The Beast Arises book order

The Beast Arises book order

In this post you will find The Beast Arises reading order, these books take place in the epic world of Warhammer Fantasy 40k, and this time the entire galaxy is threatened by the most massive Ork Waaagh! ever seen. Do you like Orks? of course you do, who doesn’t, right? either you love them or you love them to be killed.

Here you have the Beast Arises book order. We have collected all the books in the series, you can get them easily by clicking on their cover, similary, by doing this you will also be able to read the reviews from all those 40k who have already enjoyed these books.

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If you want to read all the books in the Warhammer 40k The Beast Arises series then these three Omnibuses are a great way to get them, these three volumes collect all the books:

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What is the best order to read the Beast Arises books?

We recommend you read the Warhammer 40k The Beast Arises books in order of publicaction, which for this series equals to the chronological order. The events narrated in these books are heavily connected so it’s best for you to read them in our suggested order.

the beast arises book order

Warhammer 40k The Beast Arises book order

the beast arises warhammer 40k


  • The Black Library

Reading order:

  • I Am Slaughter (The Beast Arises book 1)
  • Predator, Prey (The Beast Arises book 2)
  • The Emperor Expects (The Beast Arises book 3)
  • The Last Wall (The Beast Arises book 4)
  • Throneworld (The Beast Arises book 5)
  • Echoes of the Long War (The Beast Arises book 6)
  • The Hunt for Vulkan (The Beast Arises book 7)
  • The Beast Must Die (The Beast Arises book 8)
  • Watchers in Death (The Beast Arises book 9)
  • The Last Son of Dorn (The Beast Arises book 10)
  • Shadow of Ullanor (The Beast Arises book 11)
  • The Beheading (The Beast Arises book 12)

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The Beast Arises is the perfect series for readers who love action paced adventure set in the epic universe of Warhammer 40k. With these books you will get a deeper understanding of the lore.

This series is published by The Black Library, as are all the books that narrate stories about the games created by Games Workshop.

What is this series about?

The Beast Arises books takes place in the thirty-second millennium, an era of peace, the Horus Heresy wars start to be just a distant memory and the Imperium is finally at peace. But peace never lasts forever, a unprendecent Ork Waaagh threatens the Imperium, a Green Tide that can’t be stopped.

The Space Marines are missing or, worse, destroyed. Who will stand a chance against this powerful ork armada?

These books are penned by different authors, most of them widely known for having written some of the most popular Warhammer books as is the case for Dan Abnett, Gav Thorpe, Guy Haley, or Rob Sanders among others.

Now that you know the reading order for The Beast Arises book series it is time to be part of this quest for saving the galaxy against the powerfull ork army.

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Have you read The beast arises series? do you think they are good and would you recommend them? leave a comment giving your opinion about this tale!

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