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How many Kamisama Kiss manga volumes are there?

Step right into the enchanting universe of Kamisama Kiss manga volumes 🌸! This beloved series spins a spellbinding tale, rhythmically swaying between the divine and mortal realms. Weaved with beguiling characters and intriguing plot lines, Kamisama Kiss has become an acclaimed gem in the realm of manga that readers simply can’t resist!

And as your curiosity peaks, you must be wondering, just how many Kamisama Kiss volumes are there to devour? Prepare yourself to embark on an enthralling journey as we are about to plunge into the captivating depth of this remarkable series. With every turn of the page, each volume offers a slice of the extraordinary world that Kamisama Kiss has painted so vividly. So, get ready to be swept off your feet into this magical manga adventure!

All Kamisama Kiss manga volumes in order

We collected all Kamisama Kiss manga volumes, here you have them in order of publication:

Our journey through the world of Kamisama Kiss takes us across its English version that’s brilliantly brought to life by a fantastic publisher. Their superior understanding of manga storytelling reflects in the engaging drawing style, high-quality translation, and intricate details that align perfectly with the manga’s essence. 😍

While exploring the depths of Kamisama Kiss, you can’t help but appreciate other works by the same author, their captivating artistry, and storytelling prowess. Also, if you’ve previously fallen in love with series like Fruits Basket, you’ll undoubtedly find Kamisama Kiss equally captivating due to its unique blend of romance, comedy, and supernatural elements.

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If you’ve enjoyed the ethereal allure and loveable characters of Kamisama Kiss, you’ll certainly find 🎀 Dress Up Darling volumes a delightful companion to your manga collection. Similar to Kamisama Kiss, Dress Up Darling marries the earthly and the extraordinary, presenting a heartwarming narrative centered around the niche, yet fascinating world of doll-making and cosplay. As Dress Up Darling showcases the intricacies of personal growth and interpersonal relationships, fans of Kamisama Kiss will appreciate the familiar emotional depth and well-rounded characters.

On another note, fans of Kamisama Kiss might find an intriguing connection with the otherworldly realm presented in Mushoku Tensei manga. Much like Kamisama Kiss’ exploration of the supernatural, Mushoku Tensei takes us on an exciting journey through a fantasy world, filled with magical entities and enchanting lore. The series perfectly intertwines elements of drama, comedy, and adventure, akin to the endearing narrative style found in Kamisama Kiss. Dive into the extraordinary universe of Mushoku Tensei, and you’re bound to discover a newfound appreciation for narratives that seamlessly blend the realms of the human and the divine.

What is this manga about?

How many Kamisama Kiss manga volumes are there
How many Kamisama Kiss manga volumes are there

Kamisama Kiss manga weaves a delightful tale that belongs to the shoujo genre and is recommended for readers aged 13 and up. In the series’ heart is a high school girl named Nanami Momozono. She becomes a land god after a series of unusual events, throwing her into a world filled with supernatural beings, romance, and a dash of humor! Nanami’s primary motivation is to fit into her new role, help others, and navigate her feelings for her fox familiar, Tomoe. 🦊💖

The Kamisama Kiss volumes have won hearts worldwide, evident from its strong sales and numerous accolades. The series has made an indelible impact on the manga industry, influencing several other works and cementing its place in the pantheon of great shoujo manga.

Beyond the written pages, Kamisama Kiss also found its way into an animated adaptation. This adaptation helped bring Nanami and her enchanting world to life, captivating an even wider audience and gaining a significant fan base.

How many Kamisama Kiss manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

Kamisama Kiss volumes
Kamisama Kiss volumes

The Japanese version of Kamisama Kiss wraps up its beautiful narrative in a total of 25 volumes. It concluded its captivating tale in May 2016, leaving an everlasting impact on its readers. 🏯📚

The English version of Kamisama Kiss is also fully translated, ensuring that none of the original charm gets lost. Comparing the two, both the English and Japanese versions maintain the integrity of the story, drawing style, and overall appeal. Speaking of romance, don’t miss the Vampire Academy book series!

If you have any more questions or if there’s something else you want to know about Kamisama Kiss manga volumes, feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to help you explore this magical world even further! 💌

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