pendragon series in order

Pendragon books in order

A long time has passed since we dwelled in the fantasy genre, this is why we have the Pendragon series in order, so you can enjoy this amazing epic story written by American author D.J. Mchale. This tale is starred by Bobby, a 14-year-old boy who will embark on the most unusual yet intriguing adventure with two of his friends.

You will find a lot of info in this post, we have prepared a list with all the Pendragon books in order, we have some book recommendations as well, and we’ll talk a bit about the series as well.

Pendragon series in order by D.J. Mchale

All the volumes in this series are connected and must be read chronologically, each of them taking place in a different land of the universe of Halla. Because of this, we recommend you read the Pendragon books in order of publication, this way you will not miss any detail in this fantasy action-adventure. Here you have all the books in the series:

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Now that you know the order for the Pendragon series don’t miss these recommendations

Are you one of those that never gets enough epic fantasy? glad to hear that, because we have 3 great book recommendations for you. Hope you find these 3 suggestions interesting:

In The Sword’s Choice, each volume takes place in a different kingdom of this fictional world. Therefore, it is similar to the Pendragon books by D.J. Mchale, in which each of these volumes takes place in a different land of Halla.

Speaking of fantasy, have you read the Dark Tower books? these are considered one of the best works by the master of terror, Stephen King, and it’s an amazing tale that all fantasy lovers should read.

What are these books about?

Pendragon books in order

This is the story of Bobby Pendragon, a 14-year-old who lives in Stony Brook (a fictional place that is supposedly located in Massachusetts). He is a regular guy, or that’s whats he thinks at least because he is actually chosen to the most crucial task of all: to save the world itself.

Bobby will travel to another dimension, Denduron, in which he will have to fight the powers of evil, lead by a shapeshifter demon known as Saint Dane.

The Pendragon series is composed of 10 books, each of which will take place in a different territory in which Bobby, together with his friends and new allies, will have to help these lands to be released from the dark arts of this evil demon and his henchmen.

A list with the Pendragon series in order

We thought it would be great for you to have a list with all the Pendragon books in order. This way you can get a snapshot and check if which book you should read next.

pendragon book series

Pendragon series in order

Pendragon – D.J. Mchale


  • Aladdin

Reading order:

  • The Merchant of the Death (Pendragon book 1)
  • The Lost City of Faar  (Pendragon book 2)
  • The Never War  (Pendragon book 3)
  • The Reality Bug  (Pendragon book 4)
  • and Black Water  (Pendragon book 5)
  • The Rivers of Zadaa  (Pendragon book 6)
  • The Quillan Games (Pendragon book 7)
  • The Pilgrims of Rayne (Pendragon book 8)
  • Raven Rise (Pendragon book 9)
  • The Soldiers of Halla (Pendragon book 10)

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This series is concluded, so you can read this story by D.J. Mchale from beginning to end. So far, there is no news of any prequels or sequels. These books are published by Aladdin, which belongs to Simon and Schuster publishing.

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There are lots of stories of boys who are chosen to save the world, the tale narrated in the Pendragon books is particularly interesting, but we are curious about your thoughts, which is your favorite chosen one? leave and comment telling us! you can make a list if you have more than one.

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