Metal Gear Solid books in order

Metal Gear Solid books series order

If you want to go further in Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece here you will find all the Metal Gear Solid books in order. These novels are based on the videogames developed by Konami, a must read for fans of the series who want to enjoy a narrated retelling of the events taking place on the videogames.

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But aside from giving you the order of the Metal Gear Solid novels, we will also recommend some other books based on some of the most popular videogame franchises.

In what order should I read the Metal Gear Solid books?

The best way to read the Metal Gear Solid novels is in publication order. Here you have the three of them:

While the following are not novels, the following books are usually bought by fans of the Metal Gear Solid series:

Now that you know the best order for the Metal Gear Solid check out these recommendations

The following books are also based on famous videogame series, so if you like the Metal Gear Solid novels you can give these ones a try:

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A list with all the Metal Gear Solid books in order

This is a list collecting all the novels based on the Metal Gear Solid series. These books are published by Del Rey Books, which is owned by Penguin Random House.

metal gear solid book series order

Metal Gear Solid books in order

Metal Gear Solid book series


  • Del Rey

Reading order:

  • Metal Gear Solid (Metal Gear Solid book 1)
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Metal Gear Solid book 2)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriot (Metal Gear Solid book 3)

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Let’s know a bit more

Metal Gear Solid is one of the best videogame franchises of all time, for lots of fans the best. The first videogame of this series was released in 1998, it was developed by Konami, and was only available for Play Station 1. If you want to revisit the events of that story, the first book in our list, written by Raymond Benson, is the perfect choice for that, a different approach to enjoying the story that started it all.

The first book of this series has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating, having more than 170 reviews. Meaning that this novel has been well received by the fans of the franchise.

So, if you would love to enjoy the story of soldier Solid Snake once more don’t think twice and get started with these books.

Hope this post was helpful! Do you think Metal Gear Solid is the best video game franchise ever or maybe any other comes to your mind that fits such a title better? Leave a comment now tellings us!

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