ninjago books in order

Ninjago book series order

True ninjas seek the path to the Lego Ninjago books in order, because only by reading this series you can become a worthy warrior. This is why we have collected all the Ninjago books, including the ones that come with a minifigure!

Here you have the complete LEGO Ninjago series. We have collected all the books at the best price, so just click on the cover of the book you are interested in order to get it.

ninjago books

1. Way of the Ninja 

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lego ninjago books

2. Masters of Spinjitzu

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ninjago books with minifigures

3. The Golden Weapons

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ninjago books with figure

4. Rise of the snakes

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5. A Ninja’s Path

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6. Pirates vs. Ninja

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7. The Green Ninja 

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lego ninjago books reading level

9. Techno Strike!

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10. The Titanium Ninja 

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11. The Rescue Mission

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ninjago books in order

12. Ninja vs Ninja

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13. Spy vs Spy

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15. Return of the Djinn

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ninjago books in volume order

16. Day of the Departed

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ninjago books order

17. Mystery of the Masks

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As you see, you have lots of Ninjago books to read, cool uh?

Now that you have all the Ninjago books in order check out this book set and the minifigures

In case you want to get a Ninjago book set, or instead a book that comes with Ninjago minifigure, these are the ones you are looking for:

While the first recommendation is a book set that collects the first twelve books in the series, the rest are Ninjago activity books that come with a great minifigure. This is a great way to collect Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and Cole while also having a great activity book to have fun with.

What? you want more Ninjago books to read? then here’s more:

What is the best order to read the Ninjago book series?

We suggest you read the Ninjago series in the order we suggested at the beginning of the post. However, it is true any Ninjago book narrates a self conclussive tale and therefore it can be read as an standalone book.

As a result, if you are familiar with the Ninjago lore you will be able to read any of the books in the series without following any order. Even so, we believe that reading the Ninjago books in order of publication is the best way to enjoy this series since the first volumes will provide us a bit of background about Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and Cole.

The first book in the Ninjago series, for example, centers on Kai and how he discovered the way of the ninja.

A list with the Lego Ninjago books in order of publication

The following is an updated list with all the books in the Lego Ninjago series (which is also known as (LEGO Ninjago: Reader).

Ninjago book with minifigure

Lego Ninjago books in order

Ninjago series


  • Scholastic

Reading order:

  • Way of the Ninja  (Lego Ninjago book 1)
  • Masters of Spinjitzu (Lego Ninjago book 2)
  • The Golden Weapons (Lego Ninjago book 3)
  • Rise of the snakes (Lego Ninjago book 4)
  • A Ninja’s Path (Lego Ninjago book 5)
  • Pirates vs. Ninja (Lego Ninjago book 6)
  • The Green Ninja  (Lego Ninjago book 7)
  • Attack of the Nindroids  (Lego Ninjago book 8)
  • Techno Strike! (Lego Ninjago book 9)
  • The Titanium Ninja  (Lego Ninjago book 10)
  • The Rescue Mission (Lego Ninjago book 11)
  • Ninja vs Ninja (Lego Ninjago book 12)
  • Spy vs Spy (Lego Ninjago book 13)
  • The Quest for the Crystal (Lego Ninjago book 14)
  • Return of the Djinn (Lego Ninjago book 15)
  • Day of the Departed (Lego Ninjago book 16)
  • Mystery of the Masks (Lego Ninjago book 17)
  • Lloyd vs. Lord Garmadon  (Lego Ninjago book 18)

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The list does not include the Ninjago books with minifigure since they are activity books.

What is this series about?

The Ninjago books are based on the tv series by the same name in which we initially meeting four members: Kay, Cole, Zai, and Jane and lately being joined by Lloyd and Nya.

A story of ninjas, in which they will have to save the world from evil, being Lloyd’s father, Lord Garmadon, one of the main antagonists in this series.

This series is created by Lego, the Danish toy company that is considered one of the most valuable brands in 2020 according to Forbes. Lego was ranked in the 92th position just after Caterpillar and before Huawei.

Now that you know what is the best order to read the Ninjago books you can enjoy this story, and with the activity books you can get the minifigures for free!

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Have you bought your Ninjago book already? tell us which of the ninjas is your favorite and why by leaving a comment!

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