the dwarves books in order

Markus Heitz’s The Dwarves series in order

We have a list with The Dwarves books in order, a series by Markus Heitz that centers on one of the most courageous and bravest races in the fictional world. A classic fantasy story with lots of action and adventure, and lots of orcs too!

The author does a great job depicting this race as we usually know it, long-bearded grumpy stubborn creatures that also have a big heart, and will fight until the very end for everything they find to be a noble cause.

The Dwarves books in order by Markus Heitz

We have great news, this series is concluded, so you can read it from beginning to end. We recommend you read The Dwarves book series in order of publication, because Markus Heitz published the story chronologically. Here you have the 5 novels that compose this series, you can get by clicking on their cover:

As you see, the dwarves shown in the covers look really tough, more than ready to slay some orcs and then celebrate victory while drinking as much beer as possible before they blackout.

Now that you know the order for The Dwarves book series, check out these novels

We love classic fantasy, so we selected 3 books that have a similar setting to the Dwarve books by Markus Heitz. Our first book suggestion actually centers on one of the most common enemies of this race:

Feel like reading a story starred by orcs? then the Orc series by
Stan Nicholls is a great approach to these brutish evil creatures. Also, did you know that it was Tolkien who first used the term orc to define these greenish ogre-like creatures? leave a comment telling us if you already knew this.

There are many stories in which dwarves are part of the setting, one of the most popular is the Warhammer Fantasy universe. If you liked the lore of this miniature wargame then you shouldn’t miss our list with the best Warhammer books, you’ll definitely get addicted to those tales.

What is this series by Markus Heitz about?

markus heitz dwarves series order

The Dwarves books tell us about Tungdil, a dwarf who was abandoned in a city of men when he was just a child. Now, as an adult and has become an expert blacksmith, he will embark on a journey to deliver a message to his kin, but what seemed to be an easy task will turn into a quest to save the Girldlegard, a city of dwarves.

This adventure will make Tungdil finally meet his people, and with this, he’ll start to understand to connect better with his dwarf side, one he never knew given that he was raised by humans.

You will really enjoy this series if you like fast-paced action-adventure fantasy books with lots of battles. Also, lovers of the Tolkien universe will find a great ally in these books.

A list with all the books in The Dwarves series in order

As said before, this series is concluded and is composed of five books. They are easy to follow, but here’s this list with The Dwarves series in order so you make sure you are reading them properly:

the dwarves book series

The Dwarves books in order

The Dwarves – Markus Heitz


  • Orbit

Reading order:

  • The Dwarves
  • The War of the Dwarves
  • The Revenge of the Dwarves
  • The Fate of the Dwarves
  • The Triumph of the Dwarves

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These books are published by Orbit, while they are only five volumes, they happen to be quite extensive, each of them being around 750 pages long. This is great, given that this epic fantasy tale focuses on battles.

You know which story you might find interesting as well? The Pendragon series, go check this amazing story by D.J. McHale, you will not regret it.

We hope you enjoyed this story, also, leave a comment telling us how you discovered The Dwarves series by German author Markus Heitz.

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