books, I would like a second DT movie to come out. Or, start over and make 7 movie based on the 7 books.

  • Would like part 2.liked the first movie

  • Need to have part 2 for sure

  • Need to make it a TV series….only way to get all that material and solid storyline in there

  • Sad there won’t be a sequel . But will read the books

  • I agree with everyone that they need to make all the books into movies. I am actually watching the dark tower now. I have read all the books including the 9th book they are very good and they leave you with the cliffhanger at the end of each book.

  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say – as I love this series – I feel that the books, from the beginning, were very progressive – which means the movies don’t have to be politically correct! (which is another matter) and yeah the fact that the director took so much liberty with the timeline- somehow making a sequel – no wonder I was confused watching the film – how could anybody find their way into the actual story? I hope a director comes along that can bring the spirit of this series alive in a way that it does become iconic, not just for book lovers, but for everyone else out there – it’s an amazing piece of work and if done right, with respect to the actual saga – it could be iconic.

  • I watched it as if it were an entirely different entity. I enjoyed the books but know Hollywood takes too many liberties. So, watching it this way was very enjoyable. I liked it and wished it could be turned into a TV series.

  • It would be WONDERFUL for a sequel to be made. The book SERIES is EPIC.

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