komi can't communicate manga volumes

How many Komi can’t communicate manga volumes are there?

Welcome to the charming world of Komi can’t Communicate manga volumes! Penned by the talented Tomohito Oda, this captivating series is a treat for manga fans, beautifully illustrating a unique tale that resonates with readers worldwide.

If you’re asking, How many Komi can’t Communicate volumes are there?, you’re in the right place! Stick with us as we journey into the endearing and humorous life of the lovely Shouko Komi. 🤫🤐

All Komi can’t Communicate Manga Volumes in Order

📚 For ardent fans of the series or new readers looking to delve into the world of Komi and friends, there’s a fantastic set that collects the first 20 volumes of Komi can’t Communicate! 🎉This set, while not a boxed collection, offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy Komi’s journey from the very beginning. It’s perfect for both collecting and binge-reading.

Here you have all Komi can’t Communicate manga volumes in publication order:

In its English version, Komi can’t Communicate flaunts an impressive blend of visual and narrative style, keeping true to the spirit of the original Japanese edition. The publisher, VIZ Media, has done a commendable job maintaining the essence of Tomohito Oda’s artwork, ensuring the translations capture the humor and nuances of this remarkable series. As a bonus fact, did you know Tomohito Oda is known for his ability to create engaging characters who navigate their way through social situations with both hilarity and heart?

Now that we revealed how many Komi can’t Communicate volumes are there don’t miss this:

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What is this Manga About?

How mani Komi can't communicate volumes are there
How mani Komi can’t communicate volumes are there

Komi can’t Communicate manga is a delightful journey through the life of Shouko Komi, a high school girl 🏫👧 who struggles with severe social anxiety. The story belongs to the slice-of-life genre and is recommended for all ages. Shouko’s main goal is to make 100 friends, but her communication issues pose a significant challenge.

In terms of sales, Komi can’t Communicate volumes have done exceptionally well, both domestically and internationally. This manga has garnered numerous awards 🏆 for its touching story, relatable characters, and meaningful representation of social anxiety.

Furthermore, the manga has seen a successful adaptation 🎥 that accurately captures the essence of the story and characters, making Komi’s world more accessible to a wider audience.

How Many Komi Can’t Communicate Manga Volumes are there in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

Komi can't communicate volumes
Komi can’t communicate volumes

The Japanese version of Komi Can’t Communicate currently boasts 29 volumes and is ongoing, which means more delightful awkwardness and heartfelt moments are on the way! The manga is published by Shogakukan, one of Japan’s major publishers, renowned for their vast repertoire of popular manga series.

In comparison, the English version of Komi Can’t Communicate is slightly behind, usually by a couple of volumes. But worry not, the translations are catching up, ensuring international fans are not left too far behind. Also, if you fancy erotic romance, don’t miss this post with Elle Kennedy’s Briar U series in order.

Finally, if you have any questions or need further information about Komi can’t Communicate manga volumes, feel free to ask! We’re here to ensure your manga reading journey is as smooth as possible. 📚💕

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