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How many To Your Eternity volumes are there?

Step into the rich tapestry of To Your Eternity manga volumes, meticulously crafted by the ingenious Yoshitoki Ōima. This enchanting series weaves a compelling and emotive narrative that is sure to hold you captive with its profound depth and innovative storytelling. You’re not just reading a book, you’re embarking on an emotional adventure filled with intricate characters, dramatic twists, and a world that’s brimming with imagination! 🌟📘

You may find yourself asking, just how many To Your Eternity volumes are there? Well, strap in because this is no brief escapade. The series is far from over, promising countless hours of immersive reading that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll certainly be left on the edge of your seat,

All To Your Eternity Manga Volumes in Order

For those looking to immerse themselves in the emotional roller coaster of To Your Eternity, there are some fantastic sets available that can help you build your collection more efficiently. 📚💫 First one collects the first 5 volumes of the series:

You can get the To Your Eternity volumes individually as well, here you have them all in publication order:

English readers can expect a great reading experience thanks to the publisher’s attention to maintaining the original artwork’s integrity and high translation quality. Yoshitoki Ōima’s exceptional storytelling and unique drawing style shine through each page, pulling you into the manga’s world. 🖌️🌍

Fun fact: Ōima is also the author of the critically acclaimed series A Silent Voice. If you see any resemblances or thematic parallels between these series, it’s not a coincidence! 🎭

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Here’s some great merch that you’ll love to collect together with your To your Eternity volumes:

If you’re a fan of the character development and deep emotional narratives found in To Your Eternity, then you’ll likely enjoy Blue Lock. Blue Lock volumes capture a thrilling and emotionally engaging story that explores the world of competitive football. In a setup that challenges the very conventions of team play, it offers a look into the individual’s journey to becoming the absolute best. From challenging trials to personal growth, Blue Lock provides an exciting ride that fans of To Your Eternity can certainly appreciate. 👟⚽️💨

On the other hand, if the high-stakes action and supernatural elements of To Your Eternity manga have you hooked, then Fire Force will be right up your alley. This series centers on a world where spontaneous human combustion is a commonplace phenomenon, and it’s up to special firefighting brigades to combat these infernal enemies. Want to dive into this flaming world? Check out how many volumes of Fire Force are there and start this heated adventure! 🔥🚒📚

What is this Manga Series About?

How many To your Eternity manga volumes are there
How many To Your Eternity manga volumes are there

Unravel the riveting universe of To Your Eternity manga volumes, a masterful creation of Yoshitoki Ōima. This spellbinding saga tells the tale of a mysterious, immortal entity journeying through various lives to comprehend the nuances of the human world. The entity, our main character, starts off with no name, no form, and no clear purpose, beginning as an orb and ultimately transforming into various creatures and humans it comes across. As the story unfolds, it experiences the joys and sorrows of existence, giving readers a unique perspective on the essence of life itself. 🌌🌀

The series has made a significant impact on the manga scene, backed by impressive sales and prestigious awards. The gripping storyline, compelling characters, and existential themes make To Your Eternity volumes a worthy addition to any manga collection. 🏆📈

And if reading manga isn’t enough, To Your Eternity also comes alive in a mesmerizing anime adaptation! 🎥✨ The series premiered in April 2021 and has been praised for its faithful rendition of the manga’s deeply emotional narrative and complex characters. With vibrant visuals and a riveting score, the anime brings the manga’s poignant scenes to life, allowing viewers to experience the story’s breathtaking highs and heart-wrenching lows in a whole new way. It has quickly gained popularity, further solidifying the standing of To Your Eternity in the anime and manga universe. So, after turning the last page of the manga, you can continue the journey with the anime and see the characters you’ve grown to love in animated action! 🍿🌟

To your Eternity volumes
To your Eternity volumes

How many To Your Eternity Manga Volumes are there in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

In the Japanese version, the series is still ongoing, with a substantial 40 volumes released so far. Fans continue to follow this intriguing series as it unravels more about its world and characters. 🗾📚

On the other hand, the English version is slightly behind, currently standing at 18 volumes. Despite the delay, it faithfully captures the essence of the original and provides English readers an opportunity to experience this remarkable story. 📘 Speaking of stories, do not miss the Maximum Ride book series.

For any more questions or information about To Your Eternity manga volumes, feel free to drop a comment or reach out! We’re here to help you get the best manga reading experience.

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